Client: The Dog Intuitive

Amanda Fossum, the founder and CEO of The Dog Intuitive (formally ARFs Dog Resources located in Dawson Creek Canada) booked the custom brand design package and the custom website design package and Squarespace development. I crafted their brand with a focus on the Visionary and Rebel archetypes. Below is just a peek at the project. Click on the button for the live site.

The Mission:

At The Dog Intuitive, we believe that communication is the change needed in order to have a new beginning with your pet. The ways in which we sharpen that communication may be through training approaches and aligned action or it may be through seeking clarity on a spiritual level. The ingredients for a relationship are respect and understanding. Let’s deepen both of those for you and your pet.

The Promise:

The Dog Intuitive was born out of a desire to help all pet owners better understand their pets with the belief that all dogs are good and all new beginnings start with seeing the world from the pet’s point of view. The Dog Intuitive is direct and insightful with the unique ability to connect with your pet on more than one level. Amanda, the CEO, meets pet owners on this plane with two goals -empower dog owners to take aligned action and foster curiosity for those who seek clarity and closure through pet readings.

What Amanda Had to Say (The Renaming Process)

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