Client: Summer Hughes Photo + Film

Welcome to Summer Hughes Photo + Film, where every frame narrates a story—creating impactful visual brands. Born out of a lifelong passion for capturing the essence of the world through a lens, Summer’s studio specializes in brand photography and videography that infuses soulful storytelling into the work, aiming to help brands build trusted connections with their people—starting with the first impression. Summer booked the complete brand and website design package. Her website is designed on WordPress.

The Client Promise:

At the heart of what I do at Summer Hughes Photo + Film lies a steadfast promise to you: to capture the essence of your journey with authenticity and artistry, crafting visual stories that resonate deeply and last a lifetime. My philosophy intertwines with a belief in the transformative power of visual storytelling, where I dedicate myself to illuminating the unique strengths and visions of creative entrepreneurs and business owners like you. Through brand photography and videography, I dive beyond the mere surface, uncovering and celebrating the intricacies and emotions that define both service and product-based businesses. My commitment is to not just document, but to illuminate your story, showcasing the creativity, passion, and heart behind your brand.

What Summer Had to Say:

Summer Hughes Photo and Film logo on airplane window
Summer Hughes Photo and Film over woman standing in front of the wall