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8 Signs You’re Ready for A Rebrand

by bmccamish

A rebrand can be an excellent strategy for increasing your engagement and attracting the right customers to your business. But you need to be sure it’s right for you and not just something you’re considering because you’re bored. (Hey, we all have those moments)

How to Know Your Brand Is Ready for a Refresh

The decision to rebrand is a serious one. Your brand is composed of the perceptions and feelings people have about your business or company. If people are familiar with your brand and you’re established, you wouldn’t want to strip that away. 

Not to mention that rebranding is a process that takes time and money to be done right. You want to hire a designer who can reshape what people already know about you so that you can continue to keep your customers’ trust and confidence while also scaling.

That said, you need to be ready to dive into a rebrand with complete commitment knowing why you’re ready for a rebrand. 

1. Your brand was trendy not timeless

Trendy brands tend to only do well for as long as that trend is around. A trendy brand might not be able to change with you and your business. If you’re looking at your brand identity and thinking it looks ‘dated’ that is a sign you’re ready for a rebrand- preferably one that is timeless and can grow as you grow. I like to tell clients to keep the trends on TikTok (or Insta) and make sure your brand can sustain you for a long period of time. 

2. You have pivoted your business 

If your business recently took a turn in a new direction, this might be a sign you’re ready for a rebrand. Pivots could be a change in the services you offer or a significant rate change. Both of these will affect the way clients interact with your brand and thus you may need new visuals to help clarify your pivot. 

3. Your metrics are declining 

I want you to be careful with this one. While a drop in sales, traffic or clients can be a sign you’re ready for a rebrand it’s important to consider the other factors that could impact these numbers as well. For example, seasonality can play a huge role in business metrics and a lull in your numbers doesn’t always mean you need to rebrand or shift. However, if you have noticed a stagnation for some time despite outside factors it is time to look at your brand. 

4. You’re a little embarrassed by your visuals 

If you’re not proud to hand out your business card or send an email with your signature graphic at the bottom you might be ready for a rebrand. Your visuals, including your logo and website, should be something you love and that your clients love. If you find yourself telling people to ‘only look at my Instagram’ and not your website, then it is definitely time to invest some money into your rebrand and website redesign to ensure you’re keeping your client traffic and not handing it off to another platform. 

5. You moved or expanded 

If you have changed locations or expanded your team it might be time for a rebrand. For example, if you named your business something like “Mel’s Designs” but you’re expanding to an agency or bringing on a team you might be ready to rebrand in order to encompass the team and not just the individual. 

6. You’re unsure about raising your prices 

Raising your rates is a major decision and your brand might be holding you back. If you feel like your business doesn’t ‘look’ as luxurious or high end as the rates you want to charge, then it is time for a rebrand. Your brand says so much about you including the type of client you want to work with. If you want a client with a bigger budget, we can rebrand to help get you one. 

My client Melody was able to immediately book a client for her new higher rates after we rebranded her website. 

“ I hired Bethany to update one of my website pages since it didn’t align with my brand and company. Bethany was quick to implement feedback, asked great questions to understand my needs, and delivered a high-quality website page. Her quick website update ended up helping me land a $2,000 contract. Needless to say, hiring her was a no-brainer. Anyone would be privileged to work with her.” 

-Melody, The Course Consultant

7. You only have one version of your logo (and not much else) 

An incomplete brand doesn’t help you scale your business. I have worked with numerous clients who only have a single logo in the form of a circle, two to three fonts they aren’t sure about, and colors that do not have exact hex codes. This is a recipe for brand chaos, not cohesion.

As much as the visuals are essential, so is the strategy you use to connect with your audience. If having a complete brand with every possible file type so you can launch on your platforms with consistency sounds like the dream, then it’s time for a rebrand. 

8. You do not stand out from your competitors 

A brand should be unmistakable. I think one of the best ways to make sure this happens is by identifying your brand personality to build your brand identity. People need something they can relate to and identifying your unique brand personality can set a solid foundation for your brand to grow because you stand out from your competitors. 

Examples of Incredible Brand Refresh

Below are examples of a few rebrands done for large companies. Each one made the brand modern, but also ensured they were reaching a specific audience. You will also notice how each logo was able to transform and exist within advertisements without losing any of its visual power. 

Source: The Branding Journal
Source: The Verge
Source: The Blog Pandora
Source: The Pandora Blog

You’re ready to rebrand, Now What? 

I would love to work with you. You can review my three brand packages on my services page to find one that works with your budget. If you need some time to save for this investment, then take my free brand quiz, which will help you identify your brand personality.

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