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Tips for Naming Your Airbnb

Airbnbs can be an amazing source of income for you if you are able to consistently book it out. One of the key parts to creating a profitable rental is naming your Airbnb correctly. Now, you may be thinking, why do I even need a special name for my property? 

Without a good name, people may overlook your home even when it’s exactly what they are looking for. For instance, there are thousands of one bedroom apartments on Airbnb. If that is the only way you describe your property, it is going to get lost in the web of properties that are on the site. 

Having a good name that points out some of the key features of the property will help pique potential renter’s interests and get them to click on your property’s listing. Not to mention a good name paired with excellent SEO will help your listing rise to the top. 

When it comes to naming your Airbnb, there are a couple of key things to keep in mind. Below are 6 ways you can start brainstorming your Airbnb names. As you go through each of these, have out a pen and paper to job down your property’s features. This will help give you the starting point when you are ready to put together your official name!  

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Consider the location of your property 

This may seem like a fairly obvious tip, but it is still very important. When you are working on naming your rental, think about the location of the property itself. Are you by the beach, is it in a suburban or urban area, is it right downtown, is it in the mountains? 

Often times, these are key features that people will be searching for when they are looking for a place to relax and getaway. It also helps give any potential renters a quick snapshot of the location they can expect to be in when they do rent your property. 

Think about the key features of the area

Similar to the location of the property, you’ll want to think about any key features of the area that may attract renters to your Airbnb. This is your chance to point out any positive aspects that can help your property stand out at first glance. 

This can include things like:  

  • being right next to grocery stores or malls (keyword: walkable), 
  • being in a quiet or secluded spot, 
  • being close to entertainment spots like sports arenas or stadiums, concert venues, or theaters, 
  • having quick access to hiking trails or State/National parks, etc. 

You may think that these features aren’t necessary to mention since every property in your area is going to have access to all of the same things. However, having these in your name can make all the difference. 

Having these key features of the area in the name of your property can help increase the amount of traffic you see to your listing as these are things that are going to attract renters. They know what they are going to get and the features they will find without having to read through the entire property description. 

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Point out the architecture or unique features of the property 

Now that you have thought about the location and key features of the area your Airbnb is in, you can think about any architectural aspects or unique features of the property that you can include when you are naming your Airbnb. 

When it comes to architecture, you can mention specific styles like:

  • Pueblo
  • Colonial
  • Tudor
  • Victorian
  • Southwestern
  • Modern
  • Gothic
  • Renaissance 

Once you have thought about the architectural style of your home, move on to any characteristics and attributes of the house that people may look for when they go to book. 

These can be more basic or common features like: 

  • Pools 
  • Balconies
  • Game rooms
  • Athletic areas (like basketball hoops, volleyball nets, etc). 

More importantly, though, is to point out any special features you added to the property that might not be found in every rental. Maybe you have created a movie theater room, have a wine cellar in the basement, or have hidden rooms. 

Consider who your ideal renter is

Just like any business needs to figure out who its ideal client is, consider who your ideal renter is when thinking about your property’s name. If you are renting a one bedroom apartment in the city, you are most likely not going to be attracting many families, but you may attract couples on a weekend getaway. 

However, if you have a three bedroom house in the suburbs, you may find your property is booked out by more families than individuals or couples. 

Use that insight when it comes to naming your Airbnb and add in some keywords to attract your ideal renter. For example, instead of just naming this property “One Bedroom Cabin in the Poconos” it’s named “​​Couples Romantic Getaway-Pocono Mountains.” This will catch the eye of their ideal renter (couples) better than if they were to just see “Cabin.”

If you are looking to host more families, something like this property’s name of “Family Home with Magical Yard in the Hills” is going to attract more people than “Three Bedroom House in Oakland.”

While it might not seem like a big change, these key phrases can help your property stand out from every other one bedroom city apartment or three bedroom home that they are going to see as they search for a rental. 

Mention any upgrades or renovations you have made

You may have put a lot of time and money into renovating or updating your rental and you should absolutely point that out in your listing. While you can go more in depth about the smaller details in the property description, there are some keywords you can include in your name to draw more attention to your listing. 

Consider including words in your listing to highlight the work you have put into the property that make it a great option for any renter like:

  • Modern
  • Updated
  • Renovated
  • Luxury 

Use abbreviations when you can in your name

You probably have a massive list of notes on your property by now but that doesn’t mean you should use them all. You do need your Airbnb name to still be easy to read and quick to digest. A secret to this is swapping words that are a bit “boring” with abbreviations. 

For example, instead of writing bedroom or bathroom, use “BR” and “BA.” Replace apartment with “APT.” You can even use “w/” in place of with.

These are all very common abbreviations that everyone will understand and will help shorten the length of your property’s name. 

If you do opt to use abbreviations, make sure you only use ones that are widely recognized. Note that uncommon ones can cause some confusion with potential renters and cause them to overlook your property altogether. 

Samples of Incredible Airbnb Names

Now it’s time for the fun part, actually coming up with the name. Take some time to pick out some of the most important and desirable aspects of your property to create names like: 

  • Quiet Couples Retreat Near Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Lakeside Cabin w/ Private Dock in…
  • Luxury Downtown Apartment w/ Private Rooftop near…
  • Cozy Log Cabin w/ Direct Access to Hiking Trails 
  • Couples Coastal Getaway w/ Spa and Wine Cellar 
  • Modern Family Home w/ Game Room & Theater in Sunny Arizona
  • Beachfront Bungalow w/ Direct Access to…
  • Pet Friendly Private Cabin Near Bryce Canyon w/ RV Parking
mountain cabin covered in snow with a white overlay and text on top that says Mt. Whitney Chalet

Don’t forget the description

After naming your property, be sure you follow it up with a complete description. If you mentioned that it was a luxury property in the title, describe why it is luxurious. If you said it was by hiking trails, mention some of those trails. 

Your property’s name and description should flow together and feel cohesive. Together, they should also both match the vibe and aesthetic of your actual property. If you describe your property as a modern city apartment, make sure the interior decorations and furniture match that. 

Take it one step further and brand your Airbnb

Now that naming your Airbnb is off your to-do list, you can continue the process of branding your Airbnb (like this great example of branding for Cascade Dome, a glamping Airbnb). I know, you might be thinking ‘once I’ve named it do I really need to brand it?’ 

Yes, in my (biased) opinion you do. 5 years ago, maybe not – but the market is saturated enough that branding not only helps you rise to the top of listings, but leaves a memorable – sharable- and media worthy impression.

When I say brand your Airbnb, I don’t just mean a logo for the gram. I also mean a website, an entire mark suite, a custom designed guest book, a one page website to direct clients to Airbnb or Vrbo and sets expectations, an overall “vibe” that you can use on repeat to define your property. 

Picture this, your client is looking for the perfect weekend getaway with their partner. They find your one page site on Google because you also have excellent local SEO. They know  it is going to be the perfect spot. After gasping at your stunning photos and feeling so welcomed by your site design, they click on your booking link and are brought right to your listing on Airbnb where they can book their stay. 

Once it is finally time for their trip, they walk into your unique and stunning property to find a gift basket beautifully laid out on the table. In it is tissue paper with your brand pattern on it, custom imprinted chocolates that they can enjoy, and maybe even some drinks to sip during their stay. 

They can sit down and relax as they flip through the custom designed guest book laying out everything they need to know and it makes them feel like they have walked into their own 5-star luxury hotel- but they have the whole place to themselves

Sounds amazing right? Way more than a logo that’s for sure. 

A few reminders after naming your Airbnb

No Airbnb branding is complete without professional photos. When it comes down to it, nothing is going to compare to professional photos of your listing. 

These photos will make your property look more put together and professional as well as highlight all of the best parts of the home. And no, your iPhone doesn’t work for this one. You want your guests to feel comfortable booking with you and know exactly what to expect when they walk in the front door and professional photos will do just that. 

Lastly, consider branding your Airbnb and setting up a completely custom experience for your guests they won’t forget. 

While naming your Airbnb may seem like a small part in the entire rental process, it really can make all the difference. A good name helps your property stand out from the crowd and helps set you up for success! A good name with a solid brand are the ingredients for that success!
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