Client: Revival Beauty Tools

Noel Walker is the founder of Revival Beauty Tools. Their mission is to empower you to feel beautiful, powerful, and revived, every single day. Whether you’re navigating the challenges of motherhood, running a business, or simply taking some much-needed ‘me time,’ our carefully curated and Noel-tested beauty tools are designed to make your makeup routine a transformative experience- not a tiring one. 

Noel booked the complete brand and web design package with add-on for packaging design support and creative direction support for her brand photoshoot. Her site is built with Shopify.

The Promise:

We believe that every woman deserves to feel radiant, confident, and spiritually whole, every single day. Our promise is to deliver luxurious, high-performance beauty tools that not only perfect your look but also elevate your soul. With REVIVAL, you’re not just choosing a beauty tool; you’re investing in a ritual that celebrates and uplifts your authentic self.

What Noel Had to Say

Screenshot of a satisfied customer review for a home page design, with the customer exclaiming 'Omg!! It is PERFECT!!! Thank you!'
Image of Revival Beauty Tools by Noel Walker, showcasing a woman holding a makeup sponge and a brush, with the brand's logo prominently displayed.
Elegant packaging design for Revival Beauty Tools, featuring a patterned red and pink box for a 'Blended Radiance' product.
A stylish promotional portrait for Revival Beauty Tools by Noel Walker, with a woman in a vibrant pink jacket adorned with pearls.