Client: CURA Integrative Health

Jenna and Rachel specialize in psychotherapy + somatic awareness and are the co-founders of Cura Integative Health located in the San Francisco Bay area. They booked the custom brand design package and the custom website design package with WordPress development. I crafted their brand with a focus on the Expert and Caregiver archetypes. Below is just a peek at the project. Click on the button for the live site (and keep in mind it is live and client always have access to make changes)

Cura Integrative Health is a holistic trauma treatment center that operates with the singular goal to improve your well-being. We know you may be at a loss for words and a loss for the next action steps to start healing your trauma that has led to your current state of anxiety, depression, lack of sleep, etc. We see you, and through research-based and evidence-backed treatments, including psychotherapy, we seek to help you understand yourself, find healing, and love your being.

The Promise:

We open our doors and invite you in. When working with Cura Integrative Health, you will not only find a warm and caring environment, You will find trustworthy experts on trauma recovery and mental health who are ready to serve you when you are ready for change. Cura Integrative Health was born out of a desire to serve patients on a holistic level with treatments that are effective. We know this because our work is driven by evidence and research and further informed by your own experience. We believe that everyone deserves a fulfilled and satisfying life, and we want to help you get there.

What Rachel Had to Say