Bethany Works® Is 

The Seattle Web Design Agency creating Magnetic Brands

You built a website and expected your audience to run to you, but all you hear is crickets. It’s frustrating, I know.

But also a tale as old as time. Meaning you’re not alone here. 

You’re an expert, and your products and services are top-notch. But branding your company has nothing to do with either of those things. It’s a whole different area of expertise that requires a strategic combination of language and design that speaks to your audience.

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We are a Washington-based web design agency serving Seattle, and we excel at helping your company reach your clients/customers through your brand as a whole.  We aren’t your run-of-the-mill agency that throws out cookie-cutter websites. Instead, we get to know the heart and story behind your brand first and then amplify it with your audience during your website development.

You get one chance to make a first impression and stand out from your competitors. We know it may feel like an uphill battle filled with obstacles that keep tripping you up, but with a reputable branding agency in Seattle, you can align your brand message, position yourself for your ideal clients/customers, and make sure the search engines (aka Google) know about you.  

How Our Creative Agency Can Bring Your Seattle Brand
to Life

Image of Donchez Law badge mark on a cell phone screen on a shelf

Your brand lives in the minds of your audience. It’s what they think about your company. It’s what they text their friends when they find your product. Luckily, our creative agency can help shape this perception for your Seattle-based business through branding and website design (like we did on the left here for Donchez Law Firm in Seattle Washington) 

With our holistic and strategic approach, we build a brand that attracts with a culmination of everything combined, from the smallest details, like color choices, to the largest, like the customer experience.

Our Seattle brand agency doesn’t do what other Seattle web agencies do. Yes, we utilize strategic planning because that must be a part of every brand, but we dig even further using psychology-backed design to show your audience who you really are during the web designing process.

Why? Because humans buy from humans.  

And that’s what it takes to build an intentional brand that stands the test of time.

As a web design business ourselves, we know it’s essential for your audience to instantly know what your brand is all about. Not only that, but every piece of in-person and digital marketing you share with the world is cohesive and aligned. This removes doubt and instills confidence, trust, and connection with your people

Client love notes

Design Services You Can Find At Our Seattle Brand Agency


You’re likely here because you’re looking for a Seattle web design company, but it’s important you know we do more than create a new website. Because that’s what it takes to see an ROI from your website design investment.

At Bethany Works®, we care about your business and its success. A website thrown together just for the sake of having a website won’t help you reach your goals, nor will it help your community.

At our Seattle design agency, we build your brand. We learn what your business stands for, what you believe in, and how your company, services, and/or products help others. We love a good transformation story, and if you’ve never built yours, then that part of our strategy process will be a treat! 

So yes, we are Seattle web designers, but our primary focus is on your brand design and strategy for more holistic marketing services. Why? Because once we have that pinpointed, the web design is now informed and intentional. 

How do we do this? 

Our Seattle creative agency team first gets to know your target audience. Who are they, and what do they want or need? (We will even add on market research or client interviews if you need). Then, we discover how you fulfill those wants and needs and what you make them fee- because demographics are good to know, byt psychographics are how you sell. 

This is only a portion of the psychology behind your business. It helps us create a web design that tells a story and compels clients to reach out, apply, add to cart, and take action. 

Don’t worry; there’s still plenty of room for responsive design, SEO, and CTAs.  But it’s done in a way that connects with your audience’s feelings AND needs.

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The Reasons You Need A psychology-backed Brand Strategy

If you came here looking for a Seattle web design agency, you may still be unsure if you really want to look at your branding first. But here’s the thing: the branding informs the website design every time. If I picked your favorite colors or what you’ve always used and threw that up with some stock photos and AI-generated copy, it’s highly unlikely that your website design investment will generate a return for your business. 

We start with a brand strategy because it sets you apart from your competitors and creates a solid foundation for your brand to expand. If you’ve struggled with the ‘why we are different’ question, it’s because you didn’t start with brand strategy. Whether you are a small business or a large company, you can stand out from the rest with quality Seattle web design services.

A key pillar in brand strategy is to create a personal connection. Your website should make your audience feel like you made it specifically to speak to them. When they feel connected to you, they are much more likely to spend money on what you offer.

As a whole, we believe in building human-first brands. Business is important, but people deserve to feel seen and heard. And what we have found is when your people feel seen and heard, your business is also seen and heard. Think about how good you feel when someone pays attention to you personally rather than treating you like a number?… Yup, that’s our same thought exactly. 

That’s what psychology-backed branding is and what the best Seattle design agencies, like Bethany Works®, do. You need a Seattle web designer that digs below the surface.

If your website doesn’t speak to your audience, then let’s chat. 

What Are the Benefits of a Seattle Web Design Firm Like Bethany Works?

Working with a web design agency in Seattle is a big decision and investment (notice I didn’t say expense) in your business. But what do you get out of working with Bethany Works®?

