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Currently based in Vancouver WA, near Portland Oregon – working with CEOs worldwide.

From brand strategy to web design and coaching for creatives, I can’t wait to hear from you

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Frequently Asked Questions

That is the perfect opportunity to schedule a discovery call with me. I do offer custom proposals for special projects when it makes sense, so snag a spot on my calendar with the button above. 

Yes! All of my packages have payment plan options except for the VIP day strategy sesh. I also believe in price transparency, so you will find my prices easily on my site.

No, I do not offer logo design as a singular service. Logo design is included in all of my brand design packages. I truly believe that in order to set my clients up for success, you need more than a logo. I am here to help you build a business that makes impact and money, and in order to do that, you need complete brand strategy and design.

I am so glad you are here! There are two major ways I can support you: The first is my creative mentorship program, a high-touch tailored coaching for those ready to build value-driven booked-out businesses. The second way is through the trainings, workbooks, and questionnaires in my shop! These resources are especially helpful for improving your own services. 

Yes! You can head on over to my blog and check out that free content. In addition to this, you can take my brand persona quiz to dive into your brand personality or you can take my brand audit quiz for free. Lastly, I am often offering advice and tips over on Instagram, so give me a follow! 

Most of the time the answer is no. We can have a conversation about what elements may be important, but ultimately you and I are building a new brand with new branding. The exception to this rule is if you have any element of your logo trademarked.

Yes! This is an additional “Brand collateral item” and I would love to help you with it. Fill out my form to get the conversation started.

Don’t see your question listed? Send me a note at hello@bethanyworks.com