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Hi! I’m Bethany McCamish, brand strategist and copywriter.  I create visual solutions and focused content for clients who already have a full plate.

Before founding Bethany Works®, I spent five years as an English teacher and graphic design instructor building a regionally recognized curriculum. For more than 7 years I was integrated in the Pacific Northwest arts community running and curating shows that tell a story, all while sharpening my communication skills.

Over three years ago, I started a personal finance blog which brought me coverage from CNBC, Forbes, Business Insider, and two Plutus Award Nominations. That blog also led to my first freelance clients. Soon my freelancing side hustle grew enough that I quit teaching.

Now, I get to spend my days combining my favorite things: design and writing.

When you run your own business, you have to quickly learn what to outsource. I hired Bethany to create my website and branding. I was immediately impressed by her professionalism and communication. While working on the project, she asked all the right questions, understood exactly what I needed, and created a high-quality website that will help my business grow. Honestly, I've never been more relieved to spend money.

-Kim Porter

Why Choose Bethany Works®?

I know you have worked tirelessly to build your business. I want that hard work to pay off. That means you need to stand out from the crowd. I am here to make sure this happens. In addition to my years of experience,  I back all of my work with psychology and brand archetypes. 

What Are Brand Archetypes?

When you take the brand personality quiz, you’re given two archetypes that most align with your brand. Sadly, I cannot take credit for the genius of brand archetypes. This term was coined in the 20th century by psychologist Carl Jung. It has since been used by major companies to create branding that forms a specific connection with a specific audience. 

Why Do You Start with the quiz?

The brand personality quiz will point to archetypes that are aligned with your brand. These archetypes can help create brand clarity by focusing on your ideal niche. The quiz will help me know how to help you and it will give you a way to leverage your brand. 

photography of graphic designer Bethany McCamish

Create Brand Clarity By Uncovering your brand personality

My Credentials

I hold a Bachelors of Fine Arts and a Master of Arts in Teaching with endorsements in English and Fine Arts.  In addition to this, I have completed an SEO for writers course,  several branding and design courses and have more than 8 plus years of experience in the industry.  

When I am Not Creating, I Am:

  • Talking about money on my blog with other money nerds.
  • Traveling the world. I try to leave the country once a year.
  • Spending time with my pets and my partner. 
  • Hiking in nature.
  • Obsessing over my house plants. 
  • Looking at typography 

How to Work With Me

01 - Define

First, you book a call or send me an email. We then define your needs for the project and sign a contract.

02 - Develop

I will develop the first drafts and you can get back to your business with one less thing to worry about.

03- Assess

I want to meet all of your needs, so we schedule a mid-way checkpoint for your feedback.

04- Refine

The final step is for me to refine the brand identity, website, document or visual based on your comments.

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