how to make a brand stand out

My Top Two Secrets on How to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Making your brand unmistakable is my specialty. I am going to let you in on my top two secrets for how to make your brand stand out anywhere you publish content. Why? Because I know you have worked tirelessly to make your business work and I want those efforts to provide a return for you.

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How to Make Your Brand Stand Out – Secret #1

 There is a reason that comic sans has a reputation as the ‘worst’ possible font for anything other than a 1st-grade teacher’s materials. That is because fonts, colors, and imagery all carry meaning. You want your brand visuals to line up with your unique brand personality and be backed by psychology. If they are, you are clearly communicating with your ideal customers in everything you put out there. Review your visuals and ask yourself what they say about your brand and brand personality.

The Secret: Your visuals use psychology and are backed up by a distinct personality. 

Let’s dive into this a bit more. When I say your visuals use psychology, I mean they use human perceptions and beliefs intentionally. The perfect example of this is color. We as a species associate certain colors with specific feelings and moods. Blue is a color that promotes trust and dependability. Using this in your color palette and visuals will have an effect on the relationship you build with your audience and your brand voice. 

That said, how do you know the color blue is really for you? This is where your brand personality comes in. If you’re The Human archetype you will likely use blue within your brand identity system because the human is there to create a sense of belonging with requires some serious trust. If you’re The Rebel archetype then blue isn’t really going to be in line with your raw and edgy personality. And that is how brand psychology is backed by a brand personality. 

I want to clarify this is not to manipulate anyone with bad intentions. Your intentions as a business owner are to sell a service, product, or even yourself in order to help others in some way. As a designer, I know we can use psychology to help your business clearly communicate how and why you want to help people (i.e. you aren’t here to trick anyone). 

How to Make Your Brand Stand Out- Secret #2 

As Donald Miller says in his book ‘Building A Story Brand’ you want to always position your customer as the hero and your business as the guide. It is a fatal brand mistake if you don’t. Your paying customers are the main character of their own story and they are looking for a solution.

The Secret: Make Your Website or Platform about the customer not your business.

Your customer has a problem and you need to be the solution. This means your copy needs to direct your audience towards your offer by speaking to this problem. The visitor doesn’t really need to know when you started the business. They are not there for your bio, they are there to fill a need. You should identity that need clearly by pointing out the internal struggle, not the external one. 

Take a look at your website copy. Do you clearly state what you offer at the top? Do you follow this up by speaking to the customer about their needs and what you can do to solve that problem? 

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