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8 Mistakes to Avoid When Launching Your New Brand

Have you ever been to a brand’s social media page and felt… confused? If you have, then you know that cohesive brand identity matters. It’s why designers are so passionate about creating a stunning brand that captures the foundation of a business and shares it clearly with the world. If you’ve worked with a designer to create a brand you’re obsessed with – hooray!

You’ve done the heavy lifting of identifying your brand and creating a solid strategy to share it with the world. Now, it’s time to launch. Show off that hard work! But, you may be wondering how to launch a new brand and what you should avoid doing.

I’ve helped countless clients launch brands we created together, and I’ve learned quite a few things along the way. Here are the most common mistakes I see businesses and brands make as they launch – avoid these, and you’ll be good as gold. 

Mistake #1: deleting all of your old content. 

Unless you’re a brand new business, you likely have existing social media channels and blog posts. I know, it can be so tempting to clear those feeds and give yourself a clean slate! But I typically advise against it. Why? First, deleting old website content can tank your SEO without you even realizing it. The last thing I want is for my clients to launch a stunning new brand that no one ever sees! 

Also, let’s face it: older social media posts rarely see the light of day. They’ll be buried in the algorithm in no time, and chances are no one’s scrolling that far down in your page’s feed. If they are, they’re probably a true fan – and hey, that content might still be helpful for them! Go through your posts and blogs pre-launch and delete anything that truly doesn’t align with your new brand messaging, but I vote to let the rest live. 

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Mistake #2: starting a new account instead of adjusting your current page.

My reasoning behind this is short and sweet: do not abandon your current audience! Even if your new brand direction is a hard pivot from your old content, give people the chance to stick around. You might be surprised at how many of them do! No matter what platform you’ve built an audience around, make it easy for them to stay. You may have a few opt-outs or unfollows, but it would be much harder to get the rest of your audience to move over to a new account. Just stick with what you have and keep growing. 

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Mistake #3: forgetting to show your face or introduce yourself.

So many of my clients get excited to unveil their new logo and color palette that they go a little graphic-crazy. I’m all about good graphics in a social media feed! But remember: every brand needs a personal touch from you, the person behind the brand. If you’re not comfortable getting in front of the camera consistently, that’s okay! Just remember to sprinkle in an introduction or a personal post from time to time, especially in the early days of launching a brand. When your audience knows you, they’re much more likely to trust you – and that means they’re more likely to buy from you, too. 

Mistake #4: updating your social media channels, but not your website. 

As a designer, this one really hurts. As I’ve mentioned before, brand consistency is key! If your brand looks one way on social media (which is how most people will find you), and offers a totally different vibe on your website, you’ll have confused clients and lower sales.

To avoid this brand mistake, I actually recommend updating your website first! I talk more about this in my brand launch checklist.  If you’ve worked with a designer to create your new brand, they can probably help you update your website with that brand. Whether you partner with them or DIY, just make sure your brand lives everywhere you do online! 

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Mistake #5: being inconsistent with your color palette and font usage. 

Your new brand was carefully created by a designer who knows why certain colors play well together, what mood a particular font evokes, and a bunch of other tricks that bring a brand together beautifully. Your job: use that brand! 

Thankfully, social media has made this process a lot easier. As you create posts, most apps and software options allow you to input hex codes to ensure color consistency, and you can upload your fonts to use as well. If you need help, ask your designer! I bet they would be happy to offer a few pointers to keep your social media feed looking consistently fresh.

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Mistake #6: using your logo on every single post. 

I’m proud of every logo I design. They’re the simplest way for your audience to recognize your brand, and using a logo and all of its submarks is a great idea. Buuuuut… there can be too much of a good thing. A feed filled to the brim with various logo iterations is not interesting or creative. Make sure to sprinkle in actual photos, quotes (with the correct color palette and font), and other brand elements that keep your brand on track without building a feed that’s boring. 

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Mistake #7: using off-brand stock photos. 

Sifting through stock photos can be a real drag – trust me, I get it. But I believe it’s always worth it to find photos that are curated to match your brand. A moodboard can be especially helpful in your search, so don’t forget to pull it out as a reference! Remembering the vibe and tone of your dream aesthetic will definitely help you build a similar one in your stock photos. (I love Pexels and Unsplash for sourcing photos)

Stock photos driving you crazy and want to avoid potential branding mistakes because of them? Maybe it’s time for a brand photo shoot! A brand photographer can offer you months of content in just one shoot – and it can be exactly what you want to share on social media. In my experience, it’s easier to create content around photos that have captured your real products, employees, and space. 

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Mistake #8: changing your brand again after a few months. 

Your new brand should be here for the long haul. This is why it’s so important to hire an experienced designer who knows how to help you articulate and build a brand you’re passionate about, even obsessed with.

To potential customers, a new brand looks like a new direction, and consistency matters when it comes to your bottom line. This is why making changes after a few months is one of the most important branding mistakes to avoid. Hire a designer you’re confident in, let them work their magic, and plan to use your brand for years to come. 

Ready for a rebrand, or just need to launch your brand basics for the first time? I’d love to help. Inquire here – I can’t wait to hear about your brand dreams!