Branding For Wedding Planners

Client - Hitched AF

Jennifer Benson is the founder of Hitched AF – a wedding + elopement planning service located in Denver Colorado. Hitched AF was born out of Jennifer’s first hand experience of feeling boxed into the traditional wedding formula (and she wanted to break out!). The brand’s mission is to help couples navigate the wedding industry without feeling pressured to conform, ensuring their celebration is a true reflection of their unique love story. From full-service wedding planning to pop-up wedding chapels, Hitched AF provides a range of services tailored to couples looking to celebrate a little bit differently, but with a TON of fun.

Jennifer booked the complete brand design package.

The Brand Promise:

At Hitched AF, we believe that every love story deserves a celebration – one that truly captures its boundless and unrepeatable nature. We’re committed to breaking the mold of traditional weddings, ensuring that each event shines with the personalities of the couple at its heart.
With a focus on authenticity, inclusivity, and fun, we promise to craft memorable moments that stand out, resonate deeply, and bring pure joy to all involved.

Three of Hitched AF's brand guide pages showing the details of the brand.
Three internal brand guide pages showing the inner details of the strategy behind a wedding planner logo.

What Jennifer Had to Say

A tablet showcasing a wedding planning website with the text 'Weddings should be fun' over an image of a couple's feet.
A brand identity graphic for HitchedAF with the slogan 'Weddings should be fun' over a blurred disco ball.
A close-up image focusing on a couple clinking glasses with the text 'Weddings should be fun' overlaid.

Branding for wedding planners

Branding for wedding planners should tell a love story, just like the couples they witness get married. Create your strong brand identity and get your wedding planning business noticed!

Wedding planning services are highly coveted by couples looking to craft their special day. Couples look closely at a wedding planner’s values and vibe to decide if they can provide what they envision before even reaching out.

Having a brand personality that tells a story and shows your potential clients what you can create for their special day will help couples determine they NEED your services.

No two event planners are alike! So, it’s time to infuse your story into your business and share this with your ideal clients through your brand and website, as well as showcasing the amazing skills you have to help them celebrate the most special day.

A tablet showcasing a wedding planning website with the text 'Weddings should be fun' over an image of a couple's feet.
A creative assortment of HitchedAF branding elements displayed in a grid.

Why is it important for wedding planners to have a Brand?

You might initially think wedding clients are a dime a dozen, so branding can’t be all that important…

But here’s the truth.

Yes, you can find an event planner on every corner, BUT you cannot find event planners that do exactly what you do. Even if you plan the same style of weddings as other wedding planning businesses, you have a unique flair and story that your brand MUST tell. (Plus, it’s part of what we do in helping you determine your differentiator).

So, how do you showcase this brand story (what makes you different) exactly?

It’s all in how you present yourself. Your aesthetics and marketing materials portray your voice. This includes your website design, social media posts, signage, color palette, mood board, and even fonts. Yep, couples look at EVERYTHING.

If you’re ready to set the stage to show clients what you can do for their big day, it’s time to start the branding process first. That way, you speak directly to your people and show them why you stand out.

The Process For Wedding Planners

How the uplevel begins

It’s no secret that a couple’s wedding day is one of the most important days of their lives. So they need to SEE that they can trust you, not just because you TOLD them they could.

Potential clients learn to trust your wedding planning business by looking at your brand assets and marketing materials. They may first fall in love with the color palette you chose or the words you use. But then they’ll dig deeper into who you are, how you speak, and the work you do.

Your brand voice should showcase your thoughts and beliefs; that’s why we call our work psychology-backed branding. We show your audience what you stand for through every piece of your branding.

Let’s dive into the process a bit further.

step 1

Defining Your Brand Identity

No two couples have the same wedding ideas. So, it’s your job to determine who your ideal clients are and how you can help them. Describe your dream clients in detail – the type of day they want and the wedding planning services you offer to help them achieve those dreams.

These are the clients you serve the best, the ones who will seek you out when they see the amazing services you provide.

You can’t market to every couple thinking about getting married. Narrow your vision and focus on the new clients that long for the types of wedding planning services you offer. 

How do they speak? What are their interests? What are their demographics?

When we work with clients, we help them give their ‘perfect clients’ a face, personality, and dreams. Next, we decipher their clients’ pain points and how they solve them.

Getting to know your target market better than they know themselves is just the start of creating a wedding planning business with breathtaking stories to share with future couples. Because you’ll find prospective clients who NEED your services, you’ll fit each other like a glove.

Getting to know your brand identity ensures you can leave a lasting impression, ensuring your ideal client doesn’t even pause to consider passing up on your services.

step 2

Designing Your Visual Brand Guidelines

Do a quick Google search on wedding planning services, and you’ll see each one has a visual brand. This means they’ve chosen a color palette, images, typography, textures, patterns, and logo design. It all ties together.

When you create your visual identity, you want it to speak unspoken words about you. When planning weddings, you want your audience to know what you see and feel. Your ideal client should know from your various touch points what you offer and whether you’d be a good fit for them.

step 3

Sending Your Brand Out Into the Wild

You’ve created your brand; now what?

This is where the true magic happens. Your potential clients will now see what you offer the world. Wedding planners need a website, social media pages, signs, interior decor, and marketing materials. And every piece of it should reflect your brand voice.

It means creating a cohesive front for your business that tells everyone who you are and what your specialty is. It means creating logos and color schemes that are recognized everywhere, even without words.

No matter where your target market interacts with you, they should have the same cohesive experience across platforms and when they speak to you in person.

Sending your brand out into the wild means taking the psychology of your brand and bringing it to life in all elements of your business.

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Branding Services For Wedding Planners You Can Find at Bethany Works


At Bethany Works®, working with wedding planners is our pride and joy. You help couples capture their love story, and we help the wedding planning business create theirs.

We help your brand come to life for your target market on every level, from your website to your social media pages and everywhere in between.

Our brand design services are more than creating a website or designing a flyer. We create an ENTIRE BRAND that you can then use on your websites, podcasts, social media posts, emails, and more!

What you put on each item tells a story, and we ENSURE it’s the same story no matter where your audience looks.

In our connection call, we will learn everything about your business—what types of couples you serve, what types of wedding planning services you offer, and, more importantly, what makes you tick.

We use this to create your brand. We may come up with brand colors and other design elements that you would never have dreamt of because you were focused on what everyone else in the industry is doing. But that’s not what sells or what makes you stand out.

Why try to look like everyone else when you can be DIFFERENT?

We use psychology-backed branding because it works. It helps you tell potential customers your love story and why you are so passionate about helping them.

What Are the Benefits of a Wedding Planner Branding Agency Like Bethany Works?

Wedding planning isn’t for the faint of heart! Your clients’ whole hearts are in your hands, so our team at Bethany Works™ takes this very seriously.

You need a branding agency that looks at your brand as a whole. Forget the days of piecemeal websites that make you look like every other wedding planning business. You want a brand that speaks YOUR VOICE and tells YOUR STORY.

At Bethany Works™, we leave no detail untouched. Your brand is YOUR BRAND and no one else’s. You won’t find recycled ideas, plug-and-play websites, or missed details.

When you work with us, you get a brand designer who starts from the inside and works their way out. We get to know your business as intricately as you do, and we will even pull details out of it that you didn’t realize mattered before.

If you’re looking for a show-stopping brand that will stop your audience in their tracks and say, ‘I NEED THAT,’ you need Bethany Works™.

Our Framework for Brand Strategy and Design

You create beautiful days, and we create beautiful brands that show the world what you do. You bring a couple’s vision to life, and we do the same with your branding.

We make it so prospective couples connect with your brand emotionally, realizing that you can create the beautiful day they’ve envisioned.

But how do we do this?

We get to know what makes you tick. Why do you do what you do? What makes you so special to your clients? This isn’t anything you can copy from anyone else, learn to do on your own, or even try to scratch the surface.

Our psychology-backed branding brings your brand to life, making you look worlds different than anyone else in the industry. Our goal is to get your audience knocking down your doors and competing with one another to be your next client because of the personality behind your brand.

Bethany Works® Is a Website Design & Branding Agency Helping You Unearth Your psychology-backed brand

Planning weddings means building trust in your audience first, and that’s what Bethany Works® helps you do. Your branding instantly tells your audience a story and shows them, sometimes even without words, why they can trust every move you make regarding their special day.

We create your website with the psychology behind your brand in mind. Of course, there are market trends and important research points, but a big part of it is what goes on behind the scenes, which we bring to life on your website.

We create a visual identity that tells your audience why you are different and why you’re the perfect fit.

If you’re ready to be THAT brand, let’s chat.


I’ve got you. Here are answers to a few common questions:

Putting a number on your company’s branding is hard but necessary. We get it, but remember, it’s a valuable investment in your business.

We are fully transparent with my branding costs. You can see all of our packages right on the website; branding packages start at $3,800 (for personal brands) and go up to $34,997.99.

The branding process isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. Because we don’t copy and paste or reuse any branding materials, each process takes a unique amount of time but can average 4 to 6 weeks.

We offer various packages, including those that are strictly for branding and those that also include website design.

Because we encourage a cohesive tie between all moving parts of your business, letting us design your website helps you attract clients from all touchpoints. It also takes the psychology of your brand and brings it to life in all elements of your business.