The woman behind Bethany Works®

It’s been a while since I’ve opened myself up.

See, I’ve been working hard building iconic brands for my clients. I’m realizing that, although I am front and center in my business (hello, my name is in my business name!) the brands I’m creating have lives of their own.

And honestly?

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

But I thought since this is the first email of 2023, I’d switch things up a bit and tell you about the person behind the brand.

If this were LinkedIn, I’d tell you…

  • I’ve given a TedxTalk on the power images have to shape perspective
  • I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Arts in Teaching, with endorsements in English and Fine Arts
  • I taught English and Graphic Design for five years and built a regionally recognized curriculum
  • I ran and curated shows in the Pacific Northwest arts community for more than seven years
  • I’ve completed countless courses on SEO, branding, and design
  • I have more than ten years of experience in this industry
  • My work and thoughts have been featured in CNET, CNBC, Business Insider and other major media publications
  • I built a personal finance blog and sold it

If this were a timeline, it would look like this:

  • 2017: Started Bethany Works® as a side hustle while teaching full time.
  • 2019: Took Bethany Works® full time once my income replaced my teacher’s paycheck.
  • 2020: Bethany Works® became a registered trademark. I moved from Portland, OR to Phoenix, AZ.
  • 2021: Honed in on serving creative visionaries in the lifestyle brand and hospitality space with psychology-backed brand design and strategy. Sold my home and bought a 5th wheel and lived nomadically for a year.
  • 2022: Launched merch and brand strategy resources shop for other designers. Created a 1:1 coaching program for Creative CEOs. Expanded into an agency. Moved back to Portland, OR.

But this isn’t LinkedIn. And it’s not a timeline. So here’s the nitty-gritty.

The truth about my story is that I grew up in a tumultuous home with abuse and lots of religion heaped on top. 

It was, by all respects, a cult. 

If you’re thinking about the Manson family or mole women, you’ve gone too sensational. The cult I grew up in was framed in Christianity, and taught me that I needed to wear skirts to my ankles and that the best way to show up as a woman was with my mouth shut, a ring on my left hand, and a baby inside me.

My upbringing made me excellent at carrying stuff.

At 12, I carried horse poop for my first job.

I carried my sin, my guilt, my v-card, and my baby sister.

I carried the marks from my mother, my bible, my notebook, and the shame of wanting more.

At 15, the weight of it all caused a crack in the tiny shred of belief I had left for the teachings of the church… and my family.

It broke me enough to try for something else.

I took an early entry exam to the local community college… and I passed.

Getting in meant I had two free years of college.

It meant I didn’t have to live at home anymore.

It meant I lied about my age to avoid the looks from other 18- and 19-year-olds.

It meant I could learn about things that had been left out of my education. Things like women’s rights and the Trail of Tears.

After two years, I transferred straight to university. 

I’d been warned to “guard my heart” even though school and my five (yes, five) jobs were the only place my heart finally felt like it was beating.

I’d been warned not to become a “lesbian liberal” and much to my parents’ dismay, became a “bi liberal” and a fine arts student who dabbled in everything from woodworking to graphic design.

Next came grad school and industry work simultaneously.

After that, I started my teaching career and side hustle.

Which leads me to now…

My own six-figure design studio that specializes in strategic psychology-backed brand building.

This sliver of my story doesn’t dive into all the crevices of my life, but it does frame one essential guiding component about who I am as a CEO & business owner.

Sometimes, when the bonds are so constricting, you have no choice but to find no bounds.

That’s why, when you choose to work with me, you’re working with someone who is:

  • Resilient
  • Willing to take risks
  • Tenacious
  • Unbreakable

And has a deep understanding of humans, their stories, and decision drivers.

And trust me when I say… I’m just getting started.

So if you want someone like me on your side, I’d be honored to help you craft an unbreakable brand of your own.

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