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4 Lifestyle Brand Examples Backed By Strategy

It is no secret that successful lifestyle brands contribute to major successes in their respective industries. Take a look at some of the most well-known lifestyle brand examples like Nike, Lululemon, or Apple. Each one has a customer base that is loyal and fits a unique mold that the brand has created. 

From specific color palettes to unique taglines and captivating visuals, each lifestyle brand has elements that serve its own purpose towards the overall brand goal. In order for these to be effective, all of these elements need to be backed by a sound strategy created specifically for their business and their customer base. 

Let’s take a look at what lifestyle branding is and some lifestyle brand examples from past clients. 

One quick note before we dive in- and this is about a lifestyle brand NOT a lifestyle business. A lifestyle business is a model that relies solely on you to run and gives you flexibility in your life (like a design agency, small restaurant, or boutique shops). 

A value based business can run without you and is focused on expanding for shareholders (like startups, tech, and pharmaceutical). It’s important to know we are talking about BRAND structures not business structures right now.

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What is a lifestyle brand? 

Lifestyle brands are a special type of business. They don’t fit into a single box or category. For example, I’ve worked with lifestyle brands that are coaches, consultants, boutique owners, and more. 

With lifestyle brands, you are not just selling a single product or service; you are also selling the lifestyle that is attached to it. More often than not, when you buy into the brand, you don’t just purchase a single product or service, but you buy into an entire community! 

Take Lululemon, for example. When you buy a pair of leggings or a shirt, you are not just buying a piece of clothing, but you are buying into the lifestyle of Lulu. You are buying into a community of people who are focused on their health and wellness. You will notice everything Lulu does for their brand and marketing is centered around lifestyle choices. 

Why is lifestyle branding so important? 

So, why is good lifestyle branding so important? There are a few reasons. More generally, branding is vital for any business. It allows you to attract your ideal clients and gives your business as a whole a cohesive and professional feel. 

For lifestyle brands specifically, it goes a bit deeper. You’re not just selling a product. You are selling a lifestyle, and your brand should reflect that. 

Take North Face as an example. Their brand is built on an outdoor lifestyle, and their customers are people who would choose hiking and camping over going to the mall or staying in a luxurious hotel. They bring this to life in their brand by using a lot of earthy tones in their color palette, using clean, simple fonts, and having brand photography that shows active people enjoying the outdoors. 

Your brand needs to show off the lifestyle that potential clients or customers are going to buy into while also showing how you can help make that happen (whether through purchasing your products or investing in your services). Whatever it is you are offering, the effective lifestyle brand examples are the ones where people can see themselves as part of your community and know that what you offer will help benefit their lives in one way or another. 

Lifestyle Brand Examples 

Below, learn more about different lifestyle brands that I’ve helped to bring to life with psychology-backed branding.

The AW Creative 

The business

The AW Creative is committed to helping CEOs create a powerful framework specific to their business and give them tools to sell their products and services in a way that is effortless without any BS. 

The mission

AW believes that success lies in a passionate endeavour, coupled with strong foundations. They bring a simple yet luxurious approach to each task – clear and focused without unnecessary fuss.

The promise 

The AW Creative offers a fresh approach to mentorship education – one that is rooted in sustainable frameworks and tried-and-true strategies utilized by multi-million dollar companies. 

Regardless of what luxuries or goals you are striving towards, you’ll be equipped with the tools necessary for building your own business that is absolutely limitless. 

How we brought the brand to life 

With The AW Creative, we wanted to create a luxurious feeling brand. When it came to the color palette, we chose one that had lighter, airy tones and traditional color combinations. We used green to symbolize the idea of wealth and abundance and browns and neutral colors to ground it in the here and now. 

We used various elements through the logos to further create a luxurious feeling. The “AW” icon acts as a seal which is one of the more traditional aspects of high-end brands. We used classic fonts to bring an air of timelessness and included elements like the established date and location to imply sophistication and expertise. 

The brand is a lifestyle brand because it is not selling ‘coaching’, it is selling a lifestyle of living in your own designed luxury.

