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Client: Susan Padron

Susan Padron offers more than a style strategy and a shopping list- she isn’t here to add to her client’s plates or take from their already depleted cup. Her work is here to offer healing and inner transformation that facilitates outer transformation.

Susan provides energy work and uses her natural intuitive abilities to help you work through limiting beliefs and re-imagine how client’s see themselves in all aspects of life. Susan is here to first see and hear YOU before guiding you on what clothes may be the perfect fit. 

Susan booked the complete custom brand and ShowIt + blog website design package. She later added podcast cover design and this portion of brand expansion.

The Brand Promise:

Susan Padron is a fashion-forward sage and intuitive personal stylist who sets forth to help you break barriers & strengthen the bind between your soul and your wardrobe.

She believes in an approach that dips below the surface and reveals your unique self – building a shopping experience informed only by who you are- not limiting narratives.

Her work with you empowers your expansion, encourages connection, and emboldens you to go forth and ascend to your next goal.

What Susan Had to Say

Stylist branding

Stylist branding isn’t about throwing your name on a business card. It’s about creating a unique brand identity that sets you apart from competitors and speaks directly to your target audience.

As a professional in the beauty industry, you know first hand how important developing your personal style is. It’s a way to express your unique personality and identity through your clothing. In essence, finding your personal style helps you communicate who you are to others.

The same idea applies when it comes to building a strong brand for your stylist business. Whether you’re a beauty salon owner or a stylist offering virtual services, your branding is who you are as a stylist, distilled into colors, patterns, logos, and other visual assets.

In the beauty industry, trends come and go, but building an authentic brand that truly expresses who you are helps you attract new clients and cultivate a loyal following.

Logo for Intuitive Stylist
Susan Padron Website Design

Why is it important for personal stylists to have a Brand?

As a personal stylist, your focus is on helping people create a strong personal brand through the way they dress. It helps your clients feel more confident and express their personality better.

This, in turn, helps them reach their goals, whether that’s rocking a job interview or growing their social media accounts.

How does this relate to the branding for your business, you ask? Well, the same mechanism applies.

Your personal stylist business also needs to have a strong brand that reflects who you are. Your branding helps you visually express your mission and brand values and build an emotional connection with your target audience.

A strong brand also helps you stand out from other stylists, communicating your expertise, aesthetic vision, and unique approach to your potential clients. Creating your brand identity is a lot like developing your personal style but for your business!

The Branding Process for Personal Stylists

How the uplevel begins

Creating a strong brand identity requires more than picking a few pretty colors and matching them with nice fonts.

Your branding needs to be strategically fueled by creativity and authenticity. In addition to uncovering your personality, it also needs to be backed by psychology and resonate with your potential clients. Every piece of your stylist branding, from graphics to logo, needs to have an intention behind it.

Here are the steps to unearth your stylist branding and start attracting new clients like a magnet. They include defining your brand identity, designing your visual brand guidelines, and sending your brand out into the world.

step 1

Defining Your Brand Identity

If your business is targeting everyone, then you’re actually targeting no one. To build a successful brand, you need to have a specific clientele in mind that you’re trying to attract.

Some personal stylists may lean more general (ex: personal stylist for women) while others pick a very specific niche (ex: postpartum moms). Whether you’re a generalist or have an ultra-specific niche, you need to have a target client that you’re trying to engage.

When we work with our clients, we help them develop a clear understanding of who their target audience is and what their pains, desires, and possible objections to investing in your service area.

It’s important to go beyond simple demographics and surface-level identity markets. What keeps them up at night? What do they want more than anything? You have to study your audience’s brains to create a strong brand identity.

Then, it’s time to blend what you now know about your target clientele with what you want to say about your brand and how you want to distinguish it from the competition.

Developing your brand identity is all about combining different pieces of your business vision, personality, and goals into one cohesive narrative.

step 2

Designing Your Visual Brand Guidelines

Designing your visual brand guidelines helps you create consistency and professionalism across all aspects of your business’s visual identity.

Your logo design is the cornerstone of your brand and it should represent your unique style and expertise in a memorable and recognizable way. Your typography choices set the brand voice and personality of your brand, whether it’s sleek and modern or playful and edgy.

Selecting a cohesive color palette directs the general mood and evokes emotions. Did you know colors can help improve brand recognition by up to 80%? Incorporating elements like textures, patterns, and icons adds depth and visual interest to your brand materials.

step 3

Sending Your Brand Out Into the Wild

Now that you’ve created a cohesive brand identity that reflects your mission statement and speaks to your clientele, it’s time to share it with the world!

