The Creative
CEO mentorship

For the designer or creative woman ready to build a value-driven booked out business.

An 8 week 1:1 mentorship program to help you reboot your thinking and reinvigorate your offers, processes, and business structures.

So, tell me CREATIVE,

When was the last time you felt total alignment and complete clarity in your business?

Chances are you quit working 40 hours a week for someone else, only to start working 80 hours a week for yourself. From one creative to another, believe me when I say I get it: You started your business to pursue your passion and change your industry…but pretty soon you’re so lost in the weeds of day to day operations that it’s a struggle to keep your head above water, let alone thrive.

You’re exhausted, overwhelmed, and uninspired—AKA on the fast-track to burn out. You’ve tried all the courses, YouTube tutorials, and freebies but nothing seems to work for you and your business…

Reality Check:

You don’t need to do more ‘manifesting work’
or post 10 Reels a day.

You need creative mentorship.

And not just any creative mentorship: Strategic, actionable, tailored-to-you mentorship that builds you up and boosts your bottom line. And exactly what we’ll do together.


The Creative
CEO mentorship

In this 8 week mentorship for creatives, we’ll work together 1:1 to reboot your thinking and reinvigorate your offers, processes, and business structures so they actually work for you

Using my signature three step framework, we’ll dive into what’s holding you back from stepping into your truest CEO self and how to take actionable steps towards change—so you can book out without burning out.

The Investment: $5897

Payment plan is 5 months with 5 payments.  

“I’ve honestly never felt more clear about my business until now. I am so happy we were able to uncover so much! I was able to book out $10k in projects which is INSANE and I keep booking them. Now, over 5 months after the mentorship, I still consistently have $7-$10k months.”

KP, Inkpot Creative

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tailored for you,

My signature Creative CEO Framework

step 1

Brand Positioning

We begin by solidifying your brand positioning and finding your unique approach to business so that when people come to you, it’s already a perfect match.

step 2


Next, we build out your strategy, systems, and brand transformation story. This includes defining the next action steps you need to take to uphold your promise, process, and customer experience. We also make sure your offer suite is calibrated for success.

step 3

Scaling Well

Our last step is to help you scale. For some, this looks like hiring a team, while for others this looks like crafting a launch and marketing plan (which we do together).


(^AKA your CEO plan to kill it without killing your creativity!)


Crying into your wine at 2am on a Saturday, trying to get that one project that never seems to end

Having sustainable systems in place that give you your evenings and weekends back

Not knowing where your next booking will come from or how the heck to make it happen

Being booked out for months in advance with a resonant content strategy that positions you as an expert

Struggling to keep your creativity alive in the face of daily stress and imposter syndrome

Feeling confident and clear on your business direction with a team of support around you

“I feel so good about what I am creating. I thought this would be much harder. The way you have given me clear scaffolding has made a huge difference for me. Now, 4 months after the mentorship I am still hitting high revenue $8k months in my business with consistency. These principles you teach work.”

kellee, the lifted studio

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Who this creative mentorship is best for

This is for you if:

This is not for you if:

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My struggles culminated into one big one: brand consistency. From my website to client experience, it just felt like things were missing, and I really needed help identifying and remedying them.

Working with you was a hoslitic process. We looked at more than one area to improve others.

Results were a top to bottom brand makeover, including booking at my increased rates at a minimum $5k projects”

emma, grow with emma

No more generic COURSES THAT TELL YOU TO ‘JUST BE YOURSELF’. EVERY SESSION IS tailored to your needs.

Bottom Line

If you're ready to go from struggling creative to thriving CEO,

I’m ready and excited to help you get there.


Still Curious? 

It means that whenever you have something you need to hash out, we can chat over Voxer (the app I use to communicate with coaching clients) . Difficult clients and you need a template email to help handle them? I’ve got you. Need to talk about an approach for your next DREAM client call that just got scheduled for tomorrow? Let’s do it. I am here for you to support you with the scaling strategies I provide AND your everyday needs as a creative during this time. As a note, I do ask for a few hours to respond, as I am human and also have a life.

During our 1:1 calls every other week, we set out achievable milestones and changes for you to complete during the next two weeks. The weekly check-ins are about those specific goals. I want to make sure it still feels aligned, you’ve made progress, and we do not need to pivot. I am not about wasting time, so I’ve found intentional check-ins between our calls means you can expedite your progress and keep moving forward 

That is why I am here. I have heard several of my clients say they were not sure they are ready for mentorship because they lack clarity on their business, but I am here to tell you that mentoring for creatives is WHAT provides that clarity and direction WITH an actionable plan.

Don’t see your question listed? Send me a note at

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“Before working with Bethany, I felt really stuck- and overwhelmed. I also felt like I wasn’t making the income goals I desired, and I didn’t have the structure for how to schedule different design packages each month to meet those goals.

After working with Bethany, I have mega-clarity on my business, offerings, and how to market my services. I have so much clarity about the journey my clients can take through my business to work with me (and it’s so much simpler than what I had before working with Bethany).”

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