Client: SpiritEd Adventures

Debbie Heurion is the founder and owner of  SpiritEd Adventures- an intuitive education hub for humans and horses located in Vancouver Washington. She booked the complete brand and website packages with creative director support add-on. This meant we came out to her ranch and directed her photoshoot with our brand photographer. Her site is built on WordPress. 

The Promise:

We believe that everyone deserves to have the time, energy, and money spent on horses to bring joy and fulfillment. Being an Equestrian was supposed to be fun and somehow between a bad fall, scary encounter, or difficult horse behaviors it became draining and carried a heavy emotional weight that was the opposite of an uplifting experience. We work together to help you heal that through honoring your Self first, and then building on your own intuitive and tactile skills to honor your horse(s)- both in and out of the saddle. 

What Debbie Had to Say

Golden hour over a serene meadow with the 'Spirited Adventures' logo overlaying a picturesque scene of tall trees and a setting sun.
A web page design featuring 'Spirited Adventures' with images of a close-up of a horse's hooves, a woman and horse at sunset, and horseback riding through a field.
A woman in a sunhat and lace shawl standing in a wildflower field at sunset, with the 'Spirited Adventures' logo and text 'Intuitive Education for Horses and Humans' above her.
Mobile screens showing the 'Spirited Adventures' website with a banner for 'Intuitive Education For Horses & Humans' and images of horse training.
A stylish tote bag in mustard color with the 'Spirited Adventures' logo patterned all over, showcasing brand identity.
'Spirited Adventures' website on a mobile device and laptop, highlighting workshops, with a background of a horse silhouette at dusk.