Let’s make sure your brand and website are setting you up for success

Truth is, your brand speaks for you. Intentional branding and a strategic website makes sure it’s saying the right thing! Together through my signature psychology-backed branding process, we’ll unearth what makes you tick, what makes you unique, and what’s going to make your people crazy excited to book with you or buy your product. 

Ready to skip the identity crisis and go straight to the unforgettable brand part?


Ways to Work Together

Personal Brand Design

for personal brands ready to show up as the powerhouse they are

If you have a personal brand, not only are you the name and face of your brand, but your business is built around you.

Therefore, you need a different approach to branding than a traditional business built around specific specialties, products, or services (PSST—if that’s you, we’ve got the perfect offer for you below!).

That’s exactly why we’ve developed The Personal Brand Intensive, a petite branding package that will equip you with the strategy and visuals you need to build an unforgettable personal brand on every level.

Best for people like: Public Figures (Oprah Winfrey or Amy Porterfield ring a bell?), Artists, Influencers, and Authors

60 Minute Strategy Call: We’ll get to know you and your needs, then craft a mini-brand strategy grounded in the intention to back up the visuals we create.

Questionnaire: A thorough questionnaire to help you articulate your goals and guide our design process.

Brand Assets: Logos, color palette, moodboard, and font pairings. You’ll receive one concept and one optional round of revisions.

Social Media Template Pack: Bring your brand to life in practical and – immediately usable ways with our custom social media templates created for your new brand.

Press and Media Template: Reach out to and impress the right people with our custom press and media templates created for your new brand.

Ensure your website properly reflects your new personal brand identity and provides an exceptional user experience with a custom three-page website and Linktree replacement page (yes, it’s time).

Please inquire about additional website options, as price varies based on your platform (but if you’ve got WordPress, ShowIt, or Squarespace—I’ve got you).

$3,800 for Personal Brand Intensive Package
$2,800 for Mini Website
or a 5 month payment plan after the $500 deposit

Woman sitting on a couch smiling.
Woman in the woods leaning up against a tree with her elbow at sunset.
Woman holding a laptop in front of a black wall.

Brand Design


It’s time to stand out in a sea of open tabs and never-ending feeds. My custom brand design process gives you everything you need to launch a cohesive visual identity that connects with your audience today and serves your business for years to come.

A brand strategy document built to support your business growth and supply everything from brand messaging to market insights.

Your complete brand style guidelines so you and your team understand how to best use your new brand assets, which will include:

  • Moodboard

  • Color palette

  • Font pairings

  • Primary and secondary logo

  • Alternative logo

  • Icon

  • Brand pattern

  • Social media template pack

  • Launch graphics

  • Brand collateral

  • And more!

All your brand visuals are covered, and you can always add on if you need to.

This is your complete brand package crafted to serve your up-level.

INVESTMENT: Starts at $6497
Or 5 mo. payment plan of $1099.40 after $1000 after deposit. Additional brand assets or more complex elements may change the price.


For the business owner ready to have a stunning brand and stellar website

Ready for a brand and website that feels like you and works for you? Yeah, I thought so. Gone are the days of making excuses for a logo that’s “good enough” or a website that’s always “under construction” or “just fine”. It’s time to create and launch a brand you can be proud of into the world—so you focus on your mission (aka the promise your business gives to its clients and customers)!

With over 10 years of experience in the industry and a team of developers, I am able to work with your platform of choice. I specialize in ShowIt, WordPress, Shopify, and Squarespace.

A brand strategy document built to support your business growth and supply everything from brand messaging to market insights.

Your complete brand style guidelines so you and your team understand how to best use your new brand assets, which will include:

  • Moodboard

  • Color palette

  • Font pairings

  • Primary and secondary logo

  • Alternative logo

  • Icon

  • Brand pattern

  • Social media template pack

  • Launch graphics

  • Brand collateral

  • And more!

+ A beautifully designed website that is created to function and serve your clients – guiding them right into your offers so your first impression is everything and more for your brand. (Standard sites are 5-7 main pages).

INVESTMENT: Starts at $10,998
Or 5 mo. payment plan of $1999.60 after deposit. Please note that e-commerce sites will be more than the starting price in general. 

Black and white image of a woman sitting on a couch looking out through a window.
Logo for Brandcend.

designed to completely transform your brand presence, your business, and your bottom line.

For the business owner and CEO ready to build a next level brand – from email funnels, to a lawyer reviews it’s an in-depth experience to holistically revive your brand when you’re ready to ascend to new heights.

Together with my team of creative collaborators, we’ll unearth and uplevel your whole brand—a brand that accurately represents the magnitude of your mission and catapults your business to the next level (the one you thought might be too good to be true).

INVESTMENT: $34,997.99
8 monthly payments 
$4,997.99 Deposit required

Strategy & purpose to
back your design decisions
is powerful



The Process

How the uplevel begins

step 1

Connect & Collaborate

Fill out my inquiry form so we can define your needs for your project. Then, I will send you a link to book a quick discovery call. 

On our call, we’ll get to know each other, and then I will develop a strategy-based proposal for you to review after we have touched base.

step 2

Secure your spot + Celebrate

If the proposal is exactly what your business needs, simply accept, sign the contract, and pay your deposit to secure your spot on my calendar.

