Client: Kyla Erlandson

Kyla Erlandson, the founder and CEO of Kyla Erlandson Consulting, located in Canada, booked the custom brand design package. She then added on a sub-brand mark for her signature program ‘Waking Her’. I crafted her brand with a focus on the Innocent and Lover archetypes and her core belief that everyone deserves to have happiness, ease and abundance. You can take a peek below at her brand project.

Who They Serve:

The intersection between these clients and Kyla Erlandson Consulting centers around a singular pivotal realization that it is time they started showing up for their inner work as much as they have been for their careers. This is the key to their next level of expansion, and Kyla Erlandson Consulting strives to clear barriers, dive deep, and facilitate healing in order to make limitless expansion their reality.

The Promise:

Kyla Erlandson Consulting was born out of a desire for women to embody their full capacity by embracing their personal power in order to create an abundant life. Rooted in conscious connected breathwork and energetics, Kyla’s approach to healing and expansion for women is uplifting, raw, and relational. With over 20 years of experience as a breathwork practitioner, Kyla knows that change and healing occurs when you can make room for new narratives and new belief systems. The method for this physiological cellular memory change is the power of your breath and the potency of your intention. Kyla Erlandson Consulting is a supportive and perceptive-opening space for you, starting with a deep breath.

What Kyla Had to Say