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The Rebel Brand Archetype

The Rebel Archetype is one of a dozen brand archetypes crafted by branding experts to categorize and leverage your brand. Each archetype gives you clear parameters around who you are, what you’re all about, and who your ideal clients may be, helping you construct a brand you truly love.

Archetypes cover everything from voice to visuals, giving you an easy-to-recognize vibe, even in a crowd of brands. When your audience has a clear image of who you are and who your brand exists to serve, it offers them a wide-open door into your business, which builds trust and boosts your bottom line. 

Brand archetypes have been a foundational tool for my design and branding work for years. The idea of an archetype is borrowed from psychologist Carl Jung, who invented 4 categories that essentially encompass all personality traits. Later, branding experts expanded his OG concept into the 12 categories you’ll see here on the blog.

When you discover your own archetype, you’ll have a much easier time finding and aligning with your ideal clients, because they likely have many of the same values and goals. Take the quiz below to determine your brand archetype, or you can read on to learn about the Rebel brand archetype and see if it feels like you.

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The Rebel Brand Archetype: An Overview 

Rebels are here to disrupt the status quo in the best of ways. They believe that some rules were just meant to be broken – so you’ll always hear them reminding you that you can break free and then encouraging you to do it. Rebel personality types aren’t afraid to tell you that others are wrong, and they enjoy being misfits who break the mold.

If your brand identifies with The Rebel archetype, you’re probably a fighter who loves a good thrill. You enjoy watching others step out of the status quo and into a life that’s full of freedom.

Sometimes, you get a little too angry at “the system,” but when you keep that in check, you’re an inspiration to everyone who wants to jump out of the box and be less boring. 

The Rebel May Also Be Known As:

This archetype may not feel totally right to you based on the name – not every rebel looks the same, after all! Being a Rebel has more to do with how you identify your brand than how you’d label yourself.  This persona can also be called: 

  • Outlaw
  • Revolutionary
  • Maverick
Collage with two images. On the right is a grid of 9 different colored squares with various logos and brand marks for Nurse Fern. On the left is the home page of Nurse Fern's website on both a laptop and a phone.
The Rebel seen through the honest and open brand and website of Nurse Fern.

The Rebel Brand Atmosphere (i.e. Visuals and Aesthetics)

Rebellious brands are known for defying and disrupting the norm, and this absolutely applies to their visual presentation, too. They love bright, even neon, shades, but they also gravitate toward moody colors or blacks because they’re fine with living on the dark side. You’ll often see gritty textures like dirt and metal featured in their brand. 

The Rebel Archetype Brands Voice & Messaging 

If you’re a Rebel, your brand voice is raw and shocking in its non-conformity, which is exactly what your ideal audience loves to read. Your honesty and candidness are what people love about you, and they feel like they can trust you to point out the rules they simply shouldn’t be following anymore.

You practice what you preach when it comes to freedom – you’re truly charting your own path in the world, and people love to expect the unexpected from you. 

Collage with three images. On the right is a picture of a woman with a purple overlay over half and the Sheeks Freaks logo across the middle. The top right features a woman in a shopping cart with the Sheeks Freaks icons next to her. The bottom right features Sheeks Freaks written out in black repeatedly on a red background.
Sheeks Freaks perfectly displays how Rebels don’t stick to the status quo!

The Rebel Archetype Client

Rebel clients want to be free! They’re looking for that spark of inspiration that challenges them to kick the status quo to the curb, so you can connect with them by showing them that’s exactly what you do, too.

Show your audience the fun side of disobedience and defiance, and they’ll be ready to ride off into the sunset with you, living on the wild side together. 

Your Brand Is Likely A Fit for The Rebel Archetype If:

  • You love disrupting things “as they are” and you’re never afraid to speak your mind. 
  • You’ve never enjoyed following in someone else’s footsteps – or following the rules. 
  • You’d rather be free than be stuck in an established system that doesn’t serve you. 

Well-Known Rebel Archetype Brand Examples:

Harley Davidson • Urban Outfitters • MTV • Virgin Mobile

Collage with three images. The top left features It's Whit Radacina's business card with the logo written in black on a white card. The bottom left features a pink business card with the logo in black on one side and a pink crown on the other. The right images features 7 differnet social media posts that show off the brand and logo for It's Whit Radacina on top of a picture of a woman walking.
The bold colors and non-conforming attitude of It’s Whit Radacina’s brand showcase it’s Rebel core.

Well-Known Rebel Characters

Lady Gaga • Robin Hood • Jack Sparrow

My Clients Who Identified with The Rebel Brand Archetype:

 Sheeks Freaks  • Nurse FernIt’s Whit Radacina