Client: Rogue Finance

Meet Andy Hoffman, a financial visionary with a rebel’s heart and a compassionate approach. Guided by a philosophy that everyone deserves autonomy with their money. Andy’s mission is to educate, inspire, and transform financial lives, making money work for you, not against you. Andy booked the brand design package with the personal brand add-on as he also had a personal brand component with his business brand. 

The Brand Promise:

Welcome to Rogue Finance, where innovation meets financial freedom. Founded by Andy Hoffman, Rogue Finance is revolutionizing the way people manage their money through automation and personalized coaching. With offers ranging from the Automatic Money Flow course to intensive one-on-one coaching, Rogue Finance provides a spectrum of solutions designed to revitalize your entire financial life. The brand’s unique handholding approach and signature financial framework set it apart, offering a granular, “share your screen and click here” experience that traditional financial advisors won’t provide. Whether you’re an entrepreneur with fluctuating income or a six-figure family striving for balance, Rogue Finance is here to help you automate your money flow and live life on your terms.

What Andy Had to Say

Person typing on a computer with the Rogue Finance logo pulled up.
Rogue Finance logo overlaid on a photo of a person holding up a card.
Empty stairs with the Rogue Finance logo on top.
Rogue Finance logo next to a photo of a person on a computer holding a credit card.
Andy Hoffman's logo on top of a photo of someone holding a credit card.
Rogue Finance logo on top of a laptop sitting on a chair.