Client: STIL / Beauty & Boutique

Bev Pesony, the founder and CEO of STIL Beauty & Boutique, located in Saskatchewan Canada, booked the custom brand design package. She also requested three essential packaging designs for her tags, bags, and upcoming Tanning line. I crafted her brand with a focus on the edgy, everyday woman, who wants to look and feel her best everyday -regardless of age. Below is just a peek at the project. Click on the button below to review her Instagram and the brand in action.

Goals as a Brand:

+ Build a space where people can feel more than welcome, they feel invited to have fun and be themselves.

+ Cultivate a brand that is here to help people be the best versions of themselves- which can often start with just the right outfit combo.

+ Continually expand your brand by being the trusted friend who knows just which direction to point you in.

The Promise:

We deliver everyday beauty & style through engaging service, quality products, and welcoming environments. We are driven by the good & gorgeous, powered by helping women be their most radiant selves.

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