Client: Becoming Iconic

Jen Szpigiel booked the custom brand design package. She was finally ready to have a timeless brand that embodied her success as a seven-figure plus coach and the value she provides to her clients and students. Below is just a peek at the project. 

Jen is a 7+ figure global lifestyle & biz brand. Named top life and business coach and owner of 100k+ BI podcast. 

The Promise:

Jen lives for her mission to support others in creating ultimate fulfillment, joy and confidence within their lives. She offers the ingredients and expertise to help women elevate their life and become legendary leaders. 

What Jen Had to Say

Editorial Work

Here is a sampling of some of my favorite issues I created while working as Becoming Iconic’s creative director.

Social Media Brand



Her Growth Story

My client Jen at Becoming Iconic set a solid foundation for her coaching business in 2022. Iit was elegant and timeless as you can see above. We then we built  out her editorial segment of her business- the magazine which I was in charge of designing each month. A few months later I also started doing all of her social graphics. As we did all of this work together her brand continued to expand rapidly-which is exactly what I want for all of my clients. 

As she continued this expansion she added on a new business- a brand agency- which I partnered with initially – adding on to my role as her creative director.  And her growth just continued moving straight up! Incredible right? All the way to the point where she was able to bring on full time employees and she needed to start bringing things in house. This is where we naturally  dissolved our partnership and my role as creative director.

To re-cap since we built her first branding she:

  1. Massively grew 
  2. Added on a brand new business – the agency 
  3. Began to bring things in house due to expansion 

Because of this she did a rebrand in 2023 with her in house team.And in this case, a rebrand makes perfect sense. Plus Jen operates from a place of integrity always and it was important as she added on an agency that the brand was also created in house. It’s why I don’t create full brands for other agencies  in my business because it would be feel like a misrepresentation since they are selling a similar or same service. So delighted for her growth story and our time together.