Kyla Erlandson Consulting

The business

Kyla Erlandson Consulting is consulting business dedicated to helping people to show up for their inner work as much as they do for their careers. 

The mission

The mission at Kyla Erlandson Consulting is to invite women to rediscover their fullest potential by connecting with their inner strength. Through powerful breathwork and energy work, this healing experience can be transformative – empowering a life of abundance through an exhilarating yet personal journey.

The promise 

Drawing on her two decades as a breathwork practitioner, Kyla Erlandson Consulting provides transformative guidance for those looking to make meaningful changes in their lives. Through the power of intentional breathing and guided visualizations, individuals can break free from limiting belief systems that block growth and find true healing. 

How we brought the brand to life 

For Kyla Erlandson Consulting, we wanted to create a brand that was grounded but also light with room to breathe. For her color palette, we chose various greens to help imply growth, generosity, and expansion and darker browns and muted black to keep it grounded. Finally, we added white to uplift the color scheme and keep it from feeling too heavy. 

When it comes to the logos, we used a serif font that is timeless yet feminine that had ample spacing between the letters to create both literal and implied “breathing room.” It is a design that is both sophisticated and approachable. 

In this case, the brand is not just selling breathwork, but a new way of being, once of ease, calm, peace, and contentment. It is selling a peaceful life that flows with you not against you. 

Stil / Boutique & Beauty  

The business

Stil / Boutique & Beauty is a boutique located in Canada that is committed to helping the everyday woman look and feel her best. 

The mission

The goal at Stil / Boutique & Beauty is to create a place where people can relax and be completely themselves. They encourage everyone to express themselves through stylish outfits that complement any personality. 

As people navigate life’s ever-changing paths, they strive to serve as the go-to friend in helping them find just what direction is right for them.

The promise

Stil’s mission is to be the source of confidence & happiness for all women. They focus on bringing beauty and style that truly delights through their curated selection of quality products backed by exemplary service in cozy yet inviting environments. 

How we brought the brand to life

With Stil / Boutique & Beauty, we aimed to curate a brand that is edgy and lively while still seeming effortless. To do this, we used deep and rich natural colors throughout the color palette. We also chose colors that could be emphasized during the different seasons throughout the year. 

The mark suite also leans into this friendly and modern energy that the brand promotes. To add a bit of edge to the logos, we created a unique composition that tied in that feeling while still being elevated. 

This lifestyle brand leans on the idea of living young, no matter your age. Wear the short dress and short shorts- becase you should be you and your age doesn’t dictate what you wear or enjoy. 

Nurse Fern 

The business 

Nurse Fern is a resource and job board for nurses looking for a more balanced life through remote nursing positions. 

The mission 

Nurse Fern is on a mission to revolutionize healthcare, giving nurses the freedom and flexibility they need to reclaim their work-life balance. With their lighthearted spirit and practical approach, they are striving to help reshape how we think about healthcare roles and empowering nurses with more options!

The promise 

By sharing their experiences and values, Nurse Fern aims to help nurses take the leap into remote nursing jobs. They want to create a strong bond of trust with nurses by supplying vital information such as resources and other options available for work outside the hospital setting. 

How we brought the brand to life 

The feeling we wanted to create with Nurse Fern’s brand was one of hope and change. To inspire that confidence and change, we created a color palette that is filled with bright, bold, and happy colors. 

For the mark suite, we used lowercase letters to make the design feel more approachable and friendly. The swooping curves give character and imply a sense of movement for change, and we right-aligned the primary logo as a way to break away from the standard rules for where things should start and end. Finally, as a nod to all of the clients that are registered nurses, we overlapped the “r” and the “n.” 

This lifestyle brand is helping nurses quite literally change their entire lifestyle by offering them ways to leave bedside nursing for remote nursing. Pjs all day? Check. Drinking your coffee hot? Check. 

Final Thoughts

Similar to other brands, effective lifestyle brand examples are those that are backed by a thorough strategy for each individual business. The key, however, when it comes to these businesses is that they not only express what the brand offers but the lifestyle that comes with it as well. Ready to take the next step and elevate your business with a brand rooted in strategy? Click here to get in touch and see how we can make that a reality!