Boutique Branding

Client: STIL / Beauty & Boutique

Bev Pesony, the founder and CEO of STIL Beauty & Boutique, located in Saskatchewan, Canada, booked the custom brand design package. She also requested three essential packaging designs for her tags, bags, and upcoming Tanning line.

We crafted her brand with a focus on the edgy, everyday woman who wants to look and feel her best—regardless of age. Below is just a peek at the project. Click on the button below to review her Instagram and the brand in action.

Goals as a Brand:

+ Build a space where people can feel more than welcome, they feel invited to have fun and be themselves.

+ Cultivate a brand that is here to help people be the best versions of themselves- which can often start with just the right outfit combo.

+ Continually expand your brand by being the trusted friend who knows just which direction to point you in.

The Brand Promise:

We deliver everyday beauty & style through engaging service, quality products, and welcoming environments. We are driven by the good & gorgeous, powered by helping women be their most radiant selves.

What They Had to Say

Boutique design branding

Boutique branding may not have been at the forefront of your mind when starting a boutique, but it’s an essential part of your business. Growing a boutique business means more than choosing the right clothing or beauty products to sell.

Here’s the problem.

Your potential customers don’t automatically know who your boutique serves or what makes you stand out. You could easily get swallowed up in the sea of other boutiques. With one boutique after another, how do you differentiate? Especially with so many also having online stores in addition to brick and mortar.

You might think it’s easy to create branding; you own the boutique, right? You know what makes it special and personally choose the clothing and other products it sells. Shouldn’t they speak for themselves?

They actually don’t, so you need a psychology-backed branding strategy.

Many boutique owners struggle to create a boutique brand foundation because they don’t know what their audience needs to hear. And they don’t know how to interpret that into visuals. 

It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of other established brands simply because you don’t know how to catch your audience’s attention or you aren’t focusing on the psychology behind your business.

Finding your brand position and where you fit in with your audience is essential. Effective branding means determining what pain points you solve for your customer base and showing them in a way that makes them unable to say no!


Why is it important for boutiques to have a Brand?

Boutique branding is a vital part of any marketing strategy. Whether you have a brick-and-mortar store or only operate online, you have an audience in mind that you want to serve.

You may not even realize who your target audience is until you get into the minute details of what makes your business tick.

A boutique brand revolves around the audience you serve but must also match your style. When your audience runs into you, they should know exactly what you offer and what they can expect from your brand.

A boutique brand should evoke an emotion when they visit your website, social media platforms, or any other form of marketing.

Branding your boutique means more than creating a website or designing a logo. It means a seamless customer experience that speaks volumes to your audience, encouraging them to choose you over competing boutiques.

The Branding Process for Boutiques

How the uplevel begins

You know what it’s like to make people feel beautiful, but what about your own brand? If your boutique business doesn’t embody the feelings you try to invoke in your clients, how do you pass along that message?

The idea is to create a space where your target audience feels comfortable and fully understands what to expect when doing business with you.

Let’s dive into the most important steps in the boutique branding process.

step 1

Defining Your Brand Identity

Your brand identity is where all marketing efforts should begin. Your brand identity is your niche, target audience, and what sets you apart from the competition. Any store can say they are a boutique, but what is the draw that makes yours special?

At Bethany Works™, we get into the fine details of your brand. You are so much more than a boutique, and that’s what we explore. We’ll look at your mission, values, and beliefs.

This gives us insight into the psychology behind your business and a branding goal when determining how to create your brand so your audience relates to it.

There are thousands of boutique brands online today, so you must determine what sets you apart from the competition and how to portray that to your audience.

step 2

Designing Your Visual Brand Guidelines

After determining your boutique business brand identity, your visual brand must portray the psychology behind your business. You can’t throw together a plug-and-play website and assume you’ll stand out from the competition.

Boutique branding should be just as unique as the product choices you sell but be relatable for your audience. Your visual cues will invoke feelings in your audience that make them act one way or another, either diving in to see your product selection or going to a competitor.

Your visual brand must include guidelines for all visual aspects of your brand, including color schemes, typography, images, and textures.

You need a cohesive appearance that brings your vision to life and ensures your audience instantly connects with your brand and its identity. Your visual marketing efforts should portray the feelings you want to invoke in your audience.

step 3

Sending Your Brand Out Into the Wild

Now that you’ve discovered your brand identity and created the visual guidelines to create brand assets that speak volumes about your boutique, it’s time to send your brand into the world.

