Client: DB Course Strategies

Deb is the Founder and CEO of DB Course Strategies. They work one to one with established businesses that are at or over the six-figure mark in revenue. Most often they are service providers, thought leaders, and specialists who desire the freedom and passive income a course could offer them, but worry about muddling their reputation with another course that only gathers dust or worse, fails to deliver results to their audience. She changes all of this for them.

Deb booked the full custom brand and ShowIt website build.

The Promise:

DB Course Strategies is fueled by a desire to serve thought leaders and industry experts in a way that exceeds what’s expected. With over 20 years of experience in crafting curricula for a wide array of industries and Fortune 500 companies, DB’s approach to building courses is one that challenges the status quo and paves the way for your business to continue making a difference. 

DB believes that transformations for your audience can happen through a strategized and curated course, illuminating your expertise and raking in those results. You deserve to expand as a business and breathe. You deserve to find more freedom without sacrificing your brand or reputation. Your course being crafted with proven strategies by an expert who sweats the details and makes big ideas digestible is the start – let’s begin.

What Deb Had to Say