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The Jokester Brand Archetype

The Jokester Brand Archetype is one of 12 personas that help businesses shape and share their brands in an identifiable and relatable way. Your audience will know and trust your brand when it’s filtered through a clear brand voice and consistent visuals. And as that audience gets to know you and your brand, you’ll build trust, which in turn will boost sales. 

In short, getting clear about your brand archetype is a great starting place for building your brand strategy and brand TRUST. 

Before we jump in, let’s talk about what is a brand archetype. For years now, archetypes have been a foundational piece of my brand-building process. A clear brand message and aesthetic will actually help you draw in the perfect customers! The idea of brand archetypes has been around since Carl Jung thought of four main psychological categories, but brand experts have expanded that list to 12 brand archetypes, using them to craft brands that feel true to a business’s heart and soul. 

When you identify your brand archetype and use it, you’ll: 

  •  bring out the best in your messaging
  • market in a way that feels true to your values and vision, and 
  • hook the perfect clients without too much extra effort. 

(Spoiler alert: they’re people who would probably identify with the same archetype you do!) You can take my brand archetype quiz to determine your brand archetype, or you can read along as we dive into The Jokester to see if this just might be your archetype. 

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The Jokester Brand Archetype: An Overview 

Jokesters are joy bringers. They entertain those around them by bringing laughter and a sense of lightheartedness to the world. They’re playful and prone to looking on the bright side no matter what. They want to live a life that’s filled with fun and humor, and they inspire others to do the same!

If your brand identifies with The Jokester archetype, you probably love putting a smile on people’s faces with self-deprecating humor or well-timed wit. You hate being bored, and you’re always looking for the next joyful moment to capitalize on or the next practical joke to pull. Sometimes, your quest for amusement can lead you into frivolous territory, but your enthusiasm and expressivity keeps anyone from caring too much. 

The Jokester May Also Be Known As:

This archetype may not feel totally right to you if your business industry or product isn’t “funny,” so to speak – but don’t worry! Being a jokester has way more to do with who you are and what clients you want to attract than it does your product or industry. This persona can also be called: 

  • Jester brand archetype
  • Comedian brand archetype
  • Entertainer brand archetype
  • Enthusiast brand archetype

The Jokester Brand Atmosphere (i.e. Visuals and Aesthetics):

Brands with The Jokester archetype want branding that reflects their fun personalities! Expect the unexpected in Jokester visuals, including fun patterns, pops of neon color, the unexpected, and interesting textures. The goal is to excite, not to soothe, so bold is always better in their minds. 

The Jokester Archetype Brand Voice & Messaging: 

If you’re a Jokester, your brand voice is witty, bold, and potentially a little self-deprecating, if the situation calls for it. This may manifest in an irreverent voice.  

You’re never afraid of a good pun, and you believe that laughter is a powerful gift. You don’t take yourself too seriously, and you love getting others to lighten up, relax, and look on the bright side. 

Your messaging is fast-paced and fun, and clients can’t help but feel the infectious energy when they interact with your brand. Share your archetype in your brand by keeping things upbeat and throwing in a dash of unexpected humor. 

The Jokester Archetype Client:

Jokester brand archetype clients want to be amused and entertained! They love life, and they’ll be attracted to others with the same zest for it. They don’t mind pointing out the silly side of life, and they’re big fans of wit, puns, and quick quips. Your brand will connect with these clients when you use optimistic messaging and playful tones. Give your audience an invitation to endless laughs and fun, and they’ll keep coming back for more. 

Your Brand Is Likely A Fit for The Jokester Archetype If:

  • Your messaging is light, witty, and always looks for the good
  • You help people connect to their own sense of humor
  • You just want everyone to have a great time, all the time

Well-Known Jokester Brand Archetype Examples

Geico • Old Spice • M&Ms • Doritos • Dollar Shave Club

Well-Known Jokester Characters

Chandler from FRIENDS • Jimmy Fallon • Jim Carrey

My Clients Who Identified with The Jokester Archetype: 

Paulette PerhachSheeks Freaks Slade Copoy House