why branding is important

Why Branding Is Essential for Every Business

Brand Identity. You know you need it, but maybe you’re not clear on why it’s so important for your business or what it does. Let’s dive into branding and brand identity so you can implement this powerful tool for your business.

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What is Branding (and Brand Identity)?

First, let’s get clear about these terms and define them.

Your brand is a distinct set of perceptions and feelings that other people (i.e. your clients and customers) have about your business.

 Branding is the active process of shaping your brand. In order to clearly communicate with your customers, you will want to go through intentional and strategic branding.

The result of branding will be your brand identity. Your brand identity is composed of colors, imagery, fonts, a logo,  and concise copywriting using your brand voice. 

Why Your Business Needs A Strategic Brand Identity

If branding is done right, your brand will consistently communicate clearly with your customers. (Say that 5 times fast).

Your brand identity will quickly make a connection with your audience and tell them how you promise to provide for them. All of this without the client even contacting you yet.

In an age where the competition is tough and the market is saturated in many industries, you need a way to stand out from the crowd. You need a strategic brand.

A Good Brand Is About More Than Fancy Fonts

Your logo is not your brand. Your favorite colors or your headshots are also not your brand. Your brand is so much bigger than that. It needs to have a holistic approach so that your marketing efforts can actually work.

You need to be:

  • Relatable with a brand personality
  • Accessible with a well-designed website
  • Clear about your promise to your audience
  • Marketable with words that sell

And you need a brand and brand strategy that will make all of this happen for you.

Be Intentional About Your Brand

You have worked tirelessly to build your business. You understand why you’re doing this. But do your customers know your ‘why’? Even more importantly, do they know how you can help them? An intentional brand built with strategy and psychology will make sure you can have this connection with your customers and stand out from the crowd.

It will require that every visual and verbal communication be consistent. That means every medium needs to express your unique brand identity- from websites to your social media accounts.

Hire A Professional To Help Shape Your Brand

I think you understand how essential it is to get your brand identity right. If you don’t, you risk being invisible. That is why I highly recommend you work with a professional. Someone who knows it is about much more than a logo and backs their work with psychology and strategy used by some of the most successful brands of all time. (That someone is me.) Send me a message or book a call and tell me about your project. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Rooting for you!