You can leverage your brand identity across various platforms to maximize its reach and impact. Consistent brand presentation across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%!

Start with a professional and visually appealing website that showcases your services, portfolio, and client testimonials. Social media platforms give you an opportunity to engage with a broader audience and build personal connections with potential new clients.

You can also start an email list as well as create offline marketing materials, such as signs, banners, flyers, and business cards. We even created a cute tote for The New York Stylist so she can give clients their selections and be on brand. 

It’s time for your brand to match the value and expertise you bring to clients!

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Personal Stylist Branding
Liz Teich | Personal Stylist
The New York Stylist
Liz Teich | Personal Stylist

Stylist Branding Services You Can Find at Bethany Works


At Bethany Works™, we go beyond creating beautiful branding and websites for personal stylists and beauty industry professionals. We take a deep, holistic look at your business and create visuals that clearly embody your ideas, enhance your vision, and speak to your target audience’s innermost desires.

We care deeply about the impact of your business on the community and people you serve, which is why we don’t just throw a few pretty elements together and hope for the best.

Instead, we use a purposeful strategy backed by psychology to craft a brand presence that’s infused with your mission and values so you can stand apart from competitors and attract clients with confidence.

Strategic design is what defines your brand, and we take it incredibly seriously. This is why Bethany Works™ has been featured in CNBC, VoyagePhoenix, and TEDx.

What Are the Benefits of a Stylist Branding Agency Like Bethany Works?

When you work with Bethany Works™, you’re working with a stylist branding agency that helps you position your business in a way that actually means something to your clientele.

When it comes to growing your stylist business, visuals are more important than ever. Visual aesthetics is quite literally why your clients want to work with you, so your branding needs to match the value you bring to the table.

To create branding that will match your expertise and move your brand forward, you don’t need Canva graphics that look like they could belong to any other professional in your industry.(You will need some social media templates from Canva, and we’ve got you covered there…but they will be custom to YOUR brand) 

You need thoughtful, true-to-you branding that allows you to communicate what you stand for and inspire action. Digging deep to create a successful brand identity is exactly what we’re excellent at.

Our Framework for Brand Strategy and Design

When creating brand identity for personal stylists, we rely on proven psychological frameworks and strategies. Bethany & team forgo the cookie-cutter brand design and instead get to know YOU and YOUR brand to create an unmistakable brand that makes heads turn.

When developing your brand identity, we focus on capturing your ideas, values, vision, and personality and integrating them with what your ideal clients need to see and hear to resonate with your brand voice and presence.

We tirelessly research your target market and uncover what makes them tick layer by layer, forging a brand that makes a difference.

Bethany Works® Is a Website Design & Branding Agency Helping You Unearth Your psychology-backed brand

At Bethany Works™, we start every project fresh. We don’t use templates or the same web development strategies with our clients.

Our signature approach is not something you can learn on YouTube, take a course on, or replicate. It’s a mix of art and strategy, backed by human psychology and 10+ years of experience in the creative industry.

The truth is that if your stylist branding doesn’t match your purpose, value, and expertise, you’re leaving money and impact on the table.

Ready to make your brand unmistakable?


I’ve got you. Here are answers to a few common questions:

Hiring a designer to create a brand identity for your stylist business is an important and long-term investment. When developed with intention and strategy, brand design is something that will serve you for years before you need to think about updating it.

In contrast, using templates or throwing random graphic elements together will most likely mean that you’ll need to make frequent updates to your brand identity and it will be incohesive.

My prices start at $3,800 for personal brands and go up to $30,000+ packages for businesses with robust branding needs. There are many packages and services available in between. The best way to get your quote is to learn more about my services and get in touch.

At Bethany Works™, each client project is completely custom. How long the process takes depends on various factors, such as your package, whether we’re creating just your brand identity or your personal stylist website as well, how long market research & getting to know you takes, and more.

On average, you can expect your stylist brand design to take 4 to 6 weeks from start to finish.

We offer some design packages that focus entirely on branding and some design packages that include website design. It depends on your preferences.

If you’re interested in seeing what we’ve been able to create for our clients, check out the projects we’ve done for 7-figure coaches, florists, and educational brands.

To effectively brand yourself as a personal stylist, you need to blend your vision for your business with psychology-backed branding strategies and a deep understanding of your target audience.

Your brand is an intricate story that needs to be unfolded, and Bethany Works™ is here to help you build a legacy brand.