How To Brand Your Airbnb

Airbnb may not have invented the vacation rental, but they did perfect it. So much so that as a property owner you might find yourself using Airbnb as not just a proper noun, but an actual noun. Vacation homes are now simply Airbnbs, in the same way, that tissues are Kleenex and slow-cookers are Crockpots

If that doesn’t show you the power of branding in itself, think about the fact that there are over 5.6 million Airbnb listings worldwide. In a sea of condos, cabins, beachfront bungalows, and even yurts, how can you make your property stand out? What stops your prospective renters in their tracks as they scroll through the countless options in your area?

Good news: great branding helps. And branding your Airbnb has never been more critical, but it’s also never been easier! Let’s dive into three ways you can elevate your Airbnb’s online presence through a bit of branding magic.

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1: Use SEO and The Power of Words to Show Us, Not Tell Us

Think back to a time when you were looking for that perfect weekend getaway spot. What were you drawn to? What properties mentioned what kind of occasion they’d be perfect for? And most importantly, what was the vibe of your trip, and how did a listing tell you all of the ways they would contribute to your overall experience?

You might be able to attract a few renters through location and price point alone, but most people are looking for more than just a roof over their heads. Being “habitable” is not an attractive quality for a family of five looking for a place to spend one of their few weeks off. You have to know what makes your property perfect for that family of five, a group of budget-conscious college students, a solo traveller needing disability-friendly accommodations, or a Bachelorette weekend. Then, you have to highlight it through a brand that sells itself.

Bottom line: Don’t settle for “Cozy Cabin in the Woods” when your property is a unique A-frame, perfect for a romantic weekend getaway. Rebranding to “Romantic A-Frame Mountain Getaway” is a simple change, but it’s guaranteed to get more clicks and help with SEO. 

2: Invest in good photography. Period. 

Does your rental need to be captured by an expensive, award-winning photographer to get noticed on Airbnb? No. But could your photos use an upgrade from candid iPhone shots? Absolutely.

Professional-looking photos elevate the value of your property immediately by showing that you care about presentation and experience. Even a drab Brooklyn studio can look inviting and peaceful with someone who knows a thing or two about aperture and shutter speeds behind the camera.

But what’s even more important than the quality of your photos? What they communicate. 

Simple staging and intentionality can turn brand photos into valuable communication tools for the experience you’re selling. For example, some board games on the coffee table with some throws strewn across an oversized, comfy couch will allow the viewer to actually imagine their stay at your property. It’s all about helping potential renters see themselves as comfortable, happy vacationers at your home!

Bottom Line: Photos are another huge opportunity to brand your property and market the experience you’re selling to a customer that you shouldn’t take lightly.

3: Take ownership of your Airbnb brand.

Airbnb might be doing a great job showing your listing to eager travellers, but you’re leaving bookings on the table if you’re not using social media to promote your brand and your property. 

Having a catchy, informative name and high-value photos is already a great start for social media success! Add a strategic brand, and you’re all set. Unsure of where to start?  Share your listing. Yep, it’s as simple as that. Don’t sleep on the power of your mom’s reshare on Facebook! Her friends that weren’t even looking for a vacation home might decide they need some time away after seeing what your property can offer. 

If you’ve established trust with people in your life that might be looking for a getaway, you’ve already won half the battle. You could even offer a discounted rate for visitors willing to show some love for your property on their social media profiles. More visibility equals more bookings. 

Want to invest a little more time and intentionality? Create branded social media accounts specifically for your property. When done correctly, creating an online space that’s dedicated to your property and its brand can pay off BIG time! Show off your property’s unique features, style, and vibe, and you’ll attract followers who want to drool over your carefully crafted aesthetic or stunning views – and they could eventually become your biggest brand ambassadors. 

Bottom Line: Wielding the power of social media and creating increased visibility for your property means more people are likely to create memories and enjoy your property, all while you watch your revenue go up and to the right. That sounds like a win-win to me!

5. Build Your AirBnB Brand Marks 

This is where I come in! Ok, a little in the social media realm too, but building your own unique property brand – from logo to customized robes- means you have gone above and beyond for your guests and they will feel that too. 

Not only this, but a brand allows for touchpoints that are so memorable and because of this shareable. Again, the more visibility, the more impact. Effective and strategic branding equates to increased awareness and bookings. In fact, building your brand consistency can increase revenue by 33% (LucidPress). 

In a sea of listings, you don’t need another run-of-the-mill Canva template to grow your hospitality business. You need intentional, true-to-you branding that speaks straight to your guest’s hearts (and wallets). 

Ready for a stop-you-in-your-tracks brand for your vacation rental? I can help you build a brand with a surefire strategy that will have your calendar filling up right away. Let’s chat!