how to make your business look professional

6 Essentials To Make Your Business Look Professional

Growing a business is a journey. There are so many things to learn, processes to put in place, not to mention attracting the right customers so you can still pay your bills. I want to help you get where you need to go with your business and that’s why I am sharing six essentials to make your business look professional. 

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1. A Scheduling Platform 

You need a way for clients to book a quick discovery call or have a strategy session without the back and forth of emails trying to nail down a time that works for both of you. A scheduling platform, like Calendly, can save you and your client time and encourages immediate bookings. You can even connect your scheduling platform to a payment method if you offer coaching sessions, readings, or any other type of paid one-on-one meetings. 

2. A Clear Contract 

After a call, your clients will hopefully want to book your services and that means you need a contract. Frankly, not having any kind of a contract is not an option in the professional world. Take the time to put together a contract that is thorough but also easy to understand. Go the extra mile to make your business look professional, and send over the contract for electronic signature via a platform like Honeybook or HelloSign, so the process for your client is as seamless as possible. 

3. A Portfolio or Sample of Your Projects On Your Website 

Your potential clients need to see your work. This will give them an idea of your overall aesthetic and help sell your services. You probably already knew that, but you want to have a portfolio in more than one place. Your website needs to have samples on multiple pages, you should have some client work on social media, and you could even have some larger projects, like advertisements, stored in a digital folder that you share with clients looking for a specific offering.

4. A Good Headshot 

No matter what type of business you have, you need a good headshot. One that will highlight your brand and your personality. It is also a good idea to have this headshot in various places across your platform so people have an idea of who you are. They should feel like they have already met you by the time you have your first call or point of contact. 

5. An Invoice System 

Paying invoices should not be difficult for your client. You need to have a professional invoicing system in place using software that allows individuals to pay you in whatever way is easiest for them. I personally use Quickbooks, but there are many other options including Freshbooks and PayPal Business invoicing. The invoice should include your business details, your logo, and a distinct description of the services rendered. Not only does this legitimize your business, but this also helps with bookkeeping. 

6. A Consistent Brand 

I know, I am totally biased when it comes to branding, but having your brand established and consistent across platforms helps you solve problems. Let’s be honest, most clients are not looking for an ‘identity’ right off the bat. They are looking to work with a professional who can solve their problems. That said, having your brand identity will help set you apart from the crowd as that professional. If your brand is based on personality, you will be able to connect with the client who digs that personality making it a mutually beneficial match.

Build that brand recognition and keep showing up for your clients, especially in the visuals in order to shape your overall professionalism. 

Your business will benefit from implementing each of these items on the list. I am rooting for you to take the first step towards building a professional-client experience today.