The Brand Archetypes Explained

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The Creator Brand Archetype: What You Need To Know

The Creator Archetype is one of 12 personas that allow you to shape and share your brand in a recognizable, relatable way. Your audience will know and trust your brand when it’s relatable and easily identifiable through a clear brand voice and consistent visuals. And when people know and trust you, they’re much more likely […]

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The Caregiver Archetype

The Caregiver archetype represents one of 12 brand archetypes.  These personas offer brands a dozen ways to classify their voice, vision, and visuals, making their messaging clear—and clearly recognizable. As audiences find a brand that matches their own values and desires, they’re much more likely to support that business.  I’ve used brand archetypes to clarify

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6 Incredible Explorer Brand Archetype Examples

The explorer archetype is an archetype rooted in freedom, adventure, and exploration. Explorer brand archetype examples can be found in every industry and are not just reserved for travel or outdoor adventure brands.  Rather, the explorer refers to the feeling that each brand strives to create with its customers or clients. They want to empower

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