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Interior Designer Branding: Why It’s Important and What It Looks Like

When you think of designers, you may not immediately think of interior designers, but they play such a crucial role in the design space. They take empty rooms and half-baked visions and turn them into swoon-worthy spaces that are not only beautiful but also functional. And, just like any other designer, a good interior designer branding is key to a succesful business.

A strategic brand will not only make your business feel more professional and put together, but it can also create a sense of trust and confidence that potential clients are going to look for. From one designer to another, your brand needs to be on point in order to convey that you can do what you promise. 

Let’s take a look at why interior designer branding is important and some examples of what it can look like! 

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Why is interior designer branding important? 

Just like any other type of design, interior designers are going to have their own individual style and their own individual process. That style and process are where they are going to thrive, and a key part of building a successful business is going to be finding clients that fit their vibe. 

This is why interior designer branding is so important. Your branding and how your business is represented to the world are major factors in who finds you and who is drawn to your business. 

Similar to other types of design businesses, your brand should visually reflect the style of your design (in general, as I know you also design for clients). Plus, the language you use should give your potential clients a glimpse into the feelings you create with your design. 

For example, if your design style is very modern and minimalistic, you don’t want your brand to be overly bold or loud because that is not going to attract the type of clients that are going to look for a clean and simple design style. 

The same goes for the type of language you use throughout your brand. If you do a great job of creating a safe and homey environment and feel through your designs, you want to make sure that you incorporate words and phrases into your language that invoke those warm and comfortable feelings that people associate with home. 

Tips for interior design branding 

A key for interior design branding is finding a brand designer that can understand and capture the essence of your business. You don’t just decorate a room, you curate a space and create a specific atmosphere for your clients, and you want your brand designer to be able to do the same for you. 

It is also important to find a designer that will work with you to create a full brand strategy. This will help you figure out parts of your business, like your brand archetype, your dream client, what they are going to be looking for, the specific messaging that will resonate with this client, and how to represent your brand visually.

A successful brand is so much more than a single logo, and all of these elements play an important role in building your interior designer brand and your business in a meaningful way. 

Samples of client interior designer branding

Elevated Living Home Design 

The business

Elevated Living Home Design is an interior design firm based in Canada. Their designs are centered around creating spaces that are a direct reflection of you and your ideal lifestyle. 

The mission 

At Elevated Living Home Design, their goal is to create a space for you that is informed by a respect for your specific needs paired with an appreciation of modern design. They work to bring your vision to life and create an elevated space for you. 

They believe that the process should not be stressful and strive to bring ease to every step of the design process, both functionally and financially. 

The promise 

No two spaces are going to be exactly the same, and at Elevated Living Home Design, they truly understand that. They know that each and every client’s needs and preferences are going to be unique and work to create a dynamic and thorough design from scratch, keeping them in a constant state of creative discovery. 

They understand that each and every detail goes together to create a holistic design and work with you throughout the process to ensure that the design intent is seen through to the very end. Through every step of the design process, they are with you and work to make sure that they are lifting up your vision. 

Working with a collaborative network of professionals built up over the years, they work to bring your vision to life and elevate your living in a meaningful way. 

How we brought the brand to life

This interior designer branding features logos with movement and variation that creates a sense of fluid exchange. The icon features different plant life to emulate a tile pattern and hint at classic home design elements.

The colors we choose are very warm and welcoming to create a safe and inviting feeling throughout the brand.

dp Design Studio+ 

The business

dp Design Studio+ is an interior design studio based in London, Ontario, Canada, that uses stunning and skillful design to create a space that not only feels luxurious but is also curated for your specific lifestyle.  

The mission 

dp Design Studio+ strives to work with successful and sophisticated professionals to curate their dream spaces in a collaborative way. They work to make a meaningful connection with each client, so you can feel comfortable and secure in your partnership. 

As busy professionals, they understand that you don’t have time to manage every single step of the design process or get bogged down trying to organize the mundane details. Instead, they build a relationship with you so you can feel confident passing on your vision for your space and knowing that you are going to get an amazing end design that is more than you could have ever dreamed of. 

The promise 

dp Design Studio+ was born out of passion, and they bring that passion to every single project they work on. They believe your vision for your space is entirely in the realm of possibility and are ready to craft that vision for you with meticulous attention to detail. 

They take inspiration from high-end customer experiences and bring the luxury that you think is reserved for the elite to each and every one of their clients. Now, this luxury experience doesn’t always mean you will get a luxury design that you feel like you can’t actually “live in.” 

Instead, you will get a design that feels luxurious in all the right ways and is curated for your specific lifestyle. A place that invites more memories and experiences because that is what you deserve. 

How we brought the brand to life

For this brand, we created a joint mark with their initials. This was used to symbolize a lock and key and transformed their initials into an icon they could use to represent their brand. The fonts used throughout the mark suite also invoke a sense of modernity that clients can expect. 

The color palette combined multiple rich green and blue colors that are meant for the elite. These are used to visually represent the top-tier service that clients can expect when they choose to work with dp Design Studio+. 


The business

Brindy, owner of AirBrindy is not only an interior designer but is also an AirBnB ambassador and superhost. Not only does she help clients curate the perfect design for their AirBnb, but she also offers a full coaching service on designing and launching AirBnBs and hosts a course on how to host to help clients start off in the short-term rental industry. 

The mission 

As an AirBnB ambassador who knows the ins and outs of how the platform works, their goal is to work with people specifically on AirBnB to optimize their property. They do this through not only their interior design skills but also through their investment knowledge and experience in turning their own home into a successful short-term rental property. 

The promise 

AirBrindy is built on the belief that everyone should love what they do every day. For Brindy, this meant being financially secure and not stuck in the unfulfilling cycle of a 9-5 job. After creating this for herself, her goal is to now create this same stability and freedom for her clients. 

When working with AirBrindy, you will get so much more than just design advice. You can expect education and direct advice specifically for your property that will help you elevate everything your property has to offer as you launch it into the world. 

How we brought the brand to life

For this interior designer branding, we used a unique font with lots of movement and unusual features to create an even greater sense of creativity and growth. We also used the tagline of “design forward – hospitality focused” to really highlight the goal and mission of AirBrindy. 

The color palette was used again to garner a sense of creativity while using very grounded colors. We used yellow to reflect optimism, blue to promote trust, green to bring in an element of growth, and reds and peachy colors to invoke feelings of passion and excitement. 

Are you ready for your own interior designer branding? 

Just like any other designer, it is vital that interior designers have a carefully curated brand backed by a strategy to attract the right types of clients. After all, you wouldn’t put together half a space for your client or only partially think through your strategy for the design, so why do that with your own brand? If you are ready to take the next step with your interior designer branding a create a strategic brand that will work for you, get in touch to see how we can partner together to make that happen! Let’s unearth your brand together.