Oh, and you’re gonna want to pop something bubbly—you just joined the Bethany Works® community of brands that make bank!

step 3

Dive In + Geek Out

Let’s do some brand soul searching!

Depending on your selected service, we’ll work together to develop a kickass brand strategy, design your visual identity, and launch your deliverables into the world. Done and done.

Our clients have been featured in:

to name a few…


Bethany Works® is a full-service design and brand strategy agency. Our approach is unlike the typical design agency, and we’re really proud of that because of the results we achieve for our clients.

We offer psychology-backed brand strategy services that help entrepreneurs and businesses create a brand strategy that truly showcases their story while communicating their value proposition to clients and customers.

Bethany McCamish, the CEO, web/brand designer, and business coach, forgoes the cookie-cutter brand design strategies and instead gets to know YOUR brand to create the perfect brand strategy that ensures your brand stands out from the rest and communicates with your people.

OUR Approach

What you won’t find with our branding services is anything surface-level. While most agencies will give you a quick form that you fill out and then get to work building your brand- we dive deeper.

Yes, there’s a form, but there is also market research, positioning conversations, an in-depth strategy call and a structured process with phases that ensures we are fully capturing your vision for your brand in the brand strategy and communicating this to your people.

We get to know your brand experience from start to finish.

Client Praise

OUR VALUES and beliefs

At Bethany Works, we believe your brand speaks for you, and if your brand is saying the wrong things or you have the wrong brand tone, you could be missing incredible sales (and connecting with incredible humans).

We believe in getting to the bottom of what makes your company tick. Beyond the 3 brand values, we look at why you are DIFFERENT to show the world why your services or products are THE solution for your clients/customers.

We believe in creating a strategy and visuals that reels your audience in and doesn’t let them go.

A peek at past brand transformations

Client Love Notes

Need More Support? 


We’ve got a few add-ons for your packages or continued support depending on your business needs (because as an agency we believe your long term growth):

Email Marketing

We partner with expert email strategists and copywriters to offer:

– A Quiz Email Funnel

– Email Nurture Sequence (5-7 emails)

Podcast Design Support

Ready to launch a podcast? Many of our clients launch their own podcast to support their anchor content strategies, and they come to us for design support. 

The same applies if you teamed up with someone to launch a podcast! We’ll create your cover art and templates to make it seamless. 

Social Media Support

We offer a designer on retainer package that provides monthly social media support for creating graphics. As a note we are not Social Media Managers, so you do provide the content ideas and should be doing your own engagement- but we make the stunning graphics!

Launch Support

Upcoming launch of a new offer, sale, or hosting an event? We’ve got your back with our launch support that you can customize to your needs. From email sequences to the social media graphics and posts – we can help support a successful launch.

Landing Page Design

If you’re a past client and we’ve built your website we would be happy to create your next landing page for you business as it expands.

Brand Consulting

Bring in Bethany to offer her expertise on your brand, its direction or future campaigns.

Bethany brings a unique blend of expertise with her psychology-backed approach that puts humans first.

Hold up a sec, what exactly is brand strategy? Give me the deets…

Brand strategy is a rock-solid plan that forms the foundation of your brand and your branding. It defines the overall direction and messaging for your brand and business and includes elements like your target audience, mission, and voice.

It’s what makes the pretty parts so effective. And I won’t draw a single line before it’s in place.

why you NEED a brand strategy and good design

Brand positioning tells your audience what to expect. Your brand strategy, can help your audience determine:

  • What makes you DIFFERENT
  • Why they can trust you
  • Why they should be loyal to you
  • Why they should spread the word about your company
  • Why your premium pricing is well worth it

Also, internally, your brand strategy can:

  • Create a better company culture
  • Encourage innovation
  • Highlight weaknesses within your brand that need changing

Industries we serve

We work with any industry that wants luxury brand strategy services and website design services. Some of the industries we’ve successfully served include boutiques, psychotherapists, e- commerce companies, artists, coaches, beauty brands, personal stylists, service providers, and writers, just to name a few! You can look at more of our work in our portfolio. 


Still On the fence?

I’ve got you. Here are answers to a few common questions:

If you have an established brand (aka, you worked with a designer previously), then I am more than happy to discuss your website needs.

That said, I don’t offer just a website (like I don’t offer just a logo) because I want your website to be a part of a larger, effective brand strategy.

Yes! Every service has a payment plan option to make sure it works within your business budget.

The best thing to do here is hop on a call with me to discuss where you’re at in your business and how I can meet you there. The first step to schedule a call is to fill out the inquiry form. 

Yes! My clients often add on brand collateral during our time together or even a few months later through my brand support offerings for past clients. Brand collateral can look like packaging design, social media templates, etc. 

If you’re looking for a way to level up, stand out, and KNOW what makes your business DIFFERENT, you need Bethany Works. We aren’t your cookie-cutter brand strategy consulting services. We get to know your brand as well as you do, sometimes even better, to help create unparalleled brand loyalty for your legacy brand.

Set your sights on making an impact with your business

Leave the design to me.