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The Portland Web Design Agency That Can elevate Your Brand

Creating your company’s brand foundation isn’t something just anyone can do; even you, the owner or founder of the business, can struggle.

I like to use the wine bottle analogy here. You’re a fine wine on a shelf full of other fine wines. You know how incredible you are (aka your products or services), but you don’t know exactly what to put on your label to make the person walking by choose your business as the solution to their needs. That’s exactly what our brand and web design agency does. We’re experts at making sure the label i.e. your website and brand design speaks to your people

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Brand design services is one of the most important investments you can make in your company, helping you stand out from the competition and come out on top. From brand design to your final step, web design, it’s essential to get right. 

If you’re still trying to configure and design your own brand position and presence from ‘inside the bottle’, then it’s time to let an experienced Portland web design agency help you overcome those obstacles and captivate your people with a rock-solid web design (and brand) that not only the search engines love, but more importantly, so does your target audience.

How To Elevate Your Brand With Our Portland Design Agency

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Branding your business is more than web design or digital marketing. It’s a strategic combination -from color palette to web design and customer journey that makes your brand rise above in a sea of sameness. Our Portland web design agency uses strategic planning and psychology-backed design to craft your visual identity and showcase your brand message so anyone who comes across your brand stops in their tracks and immediately knows what you’re all about.

The secret ingredient? Cohesion and clarity within your brand, from psychology-backed messaging and design to a streamlined website. Design services should ensure all marketing, including in-person and digital marketing, ties together to create that ‘wow factor’, the impact, you want your audience to feel. We work to elevate your brand so it’s cohesive across all touch points and crystal clear in your web design (not to mention stunning). 

Client love notes

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Screenshot of positive client feedback via email

Design Services You Can Find in Portland, Oregon At Our Studio


Our Portland web design agency does more than create websites if I haven’t already mentioned it enough above. But that’s because my team and I care deeply about the impact of your business on your community and the people you serve (and I know you do too!). That’s why I don’t just slap together a technical website and tell you to hope for the best.

Instead, our agency embraces your brand and seeks to help you find brand alignment- which means more than web design. It’s important to me that your brand clearly embodies what you stand for and how you help others without saying too many words. When we begin with your brand strategy and brand design, then your web design can speak for itself because it’s backed by psychology and intention. 

An essential step for our Portland web design team is  getting to know your target audience; their needs, wants and feelings they experience, and how you can validate them, meet their needs and get them to their desire.  Creating web content that begins with your people, and thus is infused into your mission, values, and services or products is what will set you apart from the competition. It’s where we excel; infusing your brand with your story, your why, and your client’s ultimate need/want while never letting the details like responsive design or CTAs slip. 

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The Importance Of A solid Brand Strategy

If you’re stil wondering why we need to start with brand strategy before we jump into branding and web design, let me break it down for you. A solid brand strategy is how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors or even larger businesses! It’s not size that matters; it’s your brand message and brand positioning, which is why you need the best Portland web design services to elevate your brand, starting with brand strategy. 

We believe your branding and website design must connect with your audience personally. They need to feel like you’re reaching out and speaking directly to their hearts (and wallets). 

It doesn’t matter if you are a service or product-based business; putting humans- first means strategically creating your brand in a way that evokes the feelings you want your audience to have when they think of your business. And, that’s what Portland web design services (Bethany Works®) can help you accomplish.

Are you ready to have your people saying ‘I choose you?’ when they land on your website?  Then let’s chat. 

What Are the Benefits of a Portland Branding Agency Like Bethany Works?

Working with our Portland branding agency gives you an approach to your website design and marketing efforts that put your clients first and differentiates your business from your competitors. Not to mention, yours truly is local to you and understands the demographic and psychographics of the area, extending into Vancouver Washington and up North as well. 

We are NOT the web design company that throws together a cookie-cutter website that may drive traffic, but then leads to zero conversions. We aren’t here to start at web design and not consider your brand first. Because I don’t want to only ‘hope for the best’. I want to get to know everything there is to know about your business goals, beliefs, and audience. 

When you work with someone local, we are able to collaborate easily and work with my local partners for items like brand photography. 

