Client: KHB Financial

Kim booked the custom brand design package with the mini website build. I crafted their brand with a focus on her clientele who love the finer things in life, prefer subtleties and nuance, and have carved a seat at the table in their careers, but now need to make space for their finances. and Below is just a peek at the project. 

Kim Hunter-Borst is a money coach who knows how to optimize situations, and is never afraid to turn dreams into real life.

The Promise:

Unlike other financial coaches, I am not here to tell you to take on more work, find a new side hustle, and stop drinking lattes while shopping at Nordstrom.

Instead, in our work together, we will be using my three-step framework to help you give yourself a raise.


What Kim Had to Say

A woman holding up her phone with a calculator pulled up and a logo on top that reads "KHB Financial 2020"