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Learn about the 12 brand archetypes. 

What Is a Brand Archetype?

A brand archetype is your brand persona. It allows you to shape your visuals and messaging in a recognizable and relatable way.  It identifies personality traits we. as humans, already know. In this way, you are speaking directly to your target audience.

When you take the brand personality quiz, you’re given your top two archetypes that most align with your brand.

Full disclosure, I did not invent brand archetypes.  That credit goes to psychologist Carl Jung who coined the ‘archetype’ term in the 20th century. It has since been used by major companies to create branding that forms a specific connection with a specific audience.

The 12 Brand Archetypes

Image of The Explorer Archetype

The Explorer Archetype

Unique Gift: Cultivating authenticity & freedom

You are driven by adventure and the idea of living an unconventional life. You may be a thrill-seeker, but you are most certainly seeking and sharing that with your customers. Your clients and customers want to feel ‘alive’ when interacting with your brand.

Leverage Your Brand
  • Show your journey over time

  • Share unconventional approaches to life

  • Travel or experience new things

  • Get outside

The Creative Archetype

Unique Gift: Innovation & Imagination

You are a designer, artist, musician, maker, or builder. Your customers and clients want to feel inspired. They will stand in awe of what you create or do and hopefully purchase it.

Leverage Your Brand
  • Show your creative process and product
  • Engage with others who use the same tools
  • Create new things
  • Use metaphors for descriptions
  • Do not forget to share

The Caregiver Archetype

Unique Gift: Giving Compassion & Service

You are a mother, servant, and giver. Your customers will feel cared for and your top concern is conveying this compassion and concern. You need to always connect your brand to helping others.

Leverage Your Brand
  • Make giving back a part of your mission
  • Volunteer
  • Share what you care about
  • Connect your brand to helping
  • Promote gratitude
Infographic of The Ruler Archetype

The Ruler Archetype

Unique Gift: Prestige and Influence

You are royalty. An executive who knows what they want and who they are. Connect your brand to a specific way of life. Your customers should feel that if they follow you or buy your product they too will be successful.

Leverage Your Brand
  • Grow your authority in one niche
  • Exclusivity is your friend
  • Show the end outcome or lifestyle
  • Build a massive community who will follow you
Infographic of The Human Archetype​

The Human Archetype

Unique Gift: Creating a Sense of Belonging

You are the girl or guy next door. You are relatable and can easily connect to the needs of humans. Your customers should feel seen.

Leverage Your Brand
  • Be accessible
  • Show the outtakes for relatability
  • Foster friendships and connection
  • Put honesty and hard work on a pedestal

The Jokester Archetype

Unique Gift: Entertainment & Joy

You are an entertainer, comedian and/or trickster. You light up the world and your customers are always amused. This creates a sort of energy that surrounds all that your brand does.

Leverage Your Brand
  • Be funny and have fun
  • Point out the funny things in life
  • Tell jokes, but keep them fresh
  • Stay energetic
Infographic of The Innocent Archetype​

The Innocent Archetype

Unique Gift: Idealism & A Sense of Wonder

You are a purist with lofty goals. You truly believe that all parts can work together for the greater good. Your customers will expect honesty and transparency which keeps them loyal.

Leverage Your Brand
  • Be trustworthy and positive
  • Talk about your sustainable practices
  • When in doubt, simplify
  • Avoid negativity or realism

The Hero Archetype

Unique Gift: Encourages Strength

You are a warrior, athlete or champion. You lead with strength and confidence and your customers can rest assured knowing you will set a standard and meet it. You will see a challenge and overcome it.

Leverage Your Brand
  • Show how you overcome challenges
  • Stay active and physical
  • Take charge
  • Demonstrate self-confidence

The Lover Archetype

Unique Gift: Sensuality & Seduction

You are a partner and lover. This is a heart-centered brand with an emphasis on beauty and passion. Your customers should feel excited, spell-bound, or enamored.

Leverage Your Brand
  • Appeal to all of the senses with your content
  • Share your passions
  • Focus on relationships
  • Do not be afraid of love or beauty
Infographic of The Visionary Archetype​

The Visionary Archetype

Unique Gift: Inventive & Transformative

You are a magician with the power to transform and innovate. You are often considered cutting edge in product, service or message. Your customers will be fascinated with each new move your brand makes.

Leverage Your Brand
  • Know current trends
  • Get ahead of trends or invent one
  • Focus on optimizing yourself 
  • Have a narrative to make dreams a reality
  • Find win-win solutions
Infographic of The Rebel Archetype

The Rebel Archetype

Unique Gift: Defy and Disrupt

You are an outlaw of the best kind. A misfit, a rebel, and some may even say a revolutionary. Customers will feel thrilled and heard by your candid, raw, and honest reviews on life and all that is within it.

Leverage Your Brand
  • Embrace sub-culture and the fringe
  • Be confident saying “other people are wrong”
  • Keep an edge
  • Speak up and make your opinion known
  • Push the boundaries
Infographic of The Expert Archetype

The Expert Archetype

Unique Gift: Explaining Complex Topics

You are a teacher, thinker, and scholar. You want to understand the world through research and self-reflection. Your customers will feel like you value their time because they walk away gleaning knowledge.

Leverage Your Brand
  • Be willing to show how you know something
  • Share your analysis process
  • Read
  • Statistics and facts are your friend
  • Protect your credibility

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