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Spiritual Entrepreneur Branding

Spiritual entrepreneur branding and brands are profoundly important and offer a chance for individuals and businesses to find their true selves and cultivate their true purpose. These brands create a space where people can heal, grow, and connect in a nurturing way. 

Good spiritual entrepreneur branding may be the missing key for these businesses- especially if they are feeling out of alignment in how they present themselves, or like they are not able to live their true purpose. Perhaps even more importantly, spiritual entrepreneurs without an eye-catching brand and website likely won’t be attracting clients that are all in and ready to say a full body yes. 

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What is Spiritual Entrepreneur Branding? 

In general,  spiritual brands focus on the inner self or connecting with higher levels through introspection and intuition Often they work with their clients to help them find their inner purpose and truly understand their wants and needs- while also equipping clients with tools for their own personal journey to being a better human. Intuitive thinking, manifestation, self-reflection, and meditation can be some of the core tools that shape the offerings of these brands. 

Spiritual Entrepreneurs can look like: 

  • Business coaches and mentors
  • Breathwork practitioners 
  • Reiki healers 
  • Yoga and movement teachers 
  • Mediums – for pets or humans 
  • Life coaches 
  • Doula or Midwife 

Spiritual Entrepreneurs often carry these top traits throughout their branding

  • Guided by intuition- bases decision and practices based on listening to their own selves, ‘gut’, and the needs of their clients. 
  • A powerful vision for their business
  • Purpose that powers everything they touch and do 
  • A belief that a top tier/transformative experience and service is vital for profits in business
  • A desire to serve others in an innovative way 
  • Willingness to take risks 
  • Always following their instincts 

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Why is Branding Important for Spiritual Brands? 

Good branding is critical for any spiritual brand. These brands are built to help their clients become the best version of themselves, whether this means healing from past traumas, feeling comfortable and confident in their skin, or connecting with the people (and animals) around them better. 

Without clear branding and identity, it can be almost impossible to find the clients that need your help and will benefit the most from these services. It is also very difficult to connect with these clients when they don’t feel like they have a clear sense of who you and your brand are or feel as though they can trust your brand. The strategy and visuals backing your spiritual brand will allow you to make an even larger impact. 

Tips for Spiritual Entrepreneur Brands 

One of the most important tips for spiritual entrepreneur brands is to find a brand designer who is able to help tease out your brand essence and stand out in your roles. 

We as humans are very complex and part of your business may be helping people work through this complexity to find their true identity or potential. However, your brand itself shouldn’t be complex. 

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to be put in a specific box or match completely with other established brands (we never want that!). Instead, you want to be able to work with your brand designer to build your own box to stand on- to build a brand that is uniquely positioned and one-of a kind.

Some of the things your brand designer can help work out with you is your brand voice, identity, your dream client, and how to use the design elements in your brand (logo, colors, typesuite, etc) to connect with those clients. 

These elements are all crucial in building your dream brand and a brand that is going to attract your dream clients. 

Samples of Client Spiritual Brand Projects

Case Study: The Dog Intuitive 

The Business

The Dog Intuitive is a dog training and pet medium business that is centered around truly understanding your pet’s needs. 

The Mission

The belief behind the dog intuitive is that communication is key – this is the change needed to be able to better connect with your pet and create a new beginning. They help sharpen this communication through a few different approaches ranging from training and aligned action to seeking clarity on a spiritual level. 

Their goal is to help deepen the respect and understanding between you and your pet in order to create a more aligned relationship. 

The Promise

The Dog Intuitive was created out of the hope to help pet owners better understand their pets and their needs and with the belief that all dogs are good. The new beginning you have been looking for with your pet starts with seeing the world from their point of view, and The Dog Intuitive helps you do just that. 

Unlike other dog trainers, here the goal is to connect with your pet on more than one level to foster a deeper relationship. Amanda meets you where you are at and helps empower you to take aligned action, and fosters any curiosity for those who want more clarity and closure through pet card readings. 

How We Brought the Brand to Life

Brand voice and lexicon: Your brand voice and the phrasing you use throughout your website and social media are crucial in attracting your dream clients.

We focused on using language that showed an understanding of what the pet owners were struggling with and how previous clients were able to overcome those challenges. We also worked to bring to light the risks that came along with NOT working with her and working with another trainer. 

