The Ruler Brand Archetype

The Ruler is one of 12 brand archetypes that were developed as a roadmap to clarify your brand and easily find your ideal clients. These personas give your brand a voice to write in, as well as visual themes and colors to adhere to, which makes your business clearly recognizable. When your audience has a firm grasp your brand, it’s easy for them to get to know, which builds trust and skyrockets sales. 

Since I discovered brand archetypes, they’ve been a foundational tool for me as I build brands for my incredible clients. Psychologist Carl Jung actually launched the idea of brand archetypes, inventing 4 categories that encompass a whole slew of personality traits. Then, branding experts expanded those 4 categories into 12, perfectly designed to bring out the best in your brand. 

Finding your own archetype will help you find—and sell to—your ideal clients, because they likely share your values and perspective. You can take a quiz to determine your brand archetype, or you can read along here to learn more about the 12 brand archetypes. Today, we’re digging into what it means to be The Ruler.

The Ruler Archetype: An Overview

Rulers are successful—and they like how it feels at the top. They know how to control things to achieve maximized results, and they share their prosperity with those who have loyally helped them as they climbed to the top. Rulers project confidence and charisma, making them great leaders. They know who they are and what they want, which makes them greatly admired, if not a little intimidating from time to time. 

The Ruler May Also Be Known As:

The title of this persona may not feel totally right to you if you aren’t actually at the top of the ladder in your industry yet. Don’t worry – the Ruler archetype is about a mindset, not a specific behavior or career. This persona can also be called: 

  • Boss
  • King/Queen
  • Politician
  • Commander
  • Royal

The Ruler Brand Atmosphere (i.e. Visuals and Aesthetics)

Ruler brands are characterized by dark, bold colors and rich textures. You’ll find lots of moody tones like charcoal, burgundy, or teal, along with colors that are traditionally associated with royalty, like deep purple or healthy, living green (money) shades. 

The Ruler Archetype Brand Voice & Messaging

Your brand voice is articulate, confident, and refined. You know how to speak powerfully without being pushy, and you’re authoritative without being domineering. Your tone has an air of exclusivity to it, because you’re not speaking to the masses—you’re speaking to the elite. 

Youc an share your Ruler archetype in your brand by reminding those that follow you that they are VIPs, too. Your voice should inspire your audience to aspire to your level of confidence and success, and truly believe that they can attain it. 

The Ruler Archetype Client

Ruler clients desire exclusivity and success. They want to feel affirmed, powerful, and respected—so keep that in mind for your messaging and marketing. To appeal to your ideal clients, you should make them feel as though they’ll find success by purchasing from you, and that they clearly have excellent taste if they’re choosing your brand. 

Your Brand Is Likely A Fit for The Ruler Archetype If:

  • You inspire others to live the successful lifestyle they want and deserve. 
  • You’re often considered the expert, authority, or “leader of the pack.” 
  • You’ve never tried to be like anyone else—you want to achieve uncommon success, and you want the same for your clients or customers. 
  • You are an exclusive brand and know it

Well-Known Ruler Brands

Mercedes-Benz • ROLEX • Louis Vuitton • British Airways

Well-Known Ruler Characters

Jennifer Lopez • Marlon Brando (The Godfather) • Mufasa

My Clients Who Identified with The Ruler Archetype: 

LaMarque Social  • The AW Creative  • The Barking District