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photo of Bethany McCamish a local brand designer in phoenix Arizona

Let’s build you a brand and website that puts your mission center stage (without the identity crisis)

You already know that good branding is about more than fancy fonts and your favorite colors. So if you’re ready to elevate your business with a psychology-backed strategy & design that will help cultivate growth by captivating potential clients, I’m here to make that happen.

I’m Bethany, a brand strategist and designer for purpose driven businesses working to make the world a better place. As your designer, I am here to craft an unmistakable brand that feels like you so you can get back to putting your mission center stage with the backdrop to support it.

A Peek At Purposeful
Brand Projects

Services Made for
Your Purpose-Driven Brand

Are You A Budding Business With an Identity Crisis?

The Brand Bloom, a 3 day VIP Intensive to build your brand, might be your perfect match.
Here is what I know about you:

Are You A Purpose Driven Business That Wants To Build a Scaleable Brand?

Then custom branding might be your match.
Here is what I know about you:

Are You An Established Business Who Needs To Stand Out At All Touch points?

The custom branding + website design might befor you
Here is what I know about you:

How We Can Work Together

01 - Define

First, you book a call or fill out my inquiry form so we can define your needs for the project.

02 - Develop

I will develop a srategy based proposal based on our call so you can get back to your business with one less thing to worry about.

03- Schedule

If the proposal is exactly what your business needs, we secure you a spot in my schedule.

What Clients Say

Uncover Your brand personality

Who I aM

I’m Bethany McCamish, and I am obsessed with making your ideas look good (and feel right) to attract your ideal customers.

I help purpose-driven business owners who are working to make the world a better place identify their unique brand personality and leverage it through strategy so they are both timeless and unmistakable, putting their mission center stage. 

Prior to founding Bethany Works®, I spent five years as an English teacher and graphic design instructor building a regionally recognized curriculum. For more than 7 years I was integrated into the Pacific Northwest arts community running and curating shows that tell a story, all while sharpening my communication skills.

Here to Learn?

This course helps social media managers and VAs stop undercharging and finally hit income goals by offering a high ticket service. Learn to leverage the power of design and effective brand strategy to reach new heights in your client metrics and your own business profit.

This is a 3-month private mentorship program for women running creative businesses that want to build sustainable systems which position them as the expert and pave the path for clients knocking at their door. Apply now and I will follow up with my package offerings.

Staying on brand creates cohesion and clarity, which will pave the way for your clients and customers to start handing you money. If that sounds like a dream (and you kinda sorta already have a brand) then this is the course could be the perfect way for you to stand out and be seen.

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