Client: Human Bravely

Laura Brewer, the founder and CEO or Human Bravely and The Make Love Podcast booked the custom branding package. I focused her brand design around her existing trademark needs and her core archetypes of the Rebel and The Hero. She later added on her podcast cover art in order to ensure her brand was set to cover all of her audience touchpoints.

The Brand Vision: 

+ Be the go-to coach and thinker for courageous, human leadership by transforming culture and rehumanizing organizations leadership.

+ Cultivate a brand that welcomes all individuals, because all humans can lead and live better with each other.

+ Offer custom, heart-felt, bravely *human* experiences that create seismic shifts in their life/team/org.

The Promise: 

Human Bravely works with CEOs/EDs of large companies and fortune 500 organizations who have or want to put into place social justice orientations. The folks inside of these organizations that Human Bravely serves are heart-driven and compelled to change the world. They care about equity and justice. They want their organizational culture to be something that helps people thrive. They are often leaders of teams, but they’re also parents, individuals, every day people who want to feel more whole and be better as humans.

What Laura Had to Say