Client: Susan Padron

Susan Padron offers more than a style strategy and a shopping list- she isn’t here to add to her client’s plate or take from their already depleted cup. Her work is here to offer healing and inner transformation that facilitates the outer transformation. Susan provides energy work and uses her natural intuitive abilities to help you work through limiting beliefs and re-imagine how client’s see themselves in all aspects of life. Susan is here to first see and hear YOU before guiding you on what clothes may be the perfect fit. 

Susan booked the complete custom brand and ShowIt + blog website design package. She later added on podcast cover design and this portion of brand expansion.

The Promise:

Susan Padron is a fashion-forward sage and intuitive personal stylist who sets forth to help you break barriers & strengthen the bind between your soul and your wardrobe. She believes in an approach that dips below the surface and reveals your unique self – building a shopping experience informed only by who you are- not limiting narratives. Her work with you empowers your expansion, encourages connection, and emboldens you to go forth and ascend to your next goal.

What Susan Had to Say