5 Psychology-Driven Examples of Therapist Branding

Therapists play a crucial role in our world and help us do everything from processing our emotions to healing from our past. One of the most critical aspects of therapy is finding the right match between therapist and client. 

Therapy is a very personal and individualized treatment, and effective therapist branding can not only attract more people to your practice but also attract the right type of people to your practice. These are the people that are going to benefit the most from working with you. 

When it comes to therapist branding, it’s essential that your brand reflects the type of environment people are going to be a part of more than anything else to help them decide if it is the right space for them to be in. Let’s look at how you can thoughtfully curate your brand to reflect your style and who you work best with! 

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Why is Therapist Branding Important? 

So you may be thinking, “Isn’t it just important that I am a good therapist? Why does my branding matter?” And yes, in some ways, you are right. Your client’s experience with you and your specific treatments are based on the therapy itself. 

However, finding the right therapist is just as important, and that is where your branding comes into play. Now, your branding doesn’t just mean a logo. When I say branding, I mean your total brand strategy, from your logos to your color palette to the language you use and more. 

When people come across your practice, they should get a sense of who you are, how you operate, and what they can expect before they start working with you. You can do this in a few different ways. 

For example, if you primarily work with children, you can make your branding a little more playful and use language that is inviting and makes parents feel confident and comfortable that their child will be taken care of in a loving environment. 

You can also lean into your specialty when you are working to create your branding. If you are an art therapist, your logos and brand assets can be a little more creative and invoke that sense of exploration through different art mediums. 

You don’t want your branding to just look good; you want something that will stand out and show who you are and what you stand for so that you are able to find and ultimately help the people that are going to best benefit from your practice. 

Therapist Branding Case Studies

As a psychology-backed designer, I’ve crafted a handful of unbreakable brands for those in the therapist field. Explore some of them in the case studies below.

Be Here Wellness & Counseling 

The business 

Be Here Wellness & Counseling is a Pennslyvania-based creative, holistic outpatient mental health practice empowering adolescents and young adult humans through traditional talk therapy and art therapy.

The mission

The mission at Be Here Wellness is to create a space that sparks curiosity and redefines therapy. They aim to cultivate the path to finding wholeness and healing within oneself so that you are better able to make strong and better connections in the future. 

The promise

Be Here Wellness strives to help you find yourself. They support adolescents and young adults through the individual journey they will embark on to discover and understand their behaviors and beliefs. 

They also aim to give you the space to figure out how to best work through this, whether that is through talk therapy or creative self-expression, or a mix of both. 

How we brought the brand to life

When creating their brand, we focused on creating an empowering and expressive feel while still being grounded. The colors were on the darker and more natural color spectrum, and we used earthen textures and repetitive patterns to further express the mood of Be Here Wellness.

For their logos and icons, we used a seedling icon as a way to symbolize growth, change, and season. We also used fonts throughout their logos that had a more organic and open feel to them to help invoke those feelings of space and freedom to highlight the self-expression and growth that will come. 

AshTree Counseling Center

The business

AshTree Counseling Center is a woman-owned company that offers virtual therapy in North Carolina. The counseling center specializes in life transitions, depression, anxiety, and LGBTQ+. 

The mission

AshTree strives to create a safe online space where people feel heard, cared for, and validated. They welcome each and every person and see them for exactly who they are. 

Their counseling services aim to ditch all the jargon and make counseling more easily understood and less taboo through an authentic human approach. 

The promise

Counseling is a journey, and AshTree is there to embark on that journey with you. They aim to always embody their core values of compassion, collaboration, and inclusiveness. Your healing journey starts by taking your time to get to know each other and build a relationship. 

Throughout your journey, they are there to collaborate with you. To listen and evolve together and embrace you, your perspectives, and your needs to create a safe healing space. 

How we brought the brand to life

For AshTree, we chose a very soft and neutral color palette to help create that warm and welcoming feeling. 

The logos include a small, delicate branch and leaves to help symbolize hope and the cycle of healing. This small element and strategic stacking of text throughout the different logo variations also invoke the sense of growth and change that the counseling can provide. 

Force Art Therapy

The business

Force Art Therapy is owned by Victoria Force, who knows that words aren’t always enough, and specializes in helping people heal through creative expression.

The mission

The mission of Force Art Therapy is to welcome people into the safe space that art creates. Through art therapy and education for art therapists, they strive to help you bring curiosity and an open mind into this incredibly powerful healing process. 

Art is powerful, and they aim to help you discover your force in a safe and open environment.  

The promise

The world is very overwhelming, and there isn’t a lot that we have all done, but art is that common ground that connects us all. Force Art Therapy is there to meet you in that place and help you find healing with creativity and expression as your guide. 

How we brought the brand to life

Force Art Therapy has a very bright and vibrant sense to it, so we leaned into that with our choices for the color palette. We used bright fall colors to create warm and friendly feels but also balanced them out with a few more neutral colors, so they weren’t too overwhelming. 

Throughout all of the logo variations, we included some sort of creative element to further enforce that open expression. We also include the tagline “Create. Uncover. Heal” to emphasize the goals and mission of Force Art Therapy. 

Cura Integrative Health

The business

Cura Integrative Health is a holistic trauma center with the singular goal of improving your well-being. They know all about trauma and through a variety of approaches offer you the next steps to start healing. They see and understand you and, through research-based and evidence-backed treatments, aim to help you understand yourself, heal, and love your being. 

The mission

Cura Integrative Health aims to serve patients on a holistic level. They use effective treatments and evidence drive but are also further informed by your own individual experience. They believe that everyone deserves a fulfilling life, and they are there to help you on that journey. 

The promise

At Cura Integrative Health, you will find open doors. You will find a caring environment that is friendly and warm. You will find experts on trauma recovery and mental health that you can trust that are ready to help you in the next step of your healing process when you are. 

How we brought the brand to life

Regarding the color palette, we chose to base it on a deep blue color, the traditional color of trust. To help balance and ground the blue, we added other neutral colors that are warm and inviting, making the colors feel like a soft ocean breeze. 

The logos feature a clean font that creates visual interest while still being easy to read. We also added a small element featuring a plant and open arms to symbolize welcoming others in and growth. 

Shift Hypnosis

The business 

Shift Hypnosis is run by Sheila, who is both a therapist and a hypnotherapist in Vancouver, Washington. Through Shift Hypnosis, she helps people make a change – for good.

The mission 

The mission at Shift Hypnosis is to help you illuminate the space inside yourself that dreams for your life. They believe that life, where you are more fulfilled and joyful and have limitless opportunities, is possible, and they are here to help make that your reality. 

The promise 

At Shift Hypnosis, they want to do more than just provide hope for change but instead facilitate a complete belief that this time life can be different. They understand deeply that our relationship with ourselves impacts every single part of our lives and use that knowledge to help create lasting change from within. 

How we brought the brand to life

We wanted to embody all of the different emotions and characteristics of the brand through the colors and created a palette with various bold colors to evoke those emotions. We used blue to bring in the sense of trustworthiness, red for passion, orange for change, and yellow for optimism. 

The logo includes a font that is bold but also has a lot of space in it to create more of an uplifting feel. We also created an icon that shifts and changes as it loops around to represent the coming change. 

Ready to create your own perfect therapist branding? 

A key part of therapy is finding the right person to embark on the journey with you. Effective therapist branding that represents who you are and how you can help people is vital in finding those clients that will benefit most from working with you. If you are ready to take the next step and create a psychology-backed brand that represents you in a way you are proud of, get in touch to see how we can collaborate to make your dream vision a reality!