How bold design helped turn Nurse Fern into a full-time living

One of my favorite things I do as a brand strategist and website designer is that I get to be involved in so many industries.

Like remote nursing, for example.

Nurse Fern is one of the most vibrant brands in my portfolio. In fact, you can check out her portfolio page here:

When Emma, the creator of Nurse Fern, came to me for custom branding and web design, she felt like everything she was already doing was scattered.

She knew this was important work, but there was no throughline tying everything together.

The one thing she knew: she wanted to stand out and take her blog to a brand.

So she booked my most comprehensive package.

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Silver laptop with a web page pulled up that says "Brand Persona Quiz."

And now she has a bold, fun, energetic brand that grabs the attention of nurses running on fumes and shows them a better way.

When I say I work with value-based creatives, that’s what I mean.

My clients make the world a better place.

Showing nurses how to work remotely so they can continue their great work without spending their lives stressed and feeling overworked is what Nurse Fern does.

And with a cohesive brand that carries through her website and her social media pages, her brand has gotten more attention – including brand deals, collaboration opportunities and most recently, the platform she needed to quit her job and take Nurse Fern full time.

That’s right… cohesive branding allowed emma to quit her job and take nurse fern full time.

More attention = more ways to help more nurses.

Here’s what her home page looks like now:

If you’ve ever thought about using bold colors to stand out, but you’re worried about creating something “too loud,” look to this site for inspiration.

In fact, let’s take a look at some of her colors in the wild:

Bright blue, bright pink, bright orange.

It’s a color palette that stops the scroll.

But if you look at the way it’s used on her site or her Instagram page, you’ll notice that it’s bright, but not loud. It’s vibrant and balanced, not overwhelming and chaotic.

This, my friends, is the benefit of working with a brand designer.

Because without the help of a professional, bold colors like these can be assertive, aggressive, messy, and just too much.

What a cohesive brand brought to Nurse Fern

I knew that with a psychology-backed strategic brand and with a new website to bring everything together, I could create a brand for Nurse Fern that did the following:

  1. Allow her to create an environment to connect with nurses who are looking for a different way. A cohesive brand helped her share success stories, share her reason for doing this in the first place, and build awareness for burnt-out nurses who wanted other options.
  2. Allow her to build trust within the nursing community by consistently providing qualified opportunities to nurses who were ready to break free from their bedside work.
  3. Help her provide her audience with valuable tools and resources to get remote positions.
  4. Elevate her blog to a brand and snag partnerships and collaborations that helped build additional revenue streams along with her product sales (Did I mention she was able to quit her job and take this full-time?)

Emma, creator of Nurse Fern, had this to say:

“Before working with Bethany, just thinking about the need for a new logo and website gave me anxiety. I’m so glad I was able to work with Bethany. She made the process so easy and I even had fun!”

If you’ve been putting off rebranding because you don’t even know where to begin, reach out.

Here’s Emma again: “Bethany took my scatterbrained ideas and turned them into an awe-inspiring brand and story.”

What do you think would happen to your brand if you were inspired by it?

“Bethany is a magician,” Emma said.

Because I was able to take her ideas and use my background to create something she loved every single part of.

This is what happens when you start with strategy.

I created a more confident Nurse Fern.

And a more confident Nurse Fern showed up more consistently.

More consistency led her to a bigger stage.

And now?

She’s unstoppable. Running her dream business full-time.

You can be, too.

Maybe all you need is for your brand to get a bit of a makeover.

If any of this resonates, custom branding could be a great solution for you.

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