First, you can show your audience that you prioritize your clients’ needs. You aren’t just about the money – even though we both know that’s important – you’re also thinking about the humans you serve, your impact, and your legacy. Your competitors likely cannot say the same (unless they’ve worked with us 😉 )

Plus, I’m local!

I was born in Portland, OR, and spent many summers running through the streets of Seattle with groups of friends. It is truly my sister city, and with my client base up there, I still find my way there on the regular.

The PNW is home, with my current base in Vancouver, WA. Plus, I have a connected network of support—from brand photographers to lawyers who can help you and support local Seattle businesses at the same time.

Examples of Our Work | Branding & Web Design Seattle, WA

Ruby Pebble Financial Planning®

Ruby Pebble Financial Planning®, a Seattle-based LGBTQIA+ financial planner, booked the custom brand design with a WordPress website design package. I created their brand focusing on the inclusion of non-traditional ways to achieve financial dreams. It stands apart from its competitors because they don’t follow cookie-cutter retirement and financial independence beliefs, and this is showcased in its brand design. 

Force Art Therapy

Force Art Therapy booked the custom brand design package to help people seeking a healing journey connect with more holistic methods than just talk therapy – like the expression of art. Despite being an artist herself, Victoria Force, the founder and art therapist, felt stuck when it came to creating a logo and holistic brand that spoke to her audience. That’s where we came in, creating a cohesive brand that made her excited to grow and expand her business. Shortly after working together, she was able to secure several speaking positions and CE education opportunities. 

Seattle Bike Attorney

Seattle Bike Attorney, owned and operated by Stacie Bain, is another Seattle-based business we built a brand and website for. Stacie is a cyclist herself, and is soley dedicated to helping  injured bicyclists get the justice they deserve. She booked the complete brand strategy, brand design, and WordPress website design package.

Paulette Perhach

Paulette Perhach is a regularly published writer for the New York Times and an author. As a personal brand, she invested in the custom brand design package. She wanted to stand out from traditional writers and end the stigma that writers are perfectly poised and professional. She also wanted to showcase what success could come from what she deems a ‘hot mess.’ A blend of irreverence and creativity, this branding project was a joy to build for Paulette. 

The Bethany Works® Difference from Other Design Agencies in Seattle

When looking at Seattle creative agencies, I know you have many options. And if you’ve read this far, I want you to know that I so appreciate you! I want to showcase your business and your impact through your website design, especially how you make a difference in your audience’s lives.  

At Bethany Works®, I help businesses in various industries, including stylists, copywriters, attorneys, therapists, and so many more. 

Here’s the thing. I don’t focus on the industry. Instead, I focus on your business and the people behind it. This is a mindful and creative process that should focus on your company’s value and mission.

Here’s what you really need to know.

We don’t use the same strategies for every company. When you book with us, you get your own consultation call that helps us learn about your business. THEN, we create your strategy, not the other way around. 

Getting to know your business is a big part of our jobs and what allows us to make your Seattle web design the best it can be. You’ll walk away with branding and a responsive website that feels like it belongs to you because the design is driven by your voice, brand, and inspiration.

Bethany Works® Is a Seattle Web Design Agency Helping You Create a Website That Speaks to Your People

Bethany Works® is a design agency near Seattle like no other. We focus on brand strategy first, then responsive website design that speaks to your audience. It connects with them, making them feel connected to your business so that the next steps in the process come naturally.

I use a custom approach that you won’t find with most Seattle branding agencies. I’m multifaceted, helping you see the big picture so your website speaks volumes. + I have the BEST team behind me.

Our goal is to have anyone who looks at your website (and brand) understand your company’s mission and value and not feel like they were just approached by the pushiest salesperson at the used car lot. Ew, David. No thanks.

Your brand and website should embody the value you bring to your people and fuel your growth.   It will speak for itself, and your business will grow, intentionally.

are you ready?


I know, it’s a lot. So, here are some common questions.

At Bethany Works®, I’m all about transparency. You’ll find the exact pricing for your desired services on our website. Overall, the investment in your business starts at $3,800 (for personal brands) up to $34,997.99.

I know choosing the best Seattle web design agency is a big decision, but here’s what to consider.

Ask if they do cookie-cutter websites. If they do, look the other way. You want a Seattle web agency that creates and uses your brand in every piece they create for your business.

Always ask for reviews and examples of their previous projects, and pay close attention to how well they get to know you and your business. If you have to look too hard, they aren’t the partner for you.

There isn’t a set timeline for the web design process in Seattle. Each project has a different timeline because every business is different. You’ll get a better idea of how long it might take after our discovery call once I have a chance to get to know your business.

Building a website isn’t enough. You must first build a brand and then create a website. My brand and website packages start at $10,998, and you can see my exact pricing on our services page.

Yes, Bethany Works® considers your search engine optimization needs when building your website. We know you need to check all of the boxes that help it rank at the top of the search results.

Once we focus on your brand and its story, our partner SEO Strategist will handle the technical part of SEO to make your website and Google friends.