I’m a born and raised local: 

I was born in Portland OR and raised in the surrounding areas.  I currently live in Vancouver WA now.  I went to Marylhurst University in Lake Oswego OR for my BFA and then to Concordia University where I graduated with my MAT. I have a soft spot in my heart for the PNW, so even when my husband and I lived in AZ for two years, we still came back here to purchase our home. 

Working with a Portland branding agency also allows you to see firsthand my work and support a local business, while I do everything I can to support yours.  

Examples of Our Work | Graphic Design Portland, Oregon

Rosemere Tavern

Located in Vancouver, right by Portland,  Rosemere Tavern booked the complete brand and WordPress website design package. 

CURA Integrative Health 

CURA Integrative Health, located just below us in California, booked the custom brand design package and the custom website design package with WordPress development, and we crafted their brand with a focus on the Expert and Caregiver archetypes.

Honey and Comb Hair 

Originally located near Portland Oregon in  Vancouver,  Honey and Comb Hair has now relocated to Ridgefield WA. They booked the complete brand and Showit website design package. We added on streamlining their systems and creative direction for their photoshoot. When they decided to move we were able to assist with client retention strategies. 

Our Framework for Brand Strategy and Design

At Bethany Works, we look at your business as more than a business- but a brand that wants to make a difference. We get to know what makes it TICK. We work with various industries and use psychology-backed branding to help you stand out from the crowd.

Website design services shouldn’t be industry-based but instead mindfully created based on a brand’s value and mission. 

Your internet marketing should focus on what your audience wants and needs. It’s our job to help them see how amazing your company is, and we love to do it! 

Here’s the best part.

You won’t find the same web development strategies used with our clients. We start each job fresh with a strategy call that allows us to get to know you and your company’s mission, after you have done some visual homework and market research. 

Getting to know everything that goes on behind the scenes allows me and my team to start a web project that embodies your brand and voice, creating a brand that feels aligned for you and your people.

Bethany Works Is a Local Portland Branding Agency Helping You Unearth Your Psychology-Backed Brand

At Bethany Works, I use an innovative approach for brand design and work to structure your brand message so it’s clear what makes your business different. 

My custom approach ensures every detail chosen for your web design project highlights your company’s mission and values keeping your client/customer top of mind. We want to give your audience a reason to continue to hire you or buy from you – right away. 

My signature psychology-backed visual design is not something you’ll find in search engine marketing courses or something anyone can replicate.

No one will have the same templated design at our agency, because your new website will embody what your business is all about, fueling growth, impact, and a legacy that can’t be repeated.

are you with me? 


I’ve got you. Here are answers to a few common questions:

At Bethany Works, we know you want transparency, and we’re all about it. Our website provides exact prices for each of our plans, but overall, you can expect an investment of $3,800 (for personal brands only) to $34,997.99.

Remember, this is one of the most IMPORTANT investments you’ll make in your business — to create a brand that speaks for your business. 

Website design is more than throwing together a standard website that is mediocre at best.

Branding and web design ensure you have a website that works for you, stands out from the crowd, and tells your audience what they need to know in ways you never thought possible. My brand and website design services start at $10,998.

Web design doesn’t have a timeline.  You can ensure that I capture every necessary detail to incorporate into your web design so you have a website that checks all the boxes, including audience engagement and, of course, high conversion rates.

That said, our brand design packages take about 4 weeks to complete. Then we take a short pause for you to have your brand photos taken and your copywriting completed (with SEO in mind). Once this is complete we dive into website design which takes 4-6 weeks to complete in general.

Short answer is yes, Bethany Works will always consider your SEO needs (and preserving what SEO you may have) when building a website. That said we first focus on brand design, creating websites that speak to your audience, not only a computer. We learn the psychology behind your business and put that into your design to help your digital marketing efforts, helping you create a thriving business.

Then your brand strategy is taken by our partner copywriter and SEO agency to craft the portion of your website that speaks to Google. We implement this SEO on the website when we build it, always keeping in mind your H1, H2s, titles, metas etc.  If you choose, you also have the option of continuing to receive SEO support with our partners after we complete your website design because SEO is a long term marketing strategy. 

When choosing a Portland web design agency, you want someone who gets to know YOUR business and yourself, not someone who promises a ‘clients right now’ with cookie-cutter website  options and no brand strategy. 

Look for honest promises and not those that seem too good to be true because they probably are!

Work with a design agency with a portfolio to share, honest reviews, and someone who takes the time to learn about your business.