Client: Hitched AF

Jennifer Benson is the founder of Hitched AF – a wedding + elopement planning service located in Denver Colorado. Hitched AF was born out of Jennifer Benson, the CEO’s first hand experience of feeling boxed into the traditional wedding formula. The brand’s mission is to help couples navigate the wedding industry without feeling pressured to conform, ensuring their celebration is a true reflection of their unique love story. From full-service wedding planning to pop-up wedding chapels, Hitched AF provides a range of services tailored to couples looking to celebrate a little bit differently. 

Jennifer booked the complete brand design package. 

The Brand Promise:

At Hitched AF, we believe that every love story deserves a celebration – one that truly captures its boundless and unrepeatable nature. We’re committed to breaking the mold of traditional weddings, ensuring that each event shines with the personalities of the couple at its heart. With a focus on authenticity, inclusivity, and fun, we promise to craft memorable moments that stand out, resonate deeply, and bring pure joy to all involved.

Three of Hitched AF's brand guide pages showing the details of the brand.
Three internal brand guide pages showing the inner details of the strategy behind a wedding planner logo.

What Jennifer Had to Say

A tablet showcasing a wedding planning website with the text 'Weddings should be fun' over an image of a couple's feet.
A brand identity graphic for HitchedAF with the slogan 'Weddings should be fun' over a blurred disco ball.
A close-up image focusing on a couple clinking glasses with the text 'Weddings should be fun' overlaid.
A vibrant branding image with an orange heart and two stylized doves.
A playful and colorful promotional image for Pop-Up Chapels by HitchedAF, featuring a smiling couple in front of a floral background.
A creative assortment of HitchedAF branding elements displayed in a grid.