Some of the words we focused on with the branding were discovery, journey, clarity, connection, and grounded. Our tagline we created is: All Good Dogs. All New Beginnings. 

Brand colors and logos: To create a cohesive visual identity to go along with the brand, we picked a color palette that is based on the elements of earth and fire.

The fonts used in the logos are customized to connect with clients and imply both an established business and an understanding of what each client is looking for, with just enough curves to imply a flow. 

The most stable shape, a triangle, is used in the icon and the light is used to symbolize new perspectives and a new way of approaching training- while also indicating a connection to something beyond the superficial

Case Study: Susan Padron, Intuitive Personal Stylist 

The Business

Susan Padron is an intuitive personal stylist who works with all humans to dress your soul, not your gender, age range, or ‘body type’. 

The Mission

The Susan Padron style team works to give you more than just a style strategy or shopping list. They work to offer healing and inner transformation that helps to create that outer transformation. 

Susan provides energy work and uses her natural intuitive abilities to work through any limiting beliefs you may have and help you reimagine how you see yourself. The Susan Padron style teams’ approach is to first see and hear you before guiding you on the clothes that will best fit you.

The Promise

The Susan Padron style team isn’t going to just give you a list of clothes to purchase. They are going to help you break barriers and strengthen the bond between your soul and your wardrobe. 

Susan believes that style should dip below the surface and help reveal your unique self. The team will help build a shopping experience informed but who you are, not by any limiting narratives. 

Working with the style team will help you grow and become more confident as you move forward in your personal journey in loving yourself. 

How We Brought the Brand to Life

Brand voice and lexicon: We focused on using language that shows an understanding of the emotional triggers and overwhelm that clothing can have and the confidence and transformation you will feel after working with the Susan Padron team. There is also a focus on the risks of not feeling that deeper connection with yourself or continuing to have trouble showing up if you DON’T work with them. 

Some of the words we focused on with the branding were awakening, reconnect, confident, and genuine. 

Brand colors and logos: The colors color palette we chose offers the opportunity to stand out and be bold or more muted depending on the situation. The moodboard was inspired by a connection to water, flow, ease, and maybe a bit of an iridescent mermaid who loves crystals.

The logo uses customized letters to create a unique yet established feel while also hinting at the intuitive or ‘flowing’ connected nature of the work. The icon, which includes an orb, S, and moon and stars, builds on the magical feeling of ascending to something more and connecting beyond the layer on the surface

Case Study: Kyla Erlandson Consulting 

The Business

Kyla Erlandson Consulting helps high-level female entrepreneurs and women in business find themselves again by building their sense of self through breathwork to ensure they live up to their highest potential. 

The Mission

Kyla Erlandson Consulting uses breathwork to heal and restore yourself and help foster the realization that you can have everything you desire. Everyone deserves happiness and abundance in life, and it is their mission to help bring that into fruition. 

The self-acceptance and restoration journey that you will take with Kyla will help you break down barriers and move forward in your life. 

The Promise

Kyla Erlandson Consulting was created out of the desire to help women embody their full potential by embracing their own power. The practice is rooted in conscious, connected breathwork to help healing. 

With over 20 years of experience in breathwork, Kyla knows that healing comes when you make space for new narratives and belief systems. This memory change is created through the power of your breath and intention. 

Kyla Erlandson Consulting’s process is supportive and perceptive, opening space for you to create an abundant life. 

How We Brought the Brand to Life

Brand voice and lexicon: We focused the brand voice around being honest, reassuring, and uplifting while also being warm and soothing. Some of the phrasing we focused on was restoring yourself, cultivating personal power, and finding balance and boundaries with breathwork.  

Brand colors and logos: The colors in the palette consists of more earthy and neutral tones. The greens help imply growth and generosity, while the browns and black keep it grounded. These are evened out with the white to add more of an uplifting feel. 

The logos are sophisticated and approachable. The letters have generous spacing between them to create literal and implied ‘breathing room.’ 

Are You Ready for Your Own Spiritual Entrepreneur Branding? 

Spiritual Entrepreneur Branding creates open and safe spaces for people and businesses to grow into their full potential. Each part of the brand intertwines to create the perfect essence of both your purpose and your mission to serve. 

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