This means that any time your audience encounters your boutique branding, it should be cohesive. Whether your potential clients are looking at your packaging or your website, there should be no question that they are from the same boutique brand.

Boutique branding must extend into your social media platforms, email marketing, logo design,hang tages, signs, and even boutique flyer design. The connection must be evident and well thought out.

Need more inspiration?


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Boutique Branding Services You Can Find at Bethany Works


At Bethany Works™, we do so much more than boutique website design. In fact, that’s not even where we start. Our team first gets to know your boutique brand and its impact on your target audience and the community.

That’s where the magic starts!

When we know the psychology, beliefs, and mission behind your business, we can build a profound brand that your audience cannot ignore.

Once we have your brand identity figured out, everything else falls into place. But don’t worry; we never create cookie-cutter websites you’ll find at every other boutique.

When your customers visit your website, which was created by Bethany Works™, they’ll have a completely different experience and the confidence that they are in the right place.

Our branding agency offers a holistic view of not only what goes on behind the scenes, but we also get to intimately know your audience so your brand showcases the void you can fill.

Your audience will feel like your brand was created for them and will convince customers you are the boutique brand they need.

Your boutique branding will tell a story, ensuring customers you can solve their pain points while ensuring a responsive design with plenty of calls to action.

What Are the Benefits of a Boutique Branding Agency Like Bethany Works?

Working with a boutique branding agency like Bethany Works™ ensures you stand out from the crowd. Your brand will check all the boxes, including fulfilling your audience’s needs and wants while showing why you are different from the competitors.

What we don’t do is throw together a website, putting your branding last. Your website comes AFTER we create your brand, and your branding is a compilation of what you’ve already created. Plus what we discover about your business that you may never have thought of sharing with your audience.

With a boutique branding agency with proven results, you get to see firsthand the work we’ve done with other boutiques, but that’s not what you’ll get.

We won’t copy and paste what we’ve already done. Every work is a fresh start, a unique work of art that we collaboratively get to share with the world, helping you with logo design to website design and everything in between.

Our Framework for Brand Strategy and Design

At Bethany Works™, we have a much different view on branding agencies and how they should work. We want to showcase your brand and the difference it can make in the lives of your target audience.

Other branding agencies focus on making the sale (Ew, David!), but we feel like a partnership comes naturally when you’re authentic and align on values.

Our responsive design focuses on your brand’s mission and values because even two boutiques that sell the same items have different stances. When your brand exudes what makes your company thrive, your audience can better connect with you.

So, we start with an in-depth connection call about your company and work our way up from there. There’s no cutting and pasting, copying, or mimicking another brand because they are successful.

When you work with our brand designers, you get a result that is uniquely yours and yours alone.

Bethany Works® Is a Website Design & Branding Agency Helping You Unearth Your psychology-backed brand

At Bethany Works™, we believe that all brands are incredibly unique. We already know your boutique uses careful product selection, but what we want to know is the how and why. This is what makes your brand different from the rest.

We use a psychology-backed approach for your website design, allowing it to speak for itself. Your customers understand your mission and feel like your website and company were created just for them because we focus on marketing the business behind the brand.

You won’t have to worry about anyone else having the same type of website or digital experience. Your brand will embody your expertise and show your audience how you can make them feel confident and happy with their clothing and accessory choices from your boutique.

Are you ready to show the world why your boutique is their next favorite stop for shopping?


I’ve got you. Here are answers to a few common questions:

Boutique branding is an investment in your business. It’s your business’s personality, and it will help you stand out from the crowd.

We’re fully transparent about the costs of our branding package, which you can find on our website. Prices for personal brands start at $3,800 and go up to $34,997.99.

Branding is a process that doesn’t happen overnight. At Bethany Works™, we take our time getting to know your boutique brand, what makes it tick, your beliefs, and anything else that may set it apart from the others.

We don’t focus on the clothing or one aspect of your business. We look holistically at your business and then create the brand. No two branding processes take the same amount of time.

We offer branding packages and branding/web design packages. Branding packages include everything to create a cohesive brand, including color palettes, mood boards, font pairings, brand patterns, and logos.

We can also create a responsive and SEO-friendly website to complement your branding, depending on your chosen package.