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Your Ideas Turned Into Reality

In the creation business I am here to make your ideas and your mission easily interpreted to an ideal audience who NEEDS that idea. It really feels natural that what I make a reality would also make the world a better place. That is why I want to serve your purpose-driven businesses. It gets me more excited than hiking in the PNW (and that’s like my favorite thing) 

What I love about serving those values-based, mission-oriented businesses working to make the world a better place is that you are all doing it just a little bit differently…you are giving back, fighting for injustices, exposing overlooked and undervalued topics, breaking barriers for women, and so much more. 

Driven By A Deeper Purpose, But Stuck With an Identity Crisis?

I’m here to help provide clarity and cohesion so you can build that trust and loyalty with you audience by showing up intentionally, driven, with that purpose pushing everything you do. 

Features & Press

When you run your own business, you have to quickly learn what to outsource. I hired Bethany to create my website and branding. I was immediately impressed by her professionalism and communication. While working on the project, she asked all the right questions, understood exactly what I needed, and created a high-quality website that will help my business grow. Honestly, I've never been more relieved to spend money.

-Kim Porter

Why Choose Bethany Works®?

Each and every brand I work on has been purposefully created, infused with strategic thinking, attention to detail, and psychology-backed design.  I work to create unique brands that are irresistible to your clients and customers. Book a call or fill out my inquiry form to chat about your project needs. 

What Are Brand Archetypes?

When you take the brand personality quiz, you’re given two archetypes that most align with your brand. Sadly, I cannot take credit for the genius of brand archetypes. This term was coined in the 20th century by psychologist Carl Jung. It has since been used by major companies to create branding that forms a specific connection with a specific audience.  It’s a powerful tool I love to use with the brands I craft! 

Why Do You Start with the quiz?

The brand personality quiz will point to archetypes that are aligned with your brand. These archetypes can help create brand clarity by focusing on your ideal niche. The quiz will help me know how to help you. Archetypes are so powerful and I can’t wait to chat with you more about them as we work them into your overall brand strategy. 

The Brand Quiz

Uncover your brand personality

Not quite sure where to start? Take my 5 minute brand quiz to uncover your unique brand archetype, which forms the basis for any psychology-backed brand. 

My Credentials Go Beyond The Gram

I hold a Bachelors of Fine Arts and a Master of Arts in Teaching with endorsements in English and Fine Arts.  In addition to this, I have completed an SEO for writers course,  several branding and design courses and have more than 8 plus years of experience in the industry.  

When I am Not Creating, I Am:

  • Traveling the world. I try to leave the country once a year.
  • Spending time with my pets and my partner. 
  • Hiking in nature.
  • Obsessing over typography
  • Cooking a vegan meal 

The Bio:

Bethany McCamish is a brand strategist, designer, copywriter, and the founder of Bethany Works®, a design studio providing psychology-backed strategy and design to purpose-driven businesses. Before founding Bethany Works®, McCamish spent five years as an English teacher and graphic design instructor building a regionally recognized curriculum. For more than 7 years she was integrated in the Pacific Northwest arts community running and curating shows that tell a story, all while sharpening her communication skills.

Over three years ago, McCamish started a personal finance blog that brought her coverage from CNBC, Forbes, Business Insider, and two Plutus Award Nominations. That blog also led to her first design and copywriting clients. Soon this side hustle grew enough that she quit teaching and launched Bethany Works® as a full-service design studio. 

Now, McCamish gets to spend her days doing what she loves: design and strategy. 

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