Client: Paulette Perhach

Paulette Perhach booked the custom brand design package. She was unique in that she needed a personal brandmark and two marks for her stand-out coaching programs. Her vibe was not to be like other writer brands with images of perfect desks, and hands posed with pencil or keyboard. Instead, her brand shows the hot mess that builds powerful words.  Below is just a peek at the project. 

Paulette Perhach is an author, writer, and coach. Her work has been published in Vox, New York Times, and more.  Now she coaches other writers on how to build a career and life around writing, even when that means both Champagne and Ramen moments.

The Promise:

I am dedicated to my writing career and writing life, striving to improve and grow, while helping you develop the systems to give power to your work and your wallet. 

What Paulette Had to Say

Woman holding 3 books on her head with text about it that reads "Your Personal Editor"
Three women smiling and dancing with a green, circle logo over the image that reads "Powerhouse Writers. Paulette Perhach"