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Who I am

I am a Pacific Northwest Native who has been integrated into the arts community for over 7 years. I graduated from Marylhurst University with my Bachelor of Fine Arts and a concentration in Photography. While there, I was able to work in gallery spaces and curation. Continuing my education I received my Masters of Arts in Teaching with endorsements in Fine Arts and English. More recently, as I have been teaching, I specialized in Communication Technologies (Graphic Design) and grew a blogging brand.

When I am not creating I am:

Traveling the world. I try to leave the country once a year.

Spending time with my pets and my partner. We have two Borzoi, one Bengal, and one Sphynx.

Hiking and being in nature.

Obsessing over Game of Thrones or Stranger Things


  • Coffee

  • Typography

  • Gardening

  • Vegan Food

    Personal Finance 


  • Mushy Textures


  • The dark

  • Cold

    Gum smacking



Certification in Communications Technology– Completion Date: 2018

Concordia University Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)–  Endorsed in Art, English Language Arts & Google Certified-Completion Date: April 2015

Marylhurst University Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA)-Concentration in Photography- Completion Date: June 2014

Clark Community College Associate in Arts (AA)– Completion Date: June 2011


  • Proficient in Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Online Content Creation
  • Ability to learn digital design platforms
  • Teaching and Communication
  • Microsoft Office and Google Suite
  • Photography-Compositional understanding of 3-D objects in a 2-D space
  • Communicate ideas through text and image

Related Experience

08/31/2017- Present- Blogger and Podcaster for His & Her FI

09/02/2015-Present- Instructor at Hudson’s Bay High School in Vancouver WA

Courses taught at Present: Graphic Design 1 & 2, Drawing, Traditional Darkroom Photography, Digital Photography

Courses Taught Previously: Academic Language (9th and 10th), Creative Writing (12th), Mythology (12th), and AP Language and Composition (11th), Film Studies (12th)

08/31/2017-08/31/2018- Owner and Content Creator for Phone Photography Pro

1/2014- 07/2014- Product Management at Brilliant Book House Publishing in Vancouver WA

Responsibilities: Organizing all product files and orders. General customer service. Technical assistance for managing the backend of the website.

01/2014-06/2014-College of Arts and Sciences Program Assistant at Marylhurst University

Responsibilities: Assist the program coordinator with desk copy orders, centralizing student’s papers and communication with faculty and staff.

06/2013-06/2014 Art Gym Gallery Sitter and Curatorial Assistant at Marylhurst University

Responsibilities: Greet gallery guests and members while maintaining proper care of the work.

Assist the Art Gym curator Blake Shell with secretarial needs, grant forms and document records.

06/2013-06/2014- Art Department Assistant at Marylhurst University

Responsibilities: Keep records for students, faculty and staff up to date. Help with various

projects that are rotating throughout the department. Curate art shows in the halls.

Internships, volunteer and Presentations

07/2017-08/2017 Externship at Wolff Gallery in Portland OR

Responsibilities: Merchandising, Inventory, Graphic Design, Web Organization and Gallery Sitter

04/2016 TedxTalk: Blurred Impact

Given at Marylhurst University:

01/2015-02/2015 Volunteer Art Instructor at Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Vancouver WA

Responsibilities: Launching a unit for watercolors from practice to final project in the 6th grade art room.

11/2014 Presenter at a Maker’s Faire workshop held at Jesuit High School in Portland OR

Responsibilities: Conduct an interactive and personalized session on the possible applications of 3-D printing within the educational environment to a group of instructors.

03/2014-06/2014 Blue Sky Gallery Assistant- Internship in Portland OR

Responsibilities: Assisting the exhibition manager Zemie Barr with the installation and de-installation of shows. Sit on the committee and take part in the jury of upcoming shows.

06/2013-08/2013 Assistant for Christa Taylor Photography-Internship in Portland OR

Responsibilities: Manage lighting and set for the studio.