Client: Slade Copy House

Haley Slade booked the custom brand design package and the custom website design package with ShowIt development. I crafted their brand with a focus on the Jokester and Caregiver archetypes. Below is just a peek at the project. Click on the button for the live site.

Slade Copy House Will Always:

+ Empower, support, and uplift clients through a supportive client experience, juicy educational content, and more.

+ Meets clients where they are, as they are.

+ Chooses to be humble over pretentious with a focus on setting clients up for impact and confidence.

The Promise:

Slade Copy House is where change-making entrepreneurs, heart-centered healers, creative CEOs, and revolutionary movement makers go to hone in on who they are, how they serve others, and what makes them different so they can make a difference—all in a fun but serious-about-results way.

What Haley Had to Say