Say goodbye to ‘quick tips’ for getting clients and build client generation into your business foundations.

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3 Pillars to Generate Clients On Repeat

Learn how to craft a Business Built to Be Profitable from a six-figure designer who serves multi-figure brand and web design clients. 

(ps I will not be telling you to ‘find your magic’, ‘be yourself’, or make more content)

Do you wish you had ‘clients flooding into your DMs’ and a booked-out calendar

(aka, $ for you to feel financially secure)? 

The answer is yes. We all need clients as service providers (obvi), but why is no one spilling the real tea on how to make this happen?

Instead, I see the online space flooded with quick tips and fast tactics that mostly revolve around hollow ideas of being truly authentic and posting quality content.

The problem is, the merit of that advice won’t work unless you have a solid brand foundation with client generation baked in- my 3 pillar framework to make this happen is what I will be teaching in the masterclass. 

In this free class I am going to cover 

The keys to generating clients even if...

You are starting at zero 

You don’t know what actions to take 

You feel like you have tried all the ‘tactics’ but nothing is working 

You have clients, but they only come from referrals 

You’ve come to the end of a month, and realize you don’t have more clients lined up 

You have clients, but they are not the caliber you would like them to be

You deserve results like these

This isn’t an hour-long pitch. This is a framework you can implement. 

While there is an opportunity to implement that with me at the end (and a juicy discount), i value your time this class is here to teach you my client-generating framework so you can get out of the friend zone and into the money pit. 

Hi, I’m Bethany McCamish, 

& building unmistakable money-generating brands is kinda my thing.

With five years of experience teaching both graphic design and English, and nearly a decade spent working within the PNW arts scene and a BFA degree, I know which visuals attract audiences and which stories stick. Since I started Bethany Works® in 2017, I have been on a mission to get more of the good brands to tell their story, stay fierce, and stand out. 

My clients have been seen in:

What you can expect from this masterclass

1/ One hour of your time to dive into my client generator framework

This class is an intensive session, so bring a notebook and get ready to learn, remove preconceptions, and re-think how you get and retain clients

2/Actual examples and explanations for each part of the framework

I’m a visual learner (imagine that) and I need to see things and hear the story in order to get it. You will find this is a core part of how I teach (that Masters in Teaching being put to good use)

3/ An opportunity to work with me + a juicy discount only offered for students

I think we can all agree that implementing a framework on your own and re-working your business bones is a challenge when one alone. The class teaches you my signature framework for free, but I also have two ways you can opt-in to get more support as you scale your business.

Getting clients on repeat, doesn’t start with content

Let’s get your brand foundations in place and build from there- learn how by snagging your seat. 

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