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The Vancouver Design Agency that can elevate your brand

Creating a timeless brand is part art, part science. It’s not something everyone can do, but it can transform any business from ordinary to extraordinary when it’s done right.

Working with the best Vancouver design agency can be the most important investment in your business. If you’ve hit a plateau, your business if pivoting, your message is falling flat in your marketing efforts, or any other reason for a re-brand and new website, then it’s time to have a conversation with our creative agency based in Vancouver, Washington. 

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How To Elevate Your Brand With Our Vancouver Design Agency

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Branding, with our Vancouver Design Agency, is one of the ways you can finally stand out from your competitors. And if you’re like most companies, you don’t have the bandwidth or know-how to do it yourself.

We’ll help you create a brand strategy that defines your visual identity and ties in all marketing materials so your brand isn’t just recognizable; it’s desired.

Our Vancouver, Washington-based design agency specializes in creating a brand strategy that not supports your visual identity and ties in all marketing materials so your brand isn’t just recognizable (and stunning); it’s desired.

Our approach to design is holistic and psychology-backed so that your designs are intentional and cohesive across platforms. This means we consider more than the ‘pretty parts’ – but also the strategy that makes those visuals effective like your client’s journey distinct brand language and your website SEO.

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Design Services You Can Find in Vancouver, WA At Our Studio


You know you need a brand that stands out, but how? A website is only the start, and yes, this is one of the most common services you’ll find with creative agencies in Vancouver. But that’s not enough to elevate your brand as a whole

A website should be more than just some content floating in a virtual world. It should be considered, intentional, and speak directly to your people. It should work for your business to represent the value of your service or products and tell your story.  This is done with with more than design services, it’s done by starting with thoughtful brand strategy and considered brand building. We want to show who you are and help your clients and customers be seen so they can easily make the decision to purchase from you.  

at our agency, we consider…

  • What is your voice and style?
  • What is the client’s buying journey? 
  • What makes your company tick? 
  • What is your transformation story? How can we tell that? 
  • What should your visuals communicate? 
  • What’s your mission? 

And that’s just the start.

The right design services will elp you intimately get to know your target audience plus  what they want so you can easily  build the marketing materials that speak volumes. 

This is exactly what you’ll find at Bethany Works, serving Vancouver Washington. The brand and web design services that help you set your brand apart from the rest. You’ll finally have all of the tools to communicate with your your audience clearly, leading to conversions for your company.

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The Importance Of A solid Brand Strategy

A solid brand strategy will set you apart from other businesses, but more importantly it will help you get crystal clear on your marketing message. . It doesn’t matter if you are a one-man show or run a large company. If your brand strategy, branding and website isn’t cohesive and considered – meaning it doesn’t provide your audience with what they want and communicate that effectively with words + visuals, your business won’t succeed.

Today, consumers and businesses want companies that can connect with them personally through 1:1 experiences or even the slightest of personal touches. They want to know what goes on behind the scenes, what you stand for, and how you will help them.

Think about the brands you know and love. You likely pictures their logo, colors, website and/or slogans. Think about the feelings those assets invoke. Suddenly, you feel familiarity or excitement because you know what to expect. You may even feel a sense of loyalty knowing what they can deliver consistently. 

That’s the importance of a solid brand strategy. It’s about building beyond the logo, but crafting the feelings, the loyalty, the excitement for the client or customer – and THEN your logo and colors and ‘the pretty parts’ I talked about embody all of those feelings. 

You want your audience to see your marketing materials and get excited. You want to have casted the vision for them effectively. So they buy. Then you want to deliver, so they buy again. . How you portray your brand will make them want to eat up everything you say and do – on repeat.

What Are the Benefits of a Local Creative Agency in Vancouver Like Bethany Works?

We move beyond the demographics and into the psychographics. We help you uncover theintricacies of what you offer while also knowing the PNW area and being a resident of Vancouver Washington itself. When you work with a branding agency that serves Vancouver specifically, you are guaranteed to work with someone who knows the locals inside and out and can help you build your brand accordingly.

Plus, when you work with our  local agency for branding and website design in Vancouver, you can see our handiwork firsthand, even have me with you as creative director for interior design and/or a brand photoshoot. What better referral can you get than seeing yourwork yourself and deciding if it has the same level of impact you desire for your brand?

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A Few More Examples of Our Work

Honey & Comb Hair 

Located in Vancouver, Honey & Comb booked the complete brand and Showit website package, and we upped their web presence and helped streamline systems.

SpiritEd Adventures

Located in Vancouver, SpiritEd Adventures booked the complete brand and website packages with support ad-ons. We brought their brand to life.

Shift Hypnosis 

Located in Vancouver, Shift Hypnosis Therapy initially booked the complete brand and WordPress website design package. Later we added podcast cover art and landing page design.  

Our Framework for Brand Strategy and Design

At Bethany Works, we implement intentional branding or branding that is psychology-backed. We get behind the scenes and see what really makes your company tick. You won’t find cookie-cutter design services with our Vancouver branding. 

We focus on what will make your audience go crazy for what you have to offer because we know it’s amazing, and it’s our job to show your audience that.

No two services we offer are identical. Every new client starts with a discovery call. This is when we get to know each other, and I can create a robust strategy for you based on what I learned during our time together.

Once you decide to join me on your Vancouver branding journey, we will work together to create a brand that speaks for itself. It will be memorable, get to the heart of your audience, and create an unmistakable visual identity.

Bethany Works Is a Local Vancouver Branding Agency Helping You Unearth Your Psychology-Backed Brand

At Bethany Works, we take a truly custom approach to design, meaning I’ll never force you into a certain design style, aesthetic, preference, or trend. 

Rather, I study how your brand can best connect with other people and then highlight those elements through strategy and psychology-backed visual design.

Because GREAT design? It’s about so much more than cookie-cutter templates and passing fads. It’s about setting your business up for long-term growth, big-picture impact, and lasting legacy. 

are you with me? 


I’ve got you. Here are answers to a few common questions:

Don’t worry; we aren’t one of those branding agencies in Vancouver that hide behind the numbers. If you want to know how much it costs to hire a quality design agency in Vancouver, our website spells it out, plan by plan. 

Overall, it’s an investment (because you’re investing in your business’s growth) of $3,800 to $34,997.99.

Vancouver logo design agencies can work with companies in all verticals, including personal brands. 

In fact, a personal brand is one of the most important company types to brand properly because YOU are the face of your brand. The key is working with a design agency that creates a custom brand strategy that fits your business.

Yes! At Bethany Works, we work with clients worldwide! We know no boundaries and are ready and willing to help businesses of any size and in any location create the branding that will create a successful and powerful company.

Finding the right creative agencies in Vancouver requires looking closely at what they offer. Most importantly, consider their past success. Do they offer a chance to see some of their past work?

Ask for referrals and carefully evaluate their packages. Do they include everything you need to create a robust brand, or do they just offer bits and pieces? 

Determine if they consider the psychology behind your marketing or just slap together a website, logo, and other marketing materials that may look impressive but can’t transform your brand as a more thought-out marketing plan could.

Every Vancouver design agency works differently, but at Bethany Works, here’s what you can expect: 

  • Connect: First, we connect and get to know one another. This is how we start getting to the psychology behind your brand and know what makes your audience tick.
  • Create a plan: Next, we’ll create a customized plan for your company’s needs. You can review the plan and decide if it’s right for you. If so, sign on the dotted line, and we’ll get to work!
  • Collaborate: Throughout the process, we collaborate so you are always on board with what’s happening and our thoughts on the branding, and we can ask you questions to dive even deeper into your brand and its needs.
  • Produce: You get the final product – your brand that speaks volumes transforms your business, and makes everyone who interacts with it feel the vibe you’ve built for your business.