Client: dp Design Studio+

Dianne P, the founder and CEO of dp Design Studio+, located in London Ontario Canada, booked the custom brand design package. I crafted her brand with a focus on the Visionary and Ruler archetypes and her mission being a luxury interior designer that focuses on integrity and experience. She came back to me later to book her custom website design project with ShowIt development that will commence in early 2023. You can take a peek at her brand build below for right now.

Who They Serve: 

dp Design Studio+ works with successful and sophisticated professionals that are constantly juggling their responsibility at work and at home, making time precious for them. When looking for an interior designer they first want to make a true connection with someone who holds integrity as a personal core value so they can collaborate with ease and feel comfortable passing off their vision for space and place, knowing they do not have to manage the project for find time to organize the mundane details.

The Promise: 

dp Design Studio+ was born out of passion. It’s ignited when we get to create spaces for engaged professionals in a tailored, intimate way that provides assurance and leadership while exceeding what’s expected. We believe your vision for your place is in the realm of possibility —we believe your haven is waiting— and we are standing by to craft it for you, with meticulous attention to detail.

Inspired by high-end customer experiences, we take that luxury reserved for the elite and offer it to each client who chooses us. Luxury experiences do not always translate to a luxury design you feel as if you can’t be at home in. Instead, it is the opposite, as our bespoke design practices are founded on the partnership of both stunning and skillful design that’s curated for your lifestyle. You deserve a place that invites in more memories and more experiences – because that is truly worth investing in.

What Dianne Had to Say