Mentoring Lessons for Business and Branding Help

If you’re looking for advice for growing your business or if you need help with branding, look no further! In these articles, I share the best business and branding lessons that I teach my clients.

Black box with white text that reads "Tips to improve your self-confidence in entrepreneurship" with a grid of three images under it. The left image is a person walking in heels in black and white. The middle image is a woman leaning up against a wall with her hand on top of her head. The right image is a finger looped through a necklace as they pull it away from their neck.

7 Tips to Improve Your Self-Confidence in Entrepreneurship

Running your own business is an extremely fulfilling and rewarding experience, but it doesn’t come without its own challenges. You may find yourself asking yourself, “Am I good enough to be doing this/charging this price?”, “Are people actually going to like my business?”, “Am I doing this all the wrong way”?  I can promise you […]

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Traits of brands that make BANK

In my time as a brand strategist for impactful, purpose-driven brands, I’ve started to notice a trend for brands that make bank, AKA they bring in clients, customers, and revenue-generating assets regularly.  While I do have an inner sense of what works, I’m also data-driven and believe you should see the patterns for brands that

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