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The Lover Brand Archetype

The Lover Brand Archetype is a persona that empowers your business to create a recognizable brand – so that your ideal clients will immediately relate to it. There are 12 brand archetypes these days, crafted over the years by design experts who know just what it takes to bring out the best in your brand. 

You might be familiar with the word “archetype” in a general sense – Carl Jung coined the term in the field of psychology, putting forth the idea that 4 main categories encapsulate most personality traits. By expanding that list, designers can get even more specific, introducing your brand in a way that feels totally true to who you are. That will lead your audience to connect with you as they get to know you – and connections are the foundation of most successful sales, so it’s a win-win! 

When you discover your own brand archetype, you’ll see that your ideal clients would likely fit themselves into the same archetype, too. By showing exactly who you are in your messaging and aesthetics, you’re inviting similar people along for the ride.

You can take the quiz below to find out your brand archetype, or you can learn more about the 12 brand archetypes right here on the blog.

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Today we are diving into desire and a bit of seduction when looking at the Lover brand archetype and Lover brand archetype examples. 

The Lover Archetype: An Overview 

Lovers are all about cultivating relationships and experiencing emotion to the fullest. They want to cultivate intimacy (and this can look like empathy or seduction). If you’re a lover, you probably are very passionate about all things in life, including your work. You experience things with all of your senses and see life through the lens of relationships and love. 

Lovers are affectionate and warm.  They can be sensual and seductive or lean more into the heart-centered and spellbound. The Lover archetype thrives on partnerships rather than independence. 

Collage with two images. On the left there is a laptop and the AW creative brand mark laid over a picture of a woman. On the right is the AW creative logo pulled up on an ipad that is laid on a table
The AW Creative’s brand and website is a great example of the Lover.

The Lover May Also Be Known As:

The title of this persona may not feel totally right to you if your business isn’t focused on something overtly romantic or relational. Don’t worry – the Lover archetype is really about who you are and how you appeal to your clients, not your specific industry! This persona can also be called: 

  • Intimate
  • Sensualist 
  • Beauty 
  • Seducer
  • Relationalist

The Lover Brand Atmosphere (i.e. Visuals and Aesthetics)

Brands with The Lover archetype typically highlight rich colors and smooth textures. These brands often focus heavily on deep reds, sometimes accented by soothing greens or cream shades. The Lover aesthetics appeal to all five of the senses, incorporating rich visuals that bring to mind sounds, scents, and sensations. 

The Lover Archetype Brand Voice & Messaging 

Your brand voice is relational without being desperate, passionate without being overzealous, and sensual – but not inappropriately so. When clients interact with your brand, they should feel their own desire for passion, indulgence, and intimacy spark into flame.

Share your archetype in your brand by appealing to the five senses, focusing on relationships, and sharing your passions with the world. 

Collage featuring 2 images. on the left there is a laptop with the La Marque Social's web page pulled up on it. On the right is a screenshot of La Marque Social's website laid out on a marble background
La Marque Social’s brand and website really focus on the warm, rich tones associated with this archetype.

The Lover Archetype Client

Lover clients want to feel spellbound by life. They love to stand out for their passion and heart, and they’re known as loving and affectionate.

Lover archetype brands will connect with these clients when you use warm, rich tones and messaging. Give your audience sensory pleasure and make them feel attractive and desirable, and they’ll keep coming back for more. 

Your Brand Is Likely A Fit for The Lover Archetype If:

  • Your product or service offers indulgence in some way
  • You help people connect to their desires through their five senses
  • You emphasize luxury, not practicality or minimalism

Well-Known Lover archetype examples:

Victoria’s Secret • Chanel • NARS • Haagen-Dazs • Dior

Well-Known Lover Characters:

Marilyn Monroe • Sofia Vergara • Adam Levine

Collage with 3 images. On the left is a laptop with Wild Hare Films home page pulled up on it. The top right has a white Wild Hare Films logo laid over two people in a bed. The bottom right has a red Wild Hare Films brand mark laid over a picture of 2 people.
Wild Hare Films was able to capture the intimate and warm feel with their brand and website.

My Clients Who Identified with The Lover Brand Archetype: 

Wild Hare FilmsThe AW CreativeLa Marque Social