How to make a website banner

How to Capture Attention with Your Website Banner

The worst thing you can do on your website banner is say, “Hi! I’m Bethany.” Your customer or client doesn’t need to know you yet, they need to know how you can help them or their growing business. Below I am going to cover some website banner tips to help you craft concise copy that aligns with your brand.

6 Ideas For What You Can Write In Your Website Banner

You have worked incredibly hard on your business and you have reached the point where you are ready to attract the ideal customer to your website. One thing that greatly affects your ability to attract and convert customers and clients is what you place above the fold (or within your website banner).  ‘Above the fold’ simply means the section of your website that is visible to others without having to move the scroll bar….also known as the ‘hero banner’ section.

Note: The images below are all from websites I have designed and helped with copy. 

1. Use the “Yes” Question

A quick copy strategy is using a “yes” question in the website banner.  This immediately asks for customer engagement.   Even if the question is unexpected, visitors will quickly wonder why they haven’t said yes to your product or service before (which is exactly what you want!). 

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2. Describe the Exact Services You Offer

You may choose to summarize your services at the top of the banner. Be direct and to the point in order to attract potential customers. 

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3. State How You Help Solve a Problem

People will scour the web for hours looking for answers to their most common problems. Use your web page banner to provide a solution. You do not need to overcomplicate the matter, just put your solution to a problem. You can always dive deeper into details on other pages of your website.

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4. Use “If You Work With Me… Then” Statements

Writing the end of an  “If You work with Me… then” statement on the website banner answers why the customer should work with you. 

If you work with me, then ‘you will build your confidence’. If you work with me, then you will be able to’ design your own website’. Don’t forget to only include the last portion of the ‘If-then’ statement.  In the example below the brainstorm looked like this: 
• If you work with me, then ‘change is absolutely possible.’

Then you will…uncover the words and strategies that drive your success.

5. Answer What Life or Business Will Be Like After Working With You

This copy strategy gives clients a visual to work with. It is a look into the future of how you can help them reach their full potential. 

This is where brag-worthy businesses are born.

6. Explain How You Are Different

Another copy strategy is to highlight your unique talents. This can be done in many ways, but stating why a customer will always come back to you has been very effective OR as the example below does contradict a limiting belief that is common for your ideal clients.

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Remember to keep it specific. Finding your niche and setting your brand apart from others will ensure that you stand out among competitors.

Website Banner Design Tips

As you continue to perfect your website banner copy, it is important to make your banner visually appealing and not overwhelm the reader with an excess amount of fonts, graphics, and images.
Organizing your banner in a way that will continue to draw the readers eye across your banner and throughout your site will likely keep them on your page for a longer amount of time.

Below are my top website banner design tips.

Keep it Short

When people first arrive at your website the last thing they want to do is read a novel.  Keep your banner short and get to the point. 

Your Button Should Be Purposeful

After figuring out the copy you want to use above the fold in your banner, you will want to consider your first call to action (or button).  By having a button on your website banner, you will give people the opportunity to act quickly. Common options include: 

  • Link to you scheduling platform 
  • Link to an email subscription
  • Link to a Opt-In Form (like my quiz!)
  • Link to a current offer 
  • Link to your services  

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Your Image Should Not Be Distracting

Images should always be used with intention. Find an image that will highlight your product or service and show the personality of your brand. At the same time, this image should not overtake the copy. The copy is what converts and the image is there to support.  

Why Your Website Banner Is Essential To Get Right

Your website banner sits ‘above the fold’ and is one of the most essential components of a website that converts traffic into customers and clients. It’s your first impression and that means it needs to be good.
Taking the time to figure out a website banner that will convey your brand and what services you offer will pay off. 

Need Help With Your Website?

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