A strategic brand + website design agency
rooted in strategy for your success


Well, that’s exactly what I’ve helped countless CEOs and Entrepreneurs like you fix.

Bethany McCamish, at your service. I’m the CEO, strategic brand designer, web designer, and coach for tenacious visionaries on a mission. (See that? I’m not just one thing, and you don’t have to be either!)

I take a truly custom approach to design, meaning I’ll never force you into a certain design style, aesthetic, preference, or trend. Rather, I study how your brand can best connect with other people, and then highlight those elements through strategy and psychology backed visual design.

Because great design? It’s about so much more than cookie-cutter templates and passing fads. It’s about setting your business up for long-term growth, big-picture impact, and lasting legacy. You with me?

Bethany’s Origin Story

A DESIRE TO CREATE taking root for you

I’ve always experienced the world through creating. At age eleven, I first realized I could “create” a photograph with my parent’s clunky old Canon camera. I took a picture of my sister running down the beach, silhouetted against a stark white sky as water droplets splashed violently against her ankles. Every time I looked at that photo, I could feel the scene unfolding over and over again. My desire to create for a living took root and grew.

This drive led me to fine arts school, where I first learned about design, color theory, and psychology-backed frameworks. The more I learned, the more I realized the power of strategic branding to bring massive clarity, confidence, and growth to business owners.

Eventually, I graduated with my BFA and MAT and began helping students learn to create as a high school graphic design and English teacher. After several years, my heart and focus shifted from helping students to helping business owners through branding and web design that meant something. So I turned in my classroom keys for a laptop and a mission.

Today, I spend my time serving movers, dreamers, and trailblazers ready to elevate their brand and build momentum behind their legacy.

In 2017 I founded Bethany Works®, now we are a full-service design agency specializing in psychology-backed brand strategy. I’ve helped countless businesses elevate their visual identities and online presence, from solopreneurs to large corporations—now it’s your turn!

Over the Years


Started Bethany Works® as a side hustle
while teaching


Took Bethany Works®


Bethany Works® became a registered trademark


Honed in on serving women creative CEOs and visionaries with psychology-backed brand design and strategy


Launched merch and brand strategy and resources shop for other designers in addition to coaching for Creative CEOs


Launch of the Unbreakable Brands™ Podcast, our signature offer Brandcend™, and Bethany’s personal brand growing deeper roots at bethanymccamish.com


How will you be impacted by our expansion?

In addition to my laptop and a cup of coffee,

Here’s what I bring to every project


I invest time and energy into learning, growing, and understanding others in order to build brands based on strong connections with other humans.


I welcome and make room for people in marginalized communities working to enact change in their industries and beyond. My brand acknowledges and celebrates the unique experiences that make people who they are.


I believe intentional designs are built around a strategy for connection and growth. My work helps clients showcase their true expertise so they don’t leave money or impact on the table.

The Bio

If this were LinkedIn
I would tell you…
Bethany McCamish sitting with her hand under her chin in a chair while wearing a tweed blazer.

I hold a Bachelors of Fine Arts and a Master of Arts in Teaching with endorsements in English and Fine Arts.

I taught English and Graphic Design for five years and built a regionally recognized curriculum.

I ran and curated shows in the Pacific Northwest arts community for more than 7 years.

I have completed an SEO for writers course and several branding and design courses.

I have more than 10 years of experience in this industry.

I have given a TedTalk on the power images have to shape perspective.

When I am not creating, you’ll find me:

Traveling to a swoon worthy destination

“Researching” i.e. obsessing over typography and color palettes

Hiking in nature with my pets and my partner

Reading in a hammock outside

PSST—Made it all the way down here?

Then it’s time to put your mission centerstage.

I can’t wait to get to know you and to serve you through strategic design and mentorship. Let’s start with the inbox!