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The Human Brand Archetype

The Human Brand Archetype is one of a dozen personas or ‘archetypes’ that have become my key strategy for effective branding. (AKA: The Regular Guy/Girl Archetype, but we don’t need to gender it anymore am I right?) 

Each of these archetypes shape a recognizable brand for your business that provides you with clear direction and the ability to attract the right clients. These 12 brand archetypes were crafted over the years by design and branding experts, but the general term was coined by Carl Jung in his psychology research. As we know, there’s plenty of psychology in good marketing!

By expanding on Jung’s original list of four archetypes, designers can use The Human (or whichever of the other eleven feels most like you) to create a brand that feels true to your voice, vibe, and vision. That will lead your audience to connect with you, get to know you, and ultimately, buy what you’re selling.

The best part about identifying your own brand archetype is that your ideal clients will probably identify with it too. When you get clear about your brand, you’ll attract people who are looking not just for your product or service, but for someone like you

You can take my brand archetype quiz to find out your brand archetype, or you can learn more about the 12 brand archetypes on the blog. Today, we’re digging deeper into The Human Archetype. 

Is your brand relatable? Do you know how to connect with others effortlessly? This post just might be for you. 

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The Human Archetype: An Overview 

Humans are all about connection and community. They’re everyone’s favorite girl,  guy, or friend next door. They hold relatable personalities and inclusive energy. If your brand falls into this category, you probably love helping people find acceptance and a place to belong. 

Human archetypes make great friends. They may not be the loudest voice in the room, but they’re always around when you need them – “reliable and relatable” could be their slogan. Sometimes, they seem like a jack-of-all-trades type, enjoying a wide variety of interests.(Hello multi-passionates!)  They have solid values and work hard, trying their best never to leave anyone out or behind. Because of this, you won’t often see them leading the charge or going it alone – they like to live within the context of a community or group. 

The danger with this archetype is that you can easily become generic, so it is important to be that shoulder to lean on- always. 

The Human May Also Be Known As:

This archetype may not feel totally right to you if your business isn’t outright focused on community-building – and let’s be honest, all great businesses know how to harness the power of relationship. The Human archetype is really about who you are and how you appeal to your clients, not your specific industry, so don’t fret! This persona can also be called: 

  • Girl/Guy/Friend Next Door
  • Everyman/Everywoman/Everyhuman
  • Realist
  • Good Neighbor

The Human Brand Atmosphere (i.e. Visuals and Aesthetics):

Brands with The Human archetype typically highlight soothing colors that draw people in and welcome them. These brands often gravitate toward earth tones, or neutral shades – you won’t catch them in neon! You will also find a lot of natural textures and ‘down-to-earth’ vibes. Think wood, leather, the earth.  The Human aesthetic feels inviting and nonthreatening, never too bold but always there. 

The Human Archetype Brand Voice & Messaging: 

If you’re a Human, your brand voice is friendly and honest, telling the truth without calling anyone out. Their authenticity always comes out in their words, and you can tell that they’re not performing – they just truly want to connect with their clients, friends, and communities. When clients interact with your brand, they should feel understood and included, like they’re being invited into something they’ve been looking for. Share your archetype in your brand by steering clear of exclusivity and highlighting your ability to relate to (read: sell to!) everyone. 

The Human Archetype Client:

Human clients want to feel like they’ve found a place to belong. They’re warm and inclusive people themselves, so they’ll gravitate toward brands that give off the same energy. Your brand will connect with these clients when you use accessible and relatable tones and messaging. Give your audience an invitation to a relationship that matters, and they’ll keep coming back for more. 

Also consider that approachability is key, so your price point will likely be low to moderate. 

Your Brand Is Likely A Fit for The Human Archetype If:

  • Your product or service is accessible to lots of different kinds of people
  • You help people connect to their desires through community and relationships
  • You emphasize inclusivity, not setting an unrealistic standard. 

Well-Known Human Brand Archetype Examples

IKEA • Target • GAP • Charles Schwab • Levi’s

Well-Known Human Characters

Emma Stone • Matt Damon • Drew Barrymore

My Clients Who Identified with The Human Archetype: 

Shift Hypnosis •  Family Money Adventure • Cloud Friday Accounting • Human Bravely