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The Hero Brand Archetype

The Hero Brand Archetype is one of 12 brand archetypes that branding experts came up with – each of them serves as a kind of roadmap toward finding your ideal clients and building a brand you truly love. 

These personas give your brand a voice, visual themes, and a clearly recognizable vibe. When your audience understands who you are and what your brand represents, it’s easy for them to get to know you, which builds trust and boosts your bottom line. 

Brand archetypes have been a foundational tool for me, and they’re one of my favorite ways to build psychology-backed brands for my clients.

The idea of an archetype is borrowed from psychologist Carl Jung, who invented four categories of personality traits. Then, over the years, branding experts have expanded that concept into 12 categories that will help you clarify your brand and market your business well. 

Learning your own archetype will help you align with your ideal clients because they likely have many of the same values and goals. You can take the quiz below to determine your brand archetype, or you can read on to learn what it means to be The Hero archetype.

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The Hero Archetype: An Overview 

Heroes are filled to the brim with courage and determination. Even at first glance, they’re strong and confident, ready to tackle any challenge head-on.

They’re self-motivated, but they also love to empower others to embrace difficult moments and find victory within them. Most people are inspired by their intrinsic strengths, but their fear of failure or weakness can trip them up from time to time. 

If your brand identifies with The Hero archetype, you’re probably a warrior who doesn’t see grit as a bad thing.

You love to inspire and motivate others to conquer the challenges they face in their own lives. You set the standard for excellence – and everyone knows you’ll meet it or beat it.

Similar Archetypes

Just as the hero archetype is made of courage and determination, there are other archetypes with a strong sense of bravery and self-sufficiency, including:

  • The Explorer: Your customers feel ‘alive’ when they interact with you and can embrace open-mindedness, independence, and bravery.
  • The Caregiver: This brand is thoughtful, reassuring, and caring. Your customers will feel well taken care of by you and know that your brand protects others.
  • The Ruler: Rulers are commanding and articulate. Their brands make people feel like they can be successful, too.

The Hero May Also Be Known As

This archetype may not feel totally right to you based on the name – not every hero calls themself one! Being a Hero has more to do with how you identify your brand than how you’d label yourself. This persona can also be called: 

  • Warrior
  • Champion
  • Victor
  • Brave
  • Athlete

Levels of the Hero Brand Archetype

Each of the brand archetypes has three levels of intensity, with level one the least intense and level three the most intense.

  • Level 1: This hero achieves great things
  • Level 2: This hero is known as a ‘savior’
  • Level 3: This hero is considered a humanitarian, going above and beyond for anyone

Brands are often two archetypes, with one being a bit more dominant than the other. So, when thinking about the levels, consider that you may be a level 1 Hero but a level 3 Caregiver.

Key Characteristics of Hero Brand Archetypes

The hero brand archetype values honesty and honor over anything else. They often make big sacrifices and are considered inspirational.

Hero archetype brands have big goals and will share their progress along the way. Hero archetypes are brave, strong, and don’t give up, no matter how bad the odds get.

They are known for being resilient yet always encouraging others around them while they continue to push forward. Think of athletes and companies like Nike.

Hero Archetype Examples

Many brands are hero brands. Looking for the perfect example? Check out the companies, celebrities, and characters below.

Well-Known Hero Archetype Brand Examples


Nike’s slogan is ‘Just do it.’ In other words, they honor hard work, dedication, and making sacrifices. They challenge their audience to think outside the box, not give up, and dream big.


GoPro is known for its action cameras, and they encourage their audience to capture their wildest adventures. They aren’t afraid of anything and encourage their audience to do the same.

Other archetypes demonstrating the hero archetype include:

  • Army
  • Gatorade
  • Adidas  

Well-Known Hero Characters & Celebrities

  • Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games
  • Pink
  • Hugh Jackman

My Clients Who Identified With the Brand Hero Archetype

The Hero Brand Atmosphere (i.e. Visuals and Aesthetics):

Hero archetype brands are known for bold and dark colors. They also incorporate lots of texture, from tire tread marks to rocky cliffs and grassy turf to smooth metallic surfaces. 

Collage with two images. The image on the left shows and iPad sitting on a wood table with the Human Bravely logo pulled up. On the right is a grid of 9 different colored squares with various logos and brand marks for Human Bravely.
Human Bravely is a great example of this archetype with the bold, intense colors used throughout the brand!

Hero Brand Archetype Colors

The hero brand archetype focuses on noticeable colors. Common colors include:

  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Dark blue
  • Orange

Hero Brand Archetype Fonts

To match the branding, hero brand archetype fonts include powerful fonts that signify bravery and trustworthiness. Common font types include:

  • Northwest
  • Dublin
  • Neon

Hero Brand Archetype Imagery

To stick with its branding, hero archetype brands use strong, powerful images. This may include a protagonist overcoming challenges, rugged terrains, and images with bold colors and shapes.

The Hero Brand Archetype Tone of Voice & Messaging

If you’re a Hero, your brand messaging and voice are empowering and inspiring – your audience knows they can trust you because you’re not the type to back down from anything.

You never quit, and you don’t want to see others give up, either. You practice what you preach when it comes to self-discipline and persistence, and your directness is usually comforting rather than jarring.

Hero Phrases & Quotes

“I don’t know what my calling is, but I want to be here for a bigger reason. I strive to be like the greatest people who have ever lived.”

Will Smith

“We proved that we are still a people capable of doing big things and tackling our biggest challenges.”

Barack Obama

Your Brand Is Likely a Fit for the Hero Archetype If

  • You love inspiring people to do more than they ever thought possible
  • You love hard work – and you love a challenge even more
  • You want everyone to feel motivated to be better every day
  • You help people perform at their upper limit 
  • You love the transformation story of an underdog rising up 

The Hero Archetype Client

Hero clients want to be pushed to be their best. They enjoy feeling inspired by your successes, and they want to be successful in their own right as well.

Show your audience how you’ve overcome obstacles, and motivate them to do the same. 

Your brand will connect with these clients when you’ve shown expert mastery and strength!


What Is the Archetypal Hero Theory?

The archetypal framework symbolizes the ability to not let obstacles get in the way of your goals. You’ll do anything to achieve greatness, no matter the sacrifice.

What Movie Is an Example of the Hero Archetype?

The Hunger Games and Harry Potter are both great examples of the hero archetype. They both have a hero who goes above and beyond to battle their foes to make their world right.

Is the Hero Brand Archetype Female?

A hero archetype brand can be male, female, or non-binary. Gender doesn’t define a person’s ability to go above and beyond and achieve their goals.

Is Your Brand a Hero?

If your brand signifies going above and beyond to reach your goals, stepping outside your comfort zone, and working hard, you may have a hero brand.

Suppose your goal is to motivate everyone to be their best every day, and you want people to realize they can go beyond their upper limit. In that case, it’s time to embrace your brand identity and reach your target audience